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Chapter 276: Deterrence?

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In the place where the Destroyer and Lucien completely disintegrated, a huge deep hole was created.

Seeing the tremendous power of the magic cannon fired from the main cannon of the airship, I vowed once again not to fire it at anyone, and as I descended into the large hole, I found a huge magic stone emitting a sinister miasma.


“It’s quite ominous, but we probably can use it after I purify it, right?”

“Of course” “That’s right.”

Apparently, I didn’t even need to ask.


I tried to use purification magic to get rid of the miasma as usual, but as expected, the purification magic was repelled.

‘Luciel, it seems that that magic stone is still absorbing negative magical power while creating miasma. That’s why a half-hearted purification will fail.’

“… Absorption… Could it be that the magic stone used in Rockford was a Destroyer’s magic stone?”

‘Those two should know better than me.’

That’s certainly true, I turned my gaze towards the two of them.


“Cleanse it first.”

“I don’t want to waste any more magic stones.”

…I had a lot to say about those replies, but it was true that it would feel unpleasant unless it was purified, so I activated the Holy Dragon with an image of completely purifying the magic stone and made it swallow the magic stone which continued to emit miasma.


But something unexpected happened there. Immediately after the Holy Dragon swallowed the magic stone, perhaps as a last stand, the magic stone began to grow in size to the point where a black-purple miasma could be seen in the Holy Dragon’s belly, which shone pale and white.

And when I activated purification magic from outside, the miasma tried to target me, but the Holy Dragon blocked it and eventually, the miasma stopped coming out of the magic stone completely.


“The magic stone put up quite formidable resistance. So, is this magic stone the same as the magic stone used in Rockford?”

“……It’s not over yet.”

“Luciel-sama, please pour holy attribute purifying magical power into the magic stone, just like how you channeled into the winged dragon magic stone.”

…Their eyes did not leave the magic stone, so I did as I was told and repurposed all the magic power that kept the Holy Dragon’s form and pushed it into the magic stone.


Immediately after I activated the Sanctuary Barrier in reverse to prevent the miasma from coming out from inside, a red color appeared on the magic stone that was glowing black-purple, and the magic power swelled greatly.

As I continued to apply purification magic in a hurry, the color finally disappeared from the magic stone.

When I looked at the two of them, they nodded this time, so I was finally able to truly annihilate the Destroyer.

It was a coincidence that I brought these two with me, but if it weren’t for them, the battle against the Destroyer and the purification of the magic stone would have been a struggle, and if I hadn’t done it well… no, I definitely would have suffered damage.


“There’s no doubt that it’s a magic stone with the same properties as Rockford. But if you ask me if it’s the same magic stone… it’s not.”

“The Rockford’s magic stone felt a little more pure, so even though the properties are the same, they are different.”

“I see.”

It’s probably because it was a newly-born Destroyer.

If it had been allowed to grow further, it might have been difficult to seal it away unless someone like a Hero appeared.


“This time, the two of you… and Fornoir really helped me. Thank you.”

“You can thank me by letting me research the actual thing.”

“It’s true that we don’t have the technology to do anything with this yet, so we’ll start with research to create pseudo-magic stones.”

…These two are truly faithful to their desires.

But since her ears were red, did that mean she was a little embarrassed? When I turned my attention to Fornoir, I heard her usual voice that said, ‘It’s only natural since you’re my partner.’

And so, I was finally able to store the huge magic stone in my magic bag.


I would like to take a break, but since I was leaving it up to Lionel and the others to convince the Empire, I had to carry out the treatment I promised the Ruburk Kingdom and get them to call a truce as soon as possible.

“Then let’s head to the fort of the Ruburk Kingdom Army.”


The two of them seemed to have completely forgotten their purpose, and after looking dumbfounded, their faces suddenly turned into grimaces.

They probably wanted to return to the airship immediately and study the giant magic stone.


“A promise is a promise.”

“It can’t be helped.”

“I would like you to finish this as soon as possible.”

“I feel the same way. I’ve been fighting since this morning, and I’m starting to lose track of what’s going on.”

‘Then let’s go quickly.’

With Fornoir’s words, we decided to move to the fort of the Ruburk Kingdom Army.



By the way, I left such a large hole in the battlefield, so I tried to fill it up with the help of the Earth Dragon, but Fornoir told me that the magical power of the magic crystal ball was limited, so I didn’t fill the hole up in the end…

And for the same reason, I leaped out of the large hole holding Paula and Rician’s in both hands, and came straight to the fort of the Ruburk Kingdom Army, but…

The fortress of the Ruburk Kingdom Army was enveloped in a strange heated atmosphere.

The largest difference was, unlike the first time I visited the fort, I was greeted with great hospitality.

Naturally, I dismounted from Fornoir this time.


“We have been waiting for you, Sage-sama, and magic tool technicians from Luciel Corp, Paula-sama and Rician-sama. We welcome you all.”

Third Princess Renoir was wearing a fluttering dress instead of the glittering armor she was wearing earlier.

When I looked around, I noticed an unusual situation whereby everyone in the upper echelon was completely disarmed and not even wearing a sword.

Since Lord Wisdom was nowhere to be seen, he may be coordinating the injured.


“Well, I’m very grateful to have this welcome, but why are you all disarmed?”

“I took it upon myself to show that we, on this battlefield and in this fortress, are not hostile to Luciel-sama. Of course, I immediately sent a letter to my home country about the truce with the Empire.’’

‘Oh, it seems like they saw the battle earlier and imagined that Lucien and the airship would be directed at them if they were to go against you. But it seems that’s not all.’

I was kind of aware of that, but it was the same in the previous exchange, right? I hope he didn’t write in the letter that he was being threatened?


“Thank you for that. I am very happy that the people of the Rubruk Kingdom are so tolerant.”

‘They probably realized that the undead that big was the Destroyer. Its legend has been around for a long time, so they’re likely grateful from the bottom of their hearts to Luciel and party for saving them.’’

I was curious about that legend, but I didn’t have time to listen to it leisurely right now.


“First of all, since you defeated so many undead, I’m sorry to bother you, but would you like to have a meal at the fort?”

I could clearly see that Paula and Rician were annoyed.

For better or worse, both of them are honest…


“We appreciate your hospitality, but we came to treat the injured. We would like to treat those who are on the verge of life or death.”

Then, as if Paula had thought of something, she touched the ground, still wearing that ring.

And in the blink of an eye, twenty life-sized ‘Petit Luciens’ appeared.

The ‘Petit Luciens’ surrounded Paula and Rician as guards, and four of them were also assigned to Fornoir…


“…That’s right. My apologies. I’ll show you around.”

Princess Renoir seemed to have sensed their feelings and guided us to the facility for the injured.


The temporary holding facility we were shown was like a large school gymnasium, and there were no partitions.

As a result, I could see that there were quite a few patients in there, but as there were no windows and the smells were all mixed, it felt like staying there for a long time would make one feel depressed… although the smell didn’t apply to me.

The Labyrinth of Trials was tougher, and nothing could beat Object X.



However, since it was a place with people who were fighting for the country, Princess Renoir’s expression didn’t change but she suddenly stopped talking.


‘There are some soldiers who are emitting not-so-good emotions, so should we eliminate them first?’

“No, I’ll check first to make sure there aren’t any demonized soldiers mixed in. Besides, are you okay with this smell, Fornoir?”

‘I’m now a spirit, so I don’t need to breathe.’

It seemed that turning into a spirit lets you gain surprisingly useful abilities.


“Let’s ventilate this facility first.”

After telling the princess that, I immediately activated a purification wave.

Then, the mixed smells disappeared all at once, and Princess Renoir started talking again.

“Sage-sama has wonderful powers. If it aligns with your goals, it doesn’t matter when, would you please give a lecture to the healers in my home country?”

“Sure. I would love to once everything calms down. I was thinking of visiting your country. Leaving that aside, what about Lord Wisdom?”

“He will be at the innermost area where the seriously injured are gathered.”

I was also interested in the seafood Lord Wisdom was talking about… I’d like to have a barbecue for the first time in a while.

As I was thinking about that, several soldiers suddenly started to appear in pain, so I activated the purification wave again, aiming for that spot.

When they saw soldiers suddenly start suffering, various emotions were directed at me, but as miasma came out from those suffering soldiers, their gazes returned to the soldiers who started suffering.


“I didn’t think that there actually would be some…”

‘I’m sure there are some in the Imperial Army as well, so I guess we need to go there as well.’

For each soldier who showed signs, two ‘Petit Luciens’ went to capture them.


I cast a magic circle chant on the other soldiers and activated Area High Heal.


The three soldiers captured by ‘Petit Luciens’ were gathered in one place without being able to escape, and each of them was subdued with different techniques.

The bow and arrow cradle technique where it sat on the back of the prone opponent, crossing their legs in one hand, holding their chin in the other hand, and lying backward, making it look like a bow and arrow.

A camel clutch where it straddled the back of its prone opponent and pulled them toward it while holding their chin, causing them to fall backward.

Then, the Romero Special which involved wrapping its legs around the outside of its opponent’s calves, holding both of the opponent’s wrists and lifting the opponent’s body while falling backward.

After glancing at those three soldiers, I spotted Lord Wisdom in the place where I heard that the seriously injured were gathering, so I decided to head there.


The three soldiers were saying various things because I unexpectedly ignored them, but I couldn’t hear them well since they were all held down by the ‘Petit Luciens’.

Instead, I started moving to save the seriously injured.


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