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Chapter 271: Observer

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Turning back time a little, Lionel and his party see the light emitted from the airship penetrate the mountain.


“That’s quite powerful. No matter how many layers of Luciel-sama’s Sanctuary Barrier are deployed, it would be difficult to completely defend against it.”

“It wasn’t developed to be used against humans. It should serve as a bit of a deterrent if an evil god or something appears, right?”

Doran grinned and happily answered Lionel’s comment.


“Yeah. It might be possible to annihilate the Empire’s proud Winged Dragon Corps with one shot.”

“Haha. Well, if it’s just considering the power, it might be possible. However, there are problems with accuracy and magic consumption, so if we don’t use it carefully, the airship will become just a target floating in the sky.”

“Doran-dono is amazing.”

“I’m an engineer, so I’m not interested in war. Unless my race is threatened or my friends are hurt. I guess it is Lionel-dono’s turn now?”

“Yeah. Let’s fulfill my final duty as the Imperial General. Your Highness Albert, it’s about time for you and me to relocate to the fort built by the Imperial Army below.”

However, the Imperial personnel, including Albert, were still stunned by the power of the main gun fired from the airship.


Lionel understood that he must have imagined that cannon aimed at the Empire.

However, since he didn’t have much time, he imitated the hand clap that Luciel had used previously to get him to pay attention, and when he got them to pay attention to him, he told them the same thing again.


Then, they learned that the Emperor’s teleportation could only take two people at a time, so first Lionel and Gladys were teleported, then Albert and Melfina, Ryzak and the slave trader, and then Lydia, who could use magic, and her bodyguard, Nadia, were transferred to the Empire’s fortress.


It seemed that the Emperor’s magic power was almost exhausted due to continuous teleportation, and when Lionel and his party took a look at the state of the fort while giving him a low-grade magic potion, they found that it was in a terrible state.

He could see from the sky that fire was coming from everywhere, but the situation was such that even Lionel, who had experience in war, grimaced.


“There were some signs, but this…”

“Lionel-sama, demons are coming towards us. There is no doubt as the spirits are making a ruckus.”

“I guess it’s true they can’t differentiate friend from foe when they go berserk. We’ll enter battle with all members. Gladys, I’ll leave His Majesty and His Royal Highness in your care.”

“Yes. Father.”

Immediately after that, three demonized soldiers appeared.


Lydia acted before Lionel could give any instructions.

[Water Spirit, feed on my magical power and rain ice blades on the evil beings]

When she called out to the spirits in her own words, numerous sharp blades made of ice appeared in the air, and they all rained down on the demons who were approaching.


As the ice blades rained down, some demons managed to break through, but before they knew it, Nadia appeared in their path, and as she readied her sword, she began chanting.

[Wind Dragon, under the protection of the Dragon God, lend me your power for a time]

When the chant ended, Nadia, clad in green magic, became the wind, and the next moment she was cutting down the demons.


“…Father, do all of Sage-dono’s servants have such power that they can easily overpower demonized soldiers?”

Gladys was shocked at the fact that two girls younger than him were able to instant kill the demonized soldiers.


“…That’s right. Because we are all Luciel-sama’s attendants, not from the Saint Schull Allied Nations or the Healer’s Guild, we are trained to properly develop our powers and protect people.”

Lionel answered while searching for signs of new demons since he didn’t get a chance to fight, giving instructions to search for survivors and initiate the retreat.





With the Empire somehow retreating, it seemed that we gained a certain amount of trust from the Rubruk Kingdom’s army, but it was also thanks to Lord Wisdom running diagonally behind Fornoir.

If I didn’t know Lord Wisdom, I would probably still be viewed with suspicion.


When we arrived at the fort where the Rubruk Kingdom Army was based, Fornoir and I decided to wait outside the fort for the higher-ups who were leading the Rubruk Kingdom Army without entering the fort.


I didn’t think we’d ever be attacked, but I couldn’t deny the possibility that some people would hold a grudge against us because we intervened in a war that’s been going on for many years.

According to Lord Wisdom, many generals who belonged to the Rubruk Kingdom’s army had passed away, and Lord Wisdom didn’t know whether the war would end in a ceasefire or not.

I heard from the slave trader in Ienith that Lord Wisdom lost his father on the battlefield, so there was no doubt that he still held a considerable grudge against them.

However, when Lord Wisdom came to the fort, he said that he would leave everything to the judgment of those above.



So I decided to ask a little more in-depth.

“Is that because you’re a nobleman and a soldier?”

“…Of course, there is that. But I have also killed many people. I have slaughtered Imperial soldiers with the powers planted in me in the Empire.”

It is said that Lord Wisdom ran around the battlefield with the same body we encountered in Nelldal.

It seemed that he saved the Kingdom’s army many times with the power of a demon, not that of a human.


“Since you killed people in the war, did you decide to fight for the country rather than for your personal feelings?”

“…I’m sure the negative spiral created by the killings and the two countries will never go away. That’s why we’re waiting for the decision of the king, who is not a soldier, in the home country.”

I just hoped that the king was wise.


“If possible, I would like to see a world where humans compete over things rather than fighting each other.”

“It certainly seems like there are many things to compete with each other, such as studies, magic, magic tools, and fighting sports, so it would be great if such a world were to come.”

Lord Wisdom was easy to talk to because he understood things quickly.

Perhaps he’s actually a pacifist…

“I’m sure it will come. Lord Wisdom can be the change in the Rubruk Kingdom and I will change Ienith little by little.”

“…Luciel-sama is truly a strange person. Even though you have that much power and all those forces around you, what you are thinking about is not domination, but freedom and equality, and I can see that is what you wish will come true.”

“It’s not that big of a deal. I just want to live in peace.”

“Peace huh… once the war is really over, would you like to come to the Rubruk Kingdom someday?”

“The Rubruk Kingdom?”

“Yes. Our country is a country with thriving fishing and forestry industries, and is also the birthplace of the magical independent city of Nelldal.”

“Fishing as in, from the sea?”

“Yes. Unfortunately, it’s perishable, so you can’t taste it in other countries, but seafood is very delicious.”

If they have seafood, I would definitely like to go there in secret.


“That’s very interesting. Ah, that’s right. Speaking of forestry, the current Elf village is also located in the Rubruk Kingdom, right?”

“Yes. Well, it is said that they live not only in our country but also in large forests…”

I felt like that question made him a little wary, but I didn’t think it was a problem.


“Is that so? I have an employee at Luciel Corp, which is (or is believed to be) run by me, so I was thinking of letting him go back to his hometown if I had the chance.”

“Do you coexist with elves?”

“Yes. Isn’t it the same in the Rubruk Kingdom?”

“No, I can’t say it for certain, but I have a strong impression that they treat us as business partners. Elves don’t seem to have much interest in humans, and try to have minimal interactions with us.”

“Is that so? Come to think of it, I only see humans for the soldiers around me?”

“The Kingdom Army does not send demi-humans into the battlefield. In exchange for that, we increase the power of the country through technical cooperation and provision of technology.”

The minimum level of interaction is to provide technology…

Perhaps that is the reason why they are estranged from the other races.

In any case, it’s a country that doesn’t seem to have many problems.

As much as I would like to go there once…


However, after talking to Lord Wisdom for a long time, it seemed that there was no one there who had more command than him.

I could see that he was trusted when I looked around him, and I think he was not only a high-ranking person but also a high-ranking person in the Kingdom Army.

“In any case, I realized once again that Lord Wisdom has been promoted quite a bit.”


Lord Wisdom replied with a slightly vague expression at my words.

“It’s all thanks to Luciel-sama that I was able to get promoted. This could happen because you healed me in Nelldal.”

“Um, you were talking about your accomplishments earlier, right?”


“Certainly, it would not be surprising if I were to be conferred honors or rank for achieving many accomplishments. However, I, who spread miasma and wore prosthetic eye and limbs, was never ordained.”

“That… sounds pretty tough, but now you’ve become an upper-level… executive, right?”

It was not like I could understand his suffering, but it would be nice if his life had changed for the better after I treated him in Nelldal.

But the tears at that time may have been because of this as well.


“Yes. It is all thanks to Luciel-sama that I am in my current position and that I was able to marry a wife. Therefore, please rest assured. It is not purely because I am bound by a vow, I promise I won’t become an enemy of Luciel-sama or put you in a disadvantageous situation.”

I was really happy about that, but felt like the Kingdom Army could have been a little more flexible.

However, a wife… considering his age, it wouldn’t be strange for him to be married, but in the past six months, he’s been promoted rapidly and even gotten married?

That wouldn’t happen unless… the Kingdom acted very decisively.

If his wife is a commoner, it wouldn’t matter but marriage to a noblewoman and investiture are things that can’t be done at his discretion…


“The engagement had already been completed, but my treatment to return to being human was essential for her to marry me. Then, when I was able to completely return to being human, I was allowed to marry her and was given the ordination.”

…It seemed that lately what’s on my mind showed on my face.

“If that treatment opened up Lord Wisdom’s future, I’m glad I was able to help.”

“It really did change my future… Ah, please, let’s talk inside the fort.”

“It’s okay, I’ll wait here. My companions are watching from above and there’s a possibility that the demons will take action.”

“I understand. Then, I’ll somehow pull the upper command here.”

“Please do.”

That was the gist of our conversation up to that point before he left to find the upper command.


“Anyway, Lord Wisdom hadn’t said a single word about the airship. And he did not ask why I came from the Empire…”

‘It’s as if we’re being watched or spied on.’

Did Fornoir sense something?


“Do you feel something, Fornoir?”

‘No. Well, I’ve not been outside for long, and there’s no malicious intent, so I wouldn’t be able to notice if we’re being watched in a place where there are a lot of people. Though I think I’ll be able to tell if I stay outside for a longer time.’’

Is that an order to keep her outside? I’d consider it if she could at least turn into human form, but considering that she hasn’t turned into human form so far, I guess that’s impossible.


“…Should I get Kefin and the others to come from the airship as escorts?”

‘There’s no need to worry about that. Luciel has the strongest partner, right?’

That’s a very manly way of putting it, but Fornoir was called big sister by the Darkness spirit, so maybe she’s like a big sister?

“I’m really counting on you, big sis.”

‘Leave it to me. But just in case, it would be better to be prepared for threats from the sky.’

“Roger that.”

Following Fornoir’s advice, I immediately contacted Dolan and the others using the Magic Communication Orb and had them be prepared to attack the fort at any time, and that was when the upper echelons of the Rubruk Kingdom’s army finally showed up.


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