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Chapter 0356 The Adventures of Rooms 10 and 11 – Part 2

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


“The six of them defeated the wyvern, huh? As expected of the party formed by the Fairy King’s favorite. How fascinating.”

Saying that, an old man with grey hair wearing a wide red hat, a red robe, and holding a staff laughed.


As long as he’s there, he could know almost everything that happens in the dungeon where he resides.


The battle of ‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’ on the 100th floor was interesting to watch.

He wondered how they would fare without Ryo, the Fairy King’s favorite.



The result was very satisfying.



“But… I’m curious about those ‘eyes’ observing them.”

The old man in red frowned slightly.


“It’s disgusting… utterly disgusting… I can’t help feeling it’s them… why care about these guys? Well, I can understand their interest in the Fairy King’s favorite. But… these six defeating a wyvern, albeit a dungeon-bred, is quite a feat for a human. Still, no matter how impressive… it’s not enough to draw their attention, right?”



No one replied the old man in red.




‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’ party left the dungeon as soon as they cleared the 100th floor.


They had defeated a wyvern with six men, and as expected, they were mentally exhausted.

But at the same time, they were very happy.


For the time being, they returned to the inn ‘Holy City Ginyu’ where they lodged in the west dungeon town, washed up, and gathered in the dining room on the first floor of the inn.

Naturally, they were tired, but also equally ecstatic…


“Cheers to clearing the 100th floor!”



They held a banquet for just the six of them.



“I wish Ryo was here too.”

“Yeah… He went to the Republic to deliver a letter or something, I think? And he has the Holy Seal still.”

“If Ryo was around, I don’t think we would have had a hard time at all against the wyvern…”

“No kidding.”

Amon mentioned Ryo’s absence, Niels stated the fact, Zeke commented on Ryo’s strength, and Etho agreed.

Harold and Gowan, who were listening at the side, nodded in complete agreement.


Both of them have had mock battles with Ryo, so they knew what he was capable of… maybe not exactly, but they knew that he is quite strong.


“Nah, no matter how good Ryo is, he probably won’t have it easy against a wyvern, will he?”

Niels said, biting on a grilled chicken thigh.

“But… I just don’t see Ryo struggling.”

Amon was tilting his head while eating steak.



While the party was talking about this, the inn’s receptionist brought an envelope.

“Excuse me for interrupting your meal. I just received these envelopes for you all.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Niels received, opened and perused it.


“The Commander wants us back in the Holy Capital. I suppose it’s good timing, shall we head back tomorrow?”

“I guess so. We have just conquered the 100th floor… I’d like us to come back and continue when next we get some time off.”

Niels proposed returning tomorrow, and Etho agreed.

The other four nodded their heads.



Thus, the next day, the party left the West Dungeon and headed for the Holy Capital.




When they were halfway between the West Dungeon and the Holy City….


The ground glowed.


“What the hell?”

“A magic circle?”

After Niels and Etho uttered those words… everyone’s vision went dark.


It was total darkness.

Then it occurred to all six of them… what they had once experienced.


“No way…”

Niels’ voice was trembling.


Then, a light appeared before them.

The ground was the same cobblestone pavement…


“From back then…”

Amon’s muttering was clearly tinged with fear.


The light rose and stopped at a height of about five meters.



And in front of them was a priest-looking man.

He was the same man who had forcibly teleported the six of them at the crossroads in the lost country of ‘Baudelin’.



“Yo, it’s been a while.”

The priest-looking man sounded the same as before.

But there was a hint of annoyance in his voice.


“Even after making it to the Western Countries, to the Holy Capital, you guys still haven’t done anything.”

The priest-looking man said, shaking his head slightly.

“What are you talking about?”

Niels asked.


“The Fallen obviously, the Fallen! I’m not saying you should go around and spread the concept of the Fallen… but I expect you to at least confront those church fanatics with the concept of the Fallen, right? It’s only natural, isn’t it? Don’t you agree?”

The priest-looking man was irritated and excited.


He looked very unstable.

Seeing someone in such a state makes one uneasy.

Because one cannot predict how they will act afterward.


“What becomes of an ‘existence’ that has fallen and separated from God? What shall be done to keep that ‘existence’ from vanishing? The answer lies in one of the reasons you were called from the Central Countries.”

“Huh? What do you mean…?”

Etho was the one who reacted to the priest-looking man’s words.


“Geez… Yet, you fools simply sat on your hands. What’s it going to take to get you lot into action? Tell me, say, if one of you were to die, would that spring you into action? Would you then become proactive to prevent your head from rolling next? Well, I suppose that should do it.”

“What in the world are you talking…”


The priest-looking man’s words already sounded incoherent.


Niels was having a bad feeling. No, everyone was…


“Who shall it be? Let’s see, there’s no need for two priests. And I certainly don’t need the one who didn’t know the concept of the Fallen.”

The priest-looking man said and looked at Zeke.



Zeke couldn’t move.



He knew that his life was in danger.

He understood that in his head, but his body just won’t move.





At that moment.






The world cracked open.



And an old man in red descended in front of the party…


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