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CS c14

Volume 2

Chapter 14: Transfer Student

Translator: Tseirp


One day after the attack by the demons Weiss and Gallo, Luna went to school with Rho.

Talking about today’s weather, class, and silly topics, they quickly arrived in front of the first year class C classroom.

As soon as the door rattled open, Sarco saw Luna and rushed at her at an incredible speed.






“Ah, I’m glad you’re okay… I was really worried because you suddenly ran away!”


“I-I’m sorry…”


Yesterday, when Luna, Rho, and Sarco were evacuating behind the Holy Knights, Luna suddenly said, “Sorry, I need to go to the bathroom!’’ and ran off somewhere.


It was unavoidable since she had to hide the Luna-Silver connection, but it was also true that it caused her friends a lot of worry.

Rho also gave her a thorough lecture on that point last night, so she reflected on it properly.


“Well, anyway, I’m glad you’re safe.”


Sarco breathed a sigh of relief and held up her index finger.


“By the way, did you read this morning’s newspaper?”


“Ah, yeah…”


In response to Sarco’s question, Luna nodded with a complicated expression.


“If I remember correctly, the Saint has reincarnated…?”


“Yes! That huge plate armor – Representative of the Saint, Silver, according to him, the Saint has finally awakened after 300 years!”


“W-well, that’s something to celebrate…”


Luna, who didn’t really want to touch on topics related to the Saint, turned her gaze away and gave a random reply, but then Rho joined the conversation.


“But, judging from the way the representative was acting, it seems like the Saint is not in her best condition yet.”


“Well, that’s probably true. According to the latest statement released by the Saint Society… ‘The Saint was reincarnated through great magic, so it has significantly deteriorated her powers and memory, and there is a high possibility that she does not realize that she is the Saint.’


“Heeh, is that so.”


“Ahhh, even though the world has been praying for the complete recovery of the Saint… it’s really frustrating that her power and memories from her previous life hasn’t returned yet…’’


Sarco, who believed from the bottom of her heart that she was the Saint, cradled her body with both hands and an anguished look on her face.




“Sarco is as confident as ever.”


As Luna and Rho were smiling wryly, the door of the classroom suddenly opened, and Jural Serpent, the teacher in charge of Class 1C, entered.


“Hmm… no latecomers or absentees… that’s great. Now then, let’s start homeroom.”


Standing at the podium, he cleared his throat and,


“Students, first of all, we have some good news. We have a new classmate joining you.”


He turned his attention to the hallway outside the classroom.


“-Come in.”


Upon hearing that, the door opened quietly.


The person who entered was a peerless beautiful girl who would put even flowers to shame.


She stood next to Jural and straightened her already straight back.


“She’s Wendy Triard, from today onwards she will be your schoolmate. Now, please introduce yourself.”


“─I’m Wendy Triard, I transferred from Imperial Saint Academy. My hobbies are reading and my specialty is cooking. I look forward to studying with you.”


Wendy Triard, 15 years old.

She is 164 cm tall and has a sharp figure.

Her pastel pink hair stretches down to her back in a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

She has large eyes, healthy skin, rose quartz eyes, and a very well-shaped face, and was dressed in the uniform of the Saint Academy’s Saint Department.


After Wendy introduced herself, her classmates burst into applause.


“As of today, Wendy Triard has transferred from the Saints Department of the Imperial Saint Academy to the Saint Department of our school. She is an extremely talented student and an elite who has been trained in the studies of the Imperial Saints. This will be a good stimulus for both her and all of you. Please get along well.”


When Jural said that, he quickly looked around the classroom.


“Your seat is… hmm, there’s an empty seat next to Luna Spedio. For now, you should take a seat over there.”




Due to the Saint Aptitude Test that was held the other day, there were several students who failed in Class C in the first year who dropped out, so there were a few empty seats in the classroom, and the one next to Luna was exactly that.


“Wow, the Saint Department of the Imperial Saint Academy…!”


“Isn’t the competition for a place there intense?”


“I believe the application-to-acceptance ratio was over 100 this year…? In any case, she’s probably an incredibly talented woman.”


While her classmates suddenly started clamoring,




Luna’s face turned blue.


(…T-transfer student…? A month has passed since the entrance ceremony, at this strange timing…? Moreover, her hobby is reading and she’s good at cooking…!?)


The other students didn’t seem to notice…

Only the sharp Luna reached a conclusion.


(I’m sure of it… the main heroine has arrived…)


Cuteness and beauty coexisting on a face that evokes a desire to protect.

And yet, her eyes somehow give you a sense of her inner strength.

An ultra-orthodox beautiful girl, truly a main heroine.


(T-this is bad…)


‘Villainous Heiress’ and ‘Main Heroine’ are rivals.

They can be said to be two sides of the same coin, darkness and light.

The villainous heiress is the main heroine’s natural enemy, and the main heroine is the villainous heiress’ natural enemy.

It’s a fight to eat or be eaten, whether the villainous heiress will destroy the main heroine or the main heroine will destroy the villainous heiress.


(I never thought I’d run into my lifelong enemy at such an early stage… This is bad, this is really bad. If I don’t do it right, I’ll be ruined…)


Luna was not at peace with the sudden appearance of the main heroine.




“Hmph, Imperial Saint Academy…”


“What’s with that striking pink hair… do you actually think you’re cute?”


“Hey, shall we give her a ‘welcome’ later?”


Immediately, some of the girls in the class started to taunt Wendy.


When Luna saw that, her heart tightened.


(Ah, no, stop it… Don’t say bad things about that person…)


She could already see the development where she would get back at her mean classmates.

(Wendy, what a scary girl…! She’s already prepared the ‘seeds of her main heroine’s move’…)


As the main heroine, she was at a very high level.


(Is there anything… something villainous heiress-like that I can do right now…!?)


Luna, driven by impatience, looked around her surroundings.

However, of course, it was not easy to find something that could be realized then.


(Damn… I want to do it. I want to make a villainous heiress move…)


Luna had been suffering lately.

One reason was that the villainous heiress moves at Saint Academy were much more difficult than she expected.


In the first place, the villainous heiress move refers to using one’s superior position to oppress those of lower rank.

However, all the students who attend there were of higher position than Luna, so she couldn’t target them.


To be clear, there were students from the viscount and baron families here and there, but… they were either personal attendants or maids, something similar to Rho.


(To act bossy towards personal attendants and maids… feels wrong.)


It was not a villainous heiress move, it was simply just a small fry move.


(In any case, I have to quickly raise my ‘villainous heiress level’ and destroy that transfer student main heroine…)


As Luna was trembling with an unprecedented sense of crisis, a beautiful voice sounding like a bell rang from the side to her right.


“–Please excuse me, may I sit beside you?”


When she quickly turned around, she saw the main heroine smiling softly.


“Pl-please, take a seat…”


Wendy widened her eyes a little at Luna’s messed up honorific language and smiled.


“W-what is it…?”


“Sorry, I thought you seem like a fun person. I look forward to knowing you.”


“Th-the feeling is mutual (Kuuu. She was definitely laughing at me! I knew it, she’s an enemy! Compatibility doesn’t exist between a villainous heiress and a main heroine.)”


Luna chewed her lip in shame and her sense of rivalry flared up.


(I will become a fine villainous heiress and win against the main heroine! In order to do that, I must first raise the status of the Spedio family and prepare the groundwork for my ‘villainous heiress’ move’… Okay, I’ve decided! I’ll return to my parents’ house the next break and brainstorm various strategies!)


Just as she was formulating her future plans, Jural cleared his throat and attracted the attention of the students.


“Well, I’d like to start our first-period class soon… But before we get into that, let’s talk a little bit about the attack by the demons during the social studies field trip.”


He said and continued.


“First of all, the two demons that attacked the Elgia Royal Museum are now confirmed dead. Weiss Baderhorn was been completely wiped out by Silver’s great magic. The severely damanged remains of the demon that snatched the Red Book was found along the southern highway. Silver probably put an end to it as well.’’


Upon hearing Jural’s message, the students immediately started to make a fuss.


“Silver-sama is really strong…!”


“Easily overpowering that ferocious demon… as expected of the Saint’s representative!”


“But who is he…?”


“A servant who has been serving the Saint for three hundred years?”


“That mysterious plate armor… ahh, I’m sure he’s an attractive gentleman!”


Among the girls, their imaginations about Silver begin to swell.


On the other hand, the Saint who overheard that…


(Fufufufu, it’s actually me…)


Her ‘Saint’s Representative Move’ was a great success, so she was grinning happily.


Meanwhile, Jural continued.


“There are two main problems with this case. First, the border security was easily breached. Regarding that, the rebuilding of the defense network is currently underway under the leadership of the Holy Knights. Second, the Kingdom’s most important secret ─ the storage location of the Red Book was leaked. Now, there is no doubt that information about the Kingdom has been leaked to the Demon King’s side. Was it stolen by some kind of magical means, or was there a traitor, or was it something else… whatever the case, it’s not good for us.’’


(Information warfare, spies, unexpected events… hehe, it’s great! I quite like this kind of development!)


Luna’s heart pounded as she heard the story, which sounded like something out of a novel.


“The demons’ movements have become extremely active these days. This is my personal opinion but… they’re probably in a rush. After all, this year is the 300th year written in the Red Book ─ the reincarnation year of Saint-sama. From the Demon King’s perspective, they must want to avoid this ‘Saint reincarnation’ at all costs. In the future, they probably would consider attacking the Saint Academy.”


Jural continued after a beat.


“You are all ‘Saint-sama’s eggs’ and have not yet reached ‘awakening’. We, the teachers, will protect you from external enemies and use every approach to awaken the true power that lies within you. However, this is not something that can be achieved today or tomorrow. Therefore, now we will be holding a special class, a lecture on demons and demonic beasts.’’


Jural snapped his fingers and <Storage> was activated ─ a large amount of books flew out of the empty space and fell onto the students’ desks with a thud.


(Ecology of demons and demonic beasts [Introduction]…?)


It was a textbook that he personally compiled.


“Since ancient times, ‘Knowledge is power’. Through this lecture, you will learn about the enemy’s abilities, biology, and threat level ─ so that when you encounter a demon or demonic beast, you will be able to quickly and accurately judge whether to fight or flee. On the battlefield, a tenth of a second is the difference between life and death. Use the invisible weapon of knowledge to help you defend yourself.”


Jural proclaimed and began the class.


“The main premise is that fighting with demons is strictly prohibited. They are beyond the realm of humans in terms of physical strength, magical power and regenerative power. Demons use demonic beasts, and with the exception of some named individuals, such as the ‘Moonlight Great Wolf’, the two are in an absolute hierarchical relationship. It’s not impossible, but they are not an opponent that you freshmen can beat.’’


Don’t fight demons.

After saying that frankly, he began to explain about the demonic beasts.


“Next, there are demonic beasts… There are so many types that it would be impractical to cover them all. Therefore, this time I will focus on the famous ones. For example, goblins, skeletons, and cyclops… you guys should be able to subjugate them with ease. First of all, let’s talk about the biology of goblins…’’


He said and went on to describe the characteristics and weaknesses of the demonic beasts.


(Hmmm… Goblins have low intelligence and are weak. Skeletons are fast but fragile. Cyclops are large but slow.)


Luna, who is primarily serious in learning, wrote down the contents of the class in her notebook.


“And then ogres, golems, and gargoyles. These demonic beasts are extremely strong, and if you encounter them, you must flee immediately.”


(Ogres pride themselves in their strength and are ferocious. Golems are too tough to defeat. Gargoyles are troublesome with their sharp claws and poison… Hehe, this class might be a little fun.)


Three hundred years ago, there were no opportunities for systematic study like that, and Luna enjoyed studying demons and demonic beasts.


“Also, needless to say, combat with superior species and mutant species are out of the question. The difficulty of subjugating these two types cannot be compared to normal types. In the unlikely event that you encounter one, please act with only survival in mind.”


(Heh… There are superior species and mutant species, in this age, there are such dangerous demonic beasts. I’ll have to memorize them properly.)


By the way… the existence of superior species and mutant species had been confirmed since more than 300 years ago and the Saint, Luna, had already fought them many times…

She has a very rough scale of strength, and could slaughter all of them in a single blow, regardless of whether they are normal species, superior species, or mutant species. Because of that, she would probably never use that knowledge again in the future.



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