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IS B12C274

Chapter 274: The Deadliest Undead

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Paula and Rician flew from the airship with the help of the Wind Dragon’s power, but by the time they landed on the ground, they were in a groggy state.

“This is Paula’s second time and I don’t recall you were that scared the first time?”

“…At that time, I was clinging to Luciel’s back and didn’t look down.”

You don’t need to say that with teary eyes…


“Rician, have you ever experimented with flying through the sky using spirit magic or magic tools?”

“Yes, I did. However, there is an order to things. How could you suddenly say, ‘Let’s go, then?’ from such a high place, and use the power of the Wind Dragon to float us up as if it were normal…”

No, it can’t be helped because you didn’t take my hand even though I held out my hand to you.


“…Do you want to return to the airship?”

I didn’t think they would have a problem protecting me, but it would have been better if Kefin and Estia had come with me instead.


“Home is where the ground is.”

“Elves prefer to be with nature rather than being in a closed space.”

…But he is always holed up in his enclosed workshop, so something felt off with that statement.

However, brushing that aside, we arrived at the place where the winged dragon had fallen.


‘I’ll keep a watch on the surroundings.’

Fornoir’s support was very reassuring.

“Please do.”

“Thank you. I’ll leave it to you.”

“Spirit-sama, I am deeply grateful.”

Apparently, she sent telepathy to both of them at the same time.


“Even though the winged dragon fell here, I’m surprised there’s no one here.”

The Imperial Army had not even come to check on the three winged dragon units that had fallen outside the fort.

I’m sure Lionel was dealing with it the Imperial way.


The first time I met him, he cut off my arm without mercy, and he also coached the Holy Capital Knights Corp until they were all beaten up…

I’m sure he wouldn’t let them escape.


With that in mind, I decided to check on the safety of the winged dragon and the dragon knight who was controlling it.

“…As expected, getting hit 100 meters above the ground and crushed under a winged dragon, there’s no hope for survival. The winged dragon was also cleanly shot through.”

“After collecting the magic stones, we’ll dismantle each part and then let it return to nature.”

“Paula-san, didn’t I tell you that I want to bring back winged dragon blood this time?”

Using blood… is he starting to become a bit of a mad scientist?


“Um, what do you use winged dragon blood for?”

I asked Rician, hoping that it was not research to further analyze things like demonization.


“I’ll use it to strengthen the magic tool that searches for enemies.”

“I thought that’s already completed?”

Doran also mentioned it had a small range, but it worked fine.


“Yes. However, we were approached by a winged dragon twice without it detecting it. Originally, I wanted to use the magic stones to strengthen the magic tools, but that would be a waste, so I decided to use blood instead.”

“It won’t curse us, right?”

“Hehe. If that happens, please dispel the curse properly.”

Rician’s smile was scary…

When I turned my attention to Paula, she hid the magic stone she had just taken from the winged dragon behind her back.


“I know. After you’re done dismantling it, I will purify it. Then, you’ll come with me to the Ruburk Kingdom Army, okay?”

Since it was a battlefield and there was a possibility that undead may be born, it would be better to purify it.


“I promised so it can’t be helped.”

“I’m just going to escort you, and I’m not going to talk, okay?”

I knew it, coming here was their main purpose, not escorting me.


“Um, why?”

“It’s because I’m not interested in those people. It would be a different story if I could get a mountain of magic stones… Ah, Luciel-sama and Luciel Corp is a different matter. It’s a great place to work.”

It was a bit abstract, but I’m sure Rician felt comfortable at Luciel Corp.

When I think about it, I’m honestly happy.

I haven’t met everyone who’s working at Ienith, but I’d be happy if they felt that way.

“……That’s good.”

After that, they proceeded to disassemble the winged dragon for a while, and when they finished removing most of the usable parts, Paula called out to me.

“Luciel, this is all. Please store it.”

“All right.”

As I was told, I collected the disassembled parts and stored them in my magic bag.


Then, after storing everything, I cast the purification magic Purification, and at that moment, a sharp cry through telepathy came from Fornoir.

‘This is!? Luciel be careful. The negative magic and emotions gathered on the battlefield are gathered in one place… a very powerful undead will be born.’’

“What!? Why all of a sudden?”

There was no warning and it wasn’t caught by Fornoir?


‘It looks like Luciel’s purification magic was the trigger.’

For a moment, I didn’t understand what Fornoir meant.


“But I used the more powerful Holy Dragon power just now…”

‘Previously, there were a lot of people on the battlefield, so the negative magic and emotions were dispersed. Now that there is no one left, the negative magic and emotions have gathered together to seek salvation from Luciel.’’

Even though I used purification magic to prevent undead from forming, it became the trigger? What a joke.

“That’s so unreasonable.”

‘I’ll help, but it’s going to be a tough battle.’

However, Fornoir was as calm as ever, and it seemed that her thoughts had already switched to fighting.

Thanks to that, I was able to calm down as well.


However, if Fornoir commented that much, maybe an evil god-class monster would appear? As I was thinking that, I could clearly see a black mist rising up around the center of the battlefield.


I’m sure the armies of both countries were seeing the same scene.

Just when the path to peace negotiations was in sight, a monster like this was born…

Then, when the black mist that rolled up cleared, a 20-meter-long skeletal monster appeared, with black-purple miasma rising from its entire body.


‘Luciel, you’re the only one who can stop it now. And if we don’t stop it quickly, people’s feelings of fear and hatred will rise, and it will become even stronger.’

“…Fornoir, do you know what that is?”

‘Yes, this is my second time seeing one. That is a World Dead Destroyer, the deadliest undead that brings chaos and disaster to the world… I know that Rain defeated it the first time, and the previous Sage risked his life to eliminate it the second time.’

World Dead Destroyer? If I didn’t hear wrongly, Sir Rainstar… well, I guess he defeated it normally, but the previous Sage risked his life? I thought he had been assassinated, but did he die protecting the world…


“Fornoir, have you ever fought against that?”

‘No. But I have no intention of losing after teaming up with you.’

Fornoir… I felt like I was falling in love with her because she was so reliable.


Sigh, I’m sure Extravagant Luck-sensei brought this to me as well.

If God only gives trials like this, I’m sure the other reincarnated people would face similar trials as well…

Since we had decided to fight, I had no choice but to go full power from the beginning.


“Both of you, I will have to defeat that thing, so run to the Imperial fortress where Lionel is.”

“I’ll fight together.”

“I’m sure we’ll be able to obtain a great dark magic stone.”

“This is not the time to fool around!”

As expected, Rician’s words were unacceptable.


“It’s okay. I’ll borrow Luciel’s power, but I think we’re ready to fight.”

“Yes, I am saying this knowingly. I think I will have to borrow Luciel-sama’s magic power, but I am sure I will be of help.”

The two asserted themselves very clearly.

I’ve never seen them like that except when receiving magic stones from me and when developing magic tools.


‘If you’re going to say that much, you should tell Luciel what you’re going to do. There’s not much time.’

Fornoir intervened and asked the two of them for an explanation.


“I understand. I didn’t think I would have to use this before trying it first, but if I use this, I should be able to fight that…”

When Paula put out her hand in front of me and opened it, the ring that Paula had received from the Empire’s treasury was in her palms.


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