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Chapter 0348 Loot

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“Never thought you would really catch them… thank you very much, Your Excellency.”

In the Bureau Chief’s office of the Secret Services Agency, Ryo was being deeply bowed to.

The people bowing were Bureau Chief Bonifacio Franzoni, Captain Bangan, and Vice Captain Amalia beside him.


“Don’t mention it, it just happened to work out.”

That was what the Japanese call modesty.


“So… are you sure you want to leave the five of them completely in the custody of the Republic?”

“Yeah, of course. Since there’s no point in me keeping them.”

Ryo answered Bureau Chief Bonifacio’s confirmation with a smile.


That was the truth.


Only, he wanted something else.


“I’ll just take two of their brooches as samples. Also, I would like to know about the ‘Concealment’ technique they were using, if you happen to know it.”

“Sure, I’ve heard about it from Bangan and the others beforehand. Of course.”

Bureau Chief Bonifacio nodded understandingly.


“Oh, and I’m also a little curious about the magic-sealing shackles, so if possible, I’d like to know about those as well…”

“I see. Since they are the sole property of law enforcement, I can’t give them to you, but if you just want to look at them, that’s fine.”

Bureau Chief Bonifacio responded to Ryo’s additional request.


Capturing those five was quite a big deal for the Republic.



In the first place, handing over a fusion magic brooch or something like that would not be a loss for the Republic at all.

Since it was merely obtained from their prisoner.

It was a small price to pay if they could obtain the five men by giving away such a thing and some inconsequential information.


“We knew they were attacking our Secret Services Agency surveillance teams. I’m very grateful that they have been stopped.”

Bureau Chief Bonifacio nodded repeatedly.



Then, a few dozen minutes later.



Ryo received the information about the magic-sealing shackles and the two brooches, as promised.

His face looked really, really happy….


((Ryo, why two brooches instead of one?))

The king in the royal capital asked.

((One is a souvenir for Kenneth. The other is a souvenir for myself.))

((I-I see…))


Yup, Ryo got a souvenir for his friend and mentor, Viscount Kenneth Hayward.

Ryo is a man who values friendship greatly.



“As for the ‘Concealment’, we are still in the process of figuring it out… If you can stay in the country for a while, I’ll definitely inform you… ah right, the border is closed. I’m so sorry, but you will have to remain in the Republic for a while.”

“Right… I understand it’s inevitable that I have to stay… but the delegation in the Holy Capital is likely to be worried about me by now. Can you do something about that?”

“I understand. We will reach out to the Kingdom Delegation through our channels.”

“Thank you.”


The day after Ryo had that heated confrontation with them, they were able to corroborate his information the next day, so Ryo thought they must have ‘verified it with the delegation’, thus having some kind of communication channel, and sure enough, they did.

Now, for the time being, they would not be worried if he was late in returning.


If he was late in returning, surely… they would be worried… right?

They would have been worried, right?

They would have at least… pretended to be worried.



“I’m staying at the Doge Pietro, so if you find out anything, please let me know.”

“Sure. You got it.”



Thus, Ryo decided to stay at the Doge Pietro, the inn he had just vacated, for an extended period.


A perfect lodging in every respect.

There was no other option but there.




Ciro Pepe’s mansion.

“No way… all five of them were taken prisoners…?”

“That’s right. I was informed by our mole inside the Secret Services Agency. They are being held in a prison in the basement of the headquarters of the Secret Services Agency.”

Ciro Pepe answered the man sitting on the sofa.



The man on the sofa was tapping his forehead with the middle finger of his left hand.



After a moment, his finger stopped.

“Break Cesare out.”


That was all Ciro Pepe could say to the man on the sofa.

Ciro Pepe is a viscount of the Republic.

He knew how secure the prison in the basement of the Secret Services Agency headquarters was.

At the very least, he knew that it was not a place from which one could escape.


However, the man on the sofa in front of him was not from the Republic.

But someone from the Theocracy.

He probably had no idea how difficult it was.

So he tried opening his mouth to tell him how difficult it was, but…


“It’s fine. I will let my people handle it. Well, even if I don’t make any move, Cesare might break out of jail by himself… but if I’m to intervene, the sooner the better. You should focus on collecting information from your mole inside the Secret Services agency. Okay?”

“Yes, sir.”


Ciro Pepe had no choice but to say so.




A room in the Papal Palace in the Holy Capital of Marlomar.


“I heard that Cesare has been captured by the Republic’s Secret Services Agency.”

A male voice relayed the information.

“Well, he was the weakest among us four bishops. It can’t be helped.”

A young woman’s voice replied in disgust.

“Sheesh, he’s a real disgrace to the four bishops. It’s one thing to die, but to be caught alive?”

A young male voice said with a hint of contempt in his voice.


There are only three people in the room.

There was a huge round table in the center with four chairs.

One was vacant.


It was probably Cesare’s seat.


Even if he were to return alive from the Republic, he would likely not be able to sit in that seat again.

Failing in a mission and being captured alive by the enemy is a blunder of such magnitude that calling it a blunder is an understatement.



As a being that symbolizes strength, if he’s judged to lack power, he will be eliminated.

That went without saying…



The next day.

On the western border of the Republic, on the Giusvalla Plain, a battle began between the First and Second Armies of the United Kingdom of Stachen and the Republican Guard.


That battle would later be known as the Battle of Giusvalla.


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  1. CounterMAN

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    • Icefury

      They might have enough firepower for it tho, since they managed to kill the people Ryo encased in ice the first time around.

  2. Icefury

    “Well, he was the weakest among us four bishops. It can’t be helped.”

    I’m sure Ryo would be elated if he heard such a cliche development.

  3. byakuya kuchiki

    These guys are in for some rude awakening if they target Ryo again.
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