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Chapter 275: Making doubly sure

Translator: Tseirp


Paula held out the ring she received from the Empire’s treasure trove in front of me, but to me, it just seemed like an ordinary ring.

The only thing I could think of was the possibility that it was a magic tool. However, I still didn’t think it was enough to turn the situation around.


“Luciel, fill this ring with the magical power of the Holy Dragon to its limit.”

“To the limit?”

She should know that we’re about to go to battle with that thing.

Even so, she must have a reason for specifying to pour in Holy Dragon’s magical power to its limit.

When I looked at Paula, her eyes were as serious as when she was making magic tools.



“This ring is a device that can use the magic power of the person who input it in its original form. It’s probably originally used as a magic crystal ball. I will create a Holy Golem with Luciel’s magic power.”

…His Highness Albert probably handed over the national treasure without knowing anything.

Even so, if it’s a holy attribute golem, it might be enough to face it.

It would be the right choice to use a giant golem to fight against a giant opponent.


Imagining using up all the magical power held in my magic crystal ball for the day, I took the ring from Paula and poured the power of the Holy Dragon into it, imagining the power of purification.

When the magic power was about to run out, I continued to pour magic power into the ring again while using the magic crystal ball, and the ring lit up with light.

“Luciel, thank you. Leave the rest to me.”

When Paula said that, she placed her hand on the ground and started chanting something.


“Luciel-sama, please pour your magic power into this winged dragon magic stone and turn it into a holy attribute magic stone.”

When I was determined to see what Paula would do, Rician handed me the magic stone she had just collected from the winged dragon.

Moreover, she asked me to imbue it with the magical power of holy attribute…


“Is that possible?”

“Normally not, but Luciel-sama should have the divine protection of the dragon and the divine protection of the spirit. You should be able to do it.”

I felt tired even before the fight, but I didn’t see any movement from that undead, probably because its body wasn’t fully formed yet.

I poured just holy attribute magic into the magic stone I received from Rician.

Then, I saw a change in the color of the magic stone.

“Thank you very much. Now I can stop that monster from moving.”


‘Luciel, if you don’t attack that thing soon, it will start moving.’

“Understood. You two, please flee to the fort if it gets too dangerous.”

I said and straddled Fornoir.


Suddenly, the ground seemed to shake, and a golem, bigger than the World Dead Destroyer, appeared, emitting a dazzling blue-white light… but I felt like it resembled someone in some way.

“…I’d like to think it’s all my imagination.”

‘Oh, it’s quite elaborately made.’

For some reason, the giant golem that Fornoir was admiring looked like it was modeled after me.


“Paula, why did you choose me as the model for that golem?”

“Luciel healed my grandfather’s arm. You are the god-like heaven-sent child of holy attribute magic that saved the Dwarf Kingdom from evil.”

For some reason, I suddenly felt embarrassed.


“This child… was made to exorcise evil, save the living, and to be a believer of the God of Healing. So against an undead of the same size, he will not be defeated. Defeat the undead, ‘Lucien’!!”

Why did she choose that name? The moment I had that thought, ‘Lucien’ stood in front of us and powerfully punched the Destroyer.

It was a true fist punch, but to my surprise, a holy dragon formed from the fist and flew towards the Destroyer, directly attacking it.


“That’s too extreme.”

‘The first thing we need to do is seal the area off with a barrier so that the miasma leaking from that doesn’t spread.’

“Roger that.”

I set up a Sanctuary Barrier to include Paula and Rician, and I and Fornoir took to the sky to attack from the sky.


‘We’ll attack in melee range, so if I get hit, please heal me.’

“Understood. But in that case…”

I immediately activated Sanctuary Armor on me and Fornoir to minimize the damage.


Then, when we flew to a place where we could look down on the Destroyer, I heard an exclamation from Fornoir.

‘That elf girl is good. Thanks to that girl, the negative magic power is gradually disappearing.’

Hearing those words, I looked down and saw a scene of flowers and flowers tinged with pale light blooming on the battlefield that had become a wasteland due to the war.

“…I guess she wasn’t just solely focused on magic tool research.”

Just as I said that, Paula’s giant golem ‘Lucien’ was about to collide with the Destroyer.


‘Lucien’ dashed towards Destroyer, grabbed Destroyer’s head firmly with both hands and punched Destroyer in the face with a flying knee kick as a greeting.

Amidst a loud bang, Destroyer was about to fall backward, but instead of allowing it to fall back, he transitioned into a neck throw and slammed it into the ground.

The intense tremor and loud thump sounded as if a large firework had gone off nearby.

‘Lucien’ had already transitioned to a choke sleeper hold and was slowly tightening his hold.


His right arm was around the Destroyer’s neck, and his left arm was clutching his right arm, forming a perfect hold… but that only works if it was alive.

“There’s no point in doing that to an undead!”

Then, as if he heard my retort, he let go of the arm he was squeezing, and this time he squeezed Destroyer’s neck with his right side, holding Destroyer’s neck from behind, and clutched both arms firmly behind Destroyer’s back.

It was a perfect dragon sleeper hold.


I thought I heard a disgusting squelch, and the next moment I saw the head separating from the body.

“…Is that the end?”

I was taken aback by the unexpected instant death result.


‘…Not yet. The negative magic is still present.’

But apparently it wasn’t over yet.


“Then we must immediately tell Paula…”

However, since Paula did not have the divine protection of spirits, Fornoir could only perform short-range telepathy.

‘Lucien’ grabbed the head and showed it to me, but the head turned into miasma and returned to the body.


The Destroyer, which had only a torso left, had a bone sword and a bone shield in both hands before I knew it, and slashed at ‘Lucien’, who was caught off guard.

‘Lucien’ was hit directly by the sword, and his shoulder area was severely gouged, but he somehow managed to maintain his shape.

But there was something more worrisome.


“Doesn’t the Destroyer look somewhat smaller?”

‘That’s right. Normally it should have gotten bigger, but it’s thanks to the earlier attack that reduced the negative magic power and the Elf girl’s hard work. But it’s becoming more agile as it gets smaller, so be careful.’

Of course, we should be careful, but if we fought that thing normally, how would we eliminate it? That question came to mind.

“…I think the Destroyer has a weak point, or rather, since it’s that big, it should have a core. Can you sense it, Fornoir?”

‘Even though it has gotten a little smaller, I still can’t sense anything because it’s still big. We should find it while supporting ‘Lucien’. So how’s your preparations?”

“I think I’m at around 70%.”

‘Then I’ll go with full power too.’

The next moment, a magic circle appeared in front of Fornoir, and a laser beam was emitted, although it contained several times more magical power than the one emitted at the winged dragon at dawn.


The Destroyer raised its shield that looked like it was made of bone, probably in response to the laser beam that had suddenly come flying at it.

However, Fornoir’s laser beam easily penetrated it, and miasma rose from where it penetrated.


Of course, it wasn’t just one blow, and it wasn’t all just aimed at one spot.

The Destroyer was attacked all over its body, causing miasma to spew out.


And perhaps because it found it too troublesome, it was about to attack us, but the moment it showed its back to ‘Lucien’, who was lying in wait.

He slipped two hands through both sides of the Destroyer and crossed it behind its head, then held it while bridging backward.


The dragon suplex landed beautifully, and the grass tinged with holy attribute light wrapped around the Destroyer’s legs, as it still struggled.

With everything fully prepared, I completed the magic circle chant of the Sanctuary Barrier and trapped the Destroyer within the barrier, and a purifying wave was cast towards the Destroyer at full power.



The Destroyer, which had not cried out in response to any attack until now, raised its voice as if screaming, and the miasma inside the Sanctuary Barrier swelled, resisting so as not to be erased by the purifying waves.

But the good news was that I wasn’t alone.

Paula’s ‘Lucien’ and Rician’s Sacred Grass completely stopped its movements, and the Destroyer, which was now defenseless against Fornoir’s attacks, received laser beam attacks and was weakened.

The miasma gradually decreased due to the purification waves, and its body disappeared.

Finally, the Destroyer completely disappeared.


Then I heard loud cries rising from the forts of both countries, so I guess they were watching the battle after all.

However, since the battle ended so quickly and I haven’t been involved in a lot of trouble lately, I decided to be careful just in case.


“Doran, fire the main gun at the golem inside the Sanctuary Barrier.”

‘……Okay. But please take Paula and the others as far away as possible.’

“All right.”


‘Luciel? I don’t sense the Destroyer anymore though?’

“…For some reason, I still have a bad feeling about it. Besides, even translucent wraiths drop magic stones, so I don’t believe it won’t drop a magic stone if it truly had died.”

That was the only reason.


Immediately after taking Paula and Rician into the sky, the high-powered main gun was fired from the airship, and miasma could be seen momentarily rising from ‘Lucien’ that remained within the barrier.

‘I never thought it would actually enter ‘Lucien’…’

“Probably when ‘Lucien’ killed it. I somehow felt it seemed to be clinging to it, so I’m glad I didn’t make a mistake in the final part.”


Fornoir sent me a complimenting look.


“Luciel, let’s go retrieve the magic stone.”

“Yes, yes.”

Then, while smiling bitterly as the two returned to their usual Paula and Rician state, I decided to collect the magic stone and present it to the two of them and went down into the wide hole in search of the Destroyer’s magic stone.



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