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IS B12C273

Chapter 273: Towards a ceasefire

Translator: Tseirp


As the negotiations with the Rubruk Kingdom were going well?, I decided to have Fornoir communicate the situation to Lydia.


‘Sounds like things are getting pretty serious over there.’

“What do you mean?”

I secretly asked Forenoir so that the upper echelons of the Rubruk Kingdom’s army wouldn’t hear.


‘When the retreating Imperial Army saw the Emperor and Lionel, they mistakenly thought they were there to encourage, and their morale suddenly increased. But then the next Emperor suddenly declared a ceasefire…’

“…I guess he messed up after all. I thought it would be okay if he was with Melfina-san… but I guess I was being naive.”

‘It seems that voices were calling to launch an attack using the airship. But Lionel incited them to show them their strength if they want to overrule his decision.’

…What is Lionel doing? I didn’t assign you to the Empire to fight, you know?


“So what’s the situation now?”

‘It looks like they’re starting combat training, saying they’re going to mentally retrain the Imperial Army. It seems they will start training the next Emperor first.’’

…Lionel must have wanted His Highness Albert to succeed as well.


“The plan was to have the imperial army retreat to the imperial capital today, but…”

‘For now, he’ll apparently give the signal if he wants us to break their fighting spirit. For a monster, you can just defeat it, but that’s not the case with humans.’’

“Well, let’s leave it to Lionel. Our goal was to defeat all the soldiers who had turned into demons. Or, if we are able to return them to their original state.”

Originally, I wasn’t thinking of intervening in the war, but now Lionel will no longer have any regrets, and if the war between the Empire and the Kingdom ends in a ceasefire, it will interrupt the Principality’s movements as well.


Even so, it seems like the reincarnated people are in the middle of the conflict. Or more like the reincarnated people are causing the conflict.


There should be ten reincarnated people, including me.


I am the reincarnated person of the Saint Schull Allied Nations.

The reincarnated person of Ienith is Ryina.

The reincarnated people of the Empire are Alice and Hattori.

The reincarnated person of Grandol is Cloud.

The reincarnated person of the Principality of Blange is Blood, the person whose space-time attributes were taken away by the Emperor.

In line with that thought, it wouldn’t be surprising if there were reincarnated people in the Rubruk Kingdom.


Even though Nelldal is floating in the air, it is originally the land of the Rubruk Kingdom, so it wouldn’t be strange if there were reincarnated people, but I didn’t sense anything, so I’ll exclude it…

Before they stir up any more trouble, I think it might be a good idea to look for the remaining three… four including the reincarnated person whose abilities were taken away.

”Luciel-sama, if you don’t mind, would you like to have some tea at the fort?”

As I was thinking about that, Lord Wisdom called out to me.


Before that, I wanted to first treat the soldiers injured in the war.

“Lord Wisdom, before that, please gather the injured in one place. First, as a sign of trust, I will treat all the soldiers.”

“Oh, we’re immensely grateful for that. We’ll gather all the injured soldiers in one place right away.”

“Please do. In the meantime, I will return to the airship and explain the situation to my companions.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

“Okay. See you later. Fornoir, please.”

‘Hold on tight.’

Fornoir flapped her wings and quickly increased our altitude.


I caught sight of the upper echelons below with stunned expressions on their faces, and the third Princess Renoir who was looking at me with envy, but it looked troublesome so I started heading back to the airship.

Boom, boom, boom, the magic cannon was fired from the airship.

It was the secondary gun since it fired continuously.

The question was what was it firing at, but it seemed like it was a winged dragon from the Imperial Army trying to get close to the airship.

The winged dragon received a direct hit from the secondary gun and crashed straight into the Imperial Army.


‘That thing doesn’t have much power, but it seems to have good accuracy.’

“Yeah. The soldiers on the winged dragon are probably injured, but I don’t think Lionel will treat them. More importantly, I hope they don’t get trigger happy and start firing at us.”

‘Even if they shoot at me like that, I’ll avoid them all.’

“I’m counting on you. If they fire even one shot, I’m not letting them board the airship again.”

‘Of course’

However, contrary to expectations, there were no attacks and we were able to return to the airship.


I asked Fornoir to wait on top of the airship, and when I entered the airship alone, I heard Doran’s unusual yelling, “You idiots!”

When I entered the bridge immediately, I saw Ryina and Nanya sitting up straight.


“Doran, I’m back.”

“Luciel-sama, sorry but I want you to fill the airship with magic power immediately.”

“Okay, but… does it still consume a lot of magical power just by floating around?”

Since it’s been flying for so long, I guess it lost magic power.

“No, these girls fired secondary guns at the winged dragon, but while it was supposed to be warning shots, they shot them down and on top of that, they also tried to shoot Luciel-sama.”

“…But they didn’t fire, right? Isn’t that fine?”

It was actually about to become reality, that’s scary.


“If the airship had magical power, they would definitely have fired the secondary guns. If we don’t charge it with magical power, we will fall soon.”

“Tell me that first.”

Rather than consoling an angry Doran, avoiding the airship from dropping from the air took greater priority.

After taking over control of the airship with Doran, I poured my magical power all at once.

I didn’t think it would fall with that amount, but I decided to fully charge it just in case and punish Ryina and Nanya.


“For one month, I will have the two of you pour your magical power into this magic crystal ball morning and night until you are on the verge of depleting your magical power. If you slack off, I will not allow you to board the airship from now on.”

“I will also take the talk of becoming my disciple off the table.”


“Will you forgive me if I try hard for a month?”

Unlike Ryina, there was hope reflected in Nanya’s eyes.


“…Yeah. But if you try to shoot your allies again, there won’t be a second time.”

”Thank you very much.”

Nanya bowed deeply… she was almost close to kneeling on the ground.

After that, the two returned to their designated positions, and the airship’s magical power was fully charged.


I then tried to take Kefin and Estia with me to have them escort me, but they were nowhere to be seen on the bridge.

“I can’t seem to see Kefin and Estia?”

“Kefin got drunk as usual. Estia said she wanted to get some sleep and stayed in a private room.”

“I see… huh?”

When I suddenly felt someone watching me, I saw Paula and Rician looking at me.


“What’s wrong?”

“Are you going down again?”

“Yeah. I’m going to treat the injured at the Rubruk Kingdom’s fort.”

“I’ll follow.”

“However, if possible, if you can head to the winged dragon we shot down earlier, I will escort you as well.”

It looks like their magic stone sensor gets triggered when the two of them work together.


”If possible, please take the two of them together.”

It was very hard to refuse when Doran asked me to do something.


“Okay, but can you promise me that you won’t do anything that causes problems?”

“I do.”

“I will.”

Well, Paula has become a force to reckon with in the Empire, and Rician can also use spirit magic if the need arises.


“Then I’ll have you two protect me.”

“Leave it to me.”


Then, I climbed back onto Fornoir, the two of them decided to borrow the power of Wind Dragon, and we headed towards the winged dragon that we had shot down.


Come to think of it, what happened to the winged dragon unit that Fornoir shot down at dawn? Maybe I’ll look for it later.

While thinking about that, I carefully carried the two people who started getting noisy during the dive.



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