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Chapter 272: Appeal

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I tilted my head in bewilderment when I saw the upper echelons that came out from the fortress of the Ruburg Kingdom with Lord Wisdom.

Because they were all obviously young.

The most unusual person among them was a woman wearing luxurious armor.


The woman must have sensed something from my gaze, and before Lord Wisdom introduced her, she spoke out on her own.

“Sage-sama, welcome to the fort of the Rubruk Kingdom Army.”

‘She’s royalty.’

Fornoir mentally commented to me at that moment, and I greeted her without showing it on my face.


“Even though it’s a battlefield, I think it is disrespectful to greet a member of the royal family from horseback, but I’m a timid person, so please forgive me. My name is Luciel.”

“…I wonder if Sage-sama is also involved in espionage activities? You noticed that I’m a member of the royal family.”

Apparently, she was really surprised, and there was a change in the expressions of the people behind her, turning wary of me.


“I’m blessed with good friends and companions, so why would a member of the royal family be on the battlefield?”

“Oh? You know that I’m royalty, but you don’t know that I’m in the military or that I’m Maxim’s wife.”

She looked at me with surprise, but Maxim? I couldn’t think of anyone with that name for several seconds.

However, when I saw Lord Wisdom smiling next to her, I finally remembered that his name was Maxim in Ienith.


“I’m sorry. I’ve been very busy these past few years, so I haven’t been able to get any recent information.”

“I see. My name is Renoir, the third princess of the Rubruk Kingdom.”

She really was royalty.


…More importantly, she’s part of the military? I was surprised to see someone who could be called a real princess knight.

Well, the fact that Lord Wisdom married a member of the royal family was more surprising than that.

I heard that he was a Baron when I talked to him in Nelldal the other day, so I never expected that he would be allowed to marry a member of the royal family…


“Congratulations, Lord Wisdom.”

“Thank you very much. This is all thanks to Luciel-sama.”

I don’t remember doing anything for the Rubruk Kingdom, so the only thing that came to mind was a cure for demonization, but I didn’t think that would allow him to marry a member of the royal family.


Then, Lord Wisdom spoke about how the two got to know each other.

“Renoir is the third princess, but she had decided that she won’t marry anyone unless they are stronger than herself, so…”


According to the flow of the story, Sir Wisdom probably defeated her.

However, no matter if he won against the princess knight, I’m surprised the royal family would approve the marriage.


“I see. But still, I’m surprised the king approved it.”

“Sage Luciel-sama, it’s all thanks to you. Thanks to you returning Maxim to his human form, Father was unable to take back the conditions he had imposed himself.”

“Did it have something to do with me treating Lord Wisdom?”

“Yes. Naturally, Father did not allow me to marry someone who had become a demon.”

I guess so. I’m sure there would be opposing opinions from the other nobles as well…


“I was told that if I cannot restore my demonized body to normal within a year, I will not be allowed to marry Renoir and I will continue to fight on the front lines.”

“I’m surprised you accepted those conditions.”

“Since I was originally born as a nobleman of the Rubruk Kingdom, it is natural for me to fight for the kingdom. Also, as I got to know Renoir, I started to feel greedy.”

Lord Wisdom replied with a shy smile.


I think it’s a great thing to be able to feel that way about others, but I wonder if the time will come when I can meet someone who feels the same way about me. That’s what I thought.

“Perhaps the king also understood my determination, I was allowed to spend the period as Renoa’s fiancée, and I was granted permission to go to Nelldal.’’

I see. Around that time, he heard the rumor that I had lost my holy attribute magic, and I guess that’s why he was so desperate.


“In that case, that happy outcome happened because Lord Wisdom didn’t give up until the end. I only helped a little.”

“I’m still grateful.”

If that is the case, Third Princess Renoir might be able to lend her power as well as Lord Wisdom.

“Renoir-sama, Lord Wisdom, and the upper echelons of the Rubruk Kingdom Army, I understand that this may be asking for the impossible. Could you please make a truce with the Elimasia Empire?”

Then the atmosphere changed completely.


“Sage-sama, that’s impossible. It was originally a battle started by the Empire, and even if we were told to end the war or make a truce now, it’s not something we can do right away.”

“I fully understand that. However, if both countries exhaust their resources any further, it will probably turn out to be what the Principality of Blange, who is working behind the scenes, wants most.”

“Principality of Blange?”

“Yes. Using the abilities of unique people called reincarnated people, they succeeded in perfecting the demonization process and worked behind the scenes to infiltrate the Empire with demonization, and plan to hide the demons in the Saint Schull Allied Nations and Grandol.”

“…If that story is true, perhaps our country is also being targeted.”

“Yes. It seems that the reincarnated people we defeated in the Empire had also entered the Rubruk Kingdom, so we cannot deny that possibility.”

“That’s terrifying. Still, we can’t immediately call a truce.”

Not to take credit for anything, but they’ve probably reached the point where they can’t back down unless they have something to show the country.

I decided to tell them what was already confirmed.


“If a truce with the Empire is decided, firstly, the current Emperor will abdicate.”

With the Emperor’s abdication being the first thing to come out, the upper echelons of the Kingdom, who had been silent until now, began to stir.


“Next, the Empire promises not to start a war against your country for the next ten years.”

In just 10 years, the national power that they both lost will be strengthened.

If the Rubruk Kingdom doesn’t start a war by then…


“Finally, regarding the territory after the war, that will be decided by the diplomats themselves.”

“…I don’t doubt Sage-sama, but will those promises really be held?”

I felt like the atmosphere softened a lot, but I didn’t think it was still that easy for them to accept.


“Yes. The Emperor was defeated in a coup d’état by His Highness Albert, who will become the next Emperor, earlier today.”

“…I don’t think His Highness Albert had that kind of power. Also, I think some soldiers were turned into demons in the Empire…”

They implicitly revealed that they were monitoring him, but maybe there was no need to hide it.


“We annihilated them all this morning. In fact, right after we killed the reincarnated person who had turned into a demon, the demonized soldiers began to suffer and died. Apparently, they were implanted with slave crests.”

“…Still, you dealt with the demonized soldiers, right?”

Was Third Princess Renoir also interested in the demonized soldiers?


“There were several times as many of them as were sent here, but there was no problem.”

At that, the upper echelons looked at me with shocked expressions, but I didn’t think there was any need to go out of my way to say that it was a matter of compatibility.


Finally, Third Princess Renoir touched on what she wanted to ask.

“By the way, what on earth is that floating in the sky?”

“That is a magic tool that flies in the sky, an airship. It is a magic tool that we are proud of and was finally completed after two years of development at Luciel Corp.”

“…So you own magic tools that even countries don’t have…”

“Yes. I think I’ve been blessed with really good companions and partners.”

I felt truly blessed.

As much as I worked hard, I was able to meet many different people, and I can’t thank Extravagant Luck-sensei enough for his people luck.


“…That thing shot through the mountain earlier, right?”

“Were you watching? It was developed by engineers with anti-aircraft combat in mind. The control is not fully stable yet, but I shot it to get people’s attention.”

“…If my home country doesn’t accept a cease-fire, the Royal Castle wouldn’t be shot through with that… right?”

Third Princess Runoa asked, her face turning pale.


“I will notify my home country of the conditions as soon as possible.”

I just laughed at that unexpected question, but I was relieved that it seemed like the negotiations were going to take a turn for the better…


But then Fornoir’s telepathy came flying in.

‘Threatening the princess… I’m sure the Rubruk Kingdom king already hates you for making him marry off a member of the royal family, but now he’ll probably loathe you.’’

Those unexpected words pierced my naive heart.


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