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Chapter 0353 Departure from the Republic

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


Ryo decided to leave the Republic after one more night at leisure and lodged again in Doge Pietro.


The next day.

Appetizing dinner, comfortable sleep, delicious breakfast.

It was perfect, as it should be.


After breakfast, Ryo did some light stretching and then headed for the reception.

This time for sure, he would be leaving the inn and departing the Republic to return to the Holy Capital.



“Again, I had a wonderful stay. Thank you very much for accommodating me with my sudden extension request. If I ever find myself in the Republic, I will come here again.”

“Thank you very much for staying with us. We look forward to seeing you again.”


He would say it again a million times. It was perfect.




After that, Ryo headed for the Secret Services Agency.

Before leaving the Republic, he thought he’d ask what they had found out about the ‘Concealment’ they had promised him earlier.




“Your Excellency, I’m so sorry.”

Bureau Chief Bonifacio himself apologized.


Cesare had escaped from prison, and four others had also committed suicide.

As a result, they were unable to analyze most of the data on the ‘Concealment’ he had been promised.


“The only thing we could find out was that these bracelets they were all wearing were alchemy tools and that they seemed to have something to do with the ‘Concealment’…”


It was some kind of silver bracelet.

Thinking back, all five of them were wearing it on their left wrist…



“So… since we failed to gather the information on the Concealment we promised you… I was wondering if you would forgive us and take one of these bracelets in exchange.”

“I see…”

Director Bonifacio suggested in cold sweat and Ryo nodded gravely.


“Is this officially authorized by the government of the Republic?”

“Of course. We received approval from the official residence of the head of state yesterday…”

“All right. Then, let’s get it over with.”


Needless to say, Ryo was thrilled in his heart.

He might find out something tinkering around with it!



As a matter of fact, that was more exciting than just receiving some reports.



Ryo also stopped by the official residence of the head of state, bid his farewell as he left the country, and departed from the capital by carriage.

It was a rather intense stay.

Especially in alchemy, Ryo was able to gain a lot of experience…




At the same time.

Neil Andersen’s residence.


“Coming out here in person… to what do I owe the pleasure.”

“Yeah. I have a favor to ask you this time.”

Neil asked, and the visitor answered.

The visitor was the man sitting on the sofa at Ciro Pepe’s.


“Ohh. The great Cardinal Sacharias coming to lil ol’ me for a favor… now I’m even scared to ask.”

“You jest.”

Cardinal Sacharias smiled cheerfully at Neil’s words.

There was a smile on his face, and it appeared so in the depths of his eyes.


But Neil knew better.



That deep in his heart, he wasn’t laughing at all.



At his level, it’s easy to make even the depths of his eyes appear like someone having a blast.

He had risen to near the top of an organization that would be impossible to survive in otherwise… filled with experiences that calling them spectacular would not do them justice.




“Yeah. I heard that Sir Andersen is leaving the Republic. I don’t know which way you’re headed, but before you do, I would like for you to stop by the Holy Capital.”


“You misunderstand! It’s an invitation from His Holiness the Pope, not me.”

When Neil tried to refuse, Cardinal Sacharias cut in and delivered the decisive words.


“Ohh…. The Pope, huh…”

As expected, that came as a surprise to Neil.

And for some reason, he was interested in the invitation.


The reason being…


He had a suspicion that the new Pope might not be human.



(And that same Pope is inviting me? Interesting indeed.)

It’s interesting, for sure, but… more than that, he was concerned.


“What if I refuse?”

“Well, that would be unfortunate.”

“But that’s not all, is it?”

“If Sir Andersen says no, then there is nothing we can do. It’s just…”


Cardinal Sacharias remained smiling.


“I can’t say what will happen to this maid and her family in a few dozen days.”

“Well, that’s what I thought.”

Neil did not say, “Despicable!”, or anything like that.


For people like the one in front of him, such things are a common occurrence.



For those who go against their will, they either intimidate them or pocket them.

Because if left unchecked, they could likely become their doom.


So, they threaten, subdue, or, worst of all, get rid of them.


At the very least, there is no oversight.

It’s a matter of course since there is no benefit to leaving them alone.



“Why don’t you just kidnap me instead of going through all this trouble?”

“Oh please, that sounds terrifying… We don’t have to do that, right?”

Sacharias responded to Neil’s suggestion with a shake of his head.


There’s no need to kidnap him.

Since he had no other choice but to come to the Holy Capital anyway.



It’s always more effective to hint pressure on those around you, such as family members or loved ones, than on the person themselves, no matter the era or world you are in.


In some cases, it is even more cost-effective… because all you have to do is insinuate it.


Of course, it’s never a pleasant thing for anyone to hear…




Neil sighed once before continuing.

“All right then. I’ll go to the Holy Capital. So leave those who are related to me alone… no, give me assurance of their safety. Guarantee that no accidents, no illnesses, nothing will happen to them. Can you do that?”

“You’re asking for quite a lot, but… sure, why not? You have my word.”


And with that, Neil Andersen left the Republic for the Holy Capital.


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  1. CounterMAN

    this church will get purge asap, everything starting to build up from all perspectives
    – Current Hero and Demon Lord get hunted by Church and have to take refuge at faraway kingdom
    – Hero party’s priest get targerted as well
    – Previous Demon Lord’s blood jars get destroyed
    – New Pope inviting guest from all over continent to Holy capital
    – Neiborgh countries either get detroyed, invaded or crippled by Church army or something else
    – Leonor’s early warning for Ryo
    – And then this chapter
    So in conclusion
    + seem like a Devil or something similar posing as new Pope
    + They try to do something with guests from other countries, my guess is mass brain washing in the coronation day of new Pope and send them back to their own countries to cause mayhem/took down itself from within.

    • Lazy_guy

      but more mainly, i think we are about to have an upgrade arc for ryo in alchemy with neils somehow tagging along with him to the holy capital.

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