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Chapter 277: Female strength

Translator: Tseirp


Lord Wisdom appeared flustered about something.

Thinking there must be a soldier who was about to die, I walked quickly toward him.

And as suspected, he spoke in a flustered manner.


“Luciel-sama, why did you do something like that to our wounded soldiers?”

Apparently, it was a protest.


“Lord Wisdom. I activated purification magic earlier, but didn’t you notice the smell?”

“No, I think my sense of smell isn’t that good anymore, so I didn’t notice anything.”

Apparently, he had already lost his sense of smell.


“Then, how about this [Recover, Purification]?”

“…Ah yes, that smell has disappeared. But what does that have to do with those people?”

“Those people probably wandered in from the Principality of Blange… they were imbued with the power of the demons.”


…Even though I had already warned him earlier that there might be some in the Rubruk Kingdom, his reaction was a little too much.


“The Purification earlier was purification magic. Therefore, for the demons… it has an effect on the miasma, which is the source of the demons’ power. By the way, the Empire’s demons and demonized soldiers have either died or have been turned back into humans.”

“…I never thought they were already in the army… and I was the one to select them.”

…Maybe the demonic powers reacted to each other.


Or perhaps they were observing Lord Wisdom’s progress as a sample of those who had escaped from the Empire…

Either way, Lord Wisdom seemed quite shocked.


“Sage-sama, I’m sorry, but could you please treat the injured soldiers first?”

Princess Renoir said as she pulled Lord Wisdom closer to her.

I hope she’ll be able to console Lord Wisdom.


Princess Renoir may be the type to support her husband well.

While thinking about that, I treated the seriously injured soldiers all at once using Area High Heal.


‘Luciel, further treatment will have negative effects.’

When I tried to treat those with missing limbs with Extra Heal, Fornoir stopped me.



‘Right now, you are the only person who can use Holy Attribute magic to completely regenerate lost limbs.”

“But I’ve used it before?”

‘I’m aware that you’ve used it so far so it’s known you can do it. But after all that fighting, if you heal a patient’s lost limbs as if it was as easy as breathing for you, you’ll end up attracting unnecessary resentment.’

“…Like reversed resentment? Like, ‘Why didn’t he come to heal me’?”

That’s a little too scary. It would be troublesome if someone misunderstood me…


‘Yeah. It wouldn’t matter if this is the Holy Capital, but you must not forget that we are now in a country you don’t even know well.’

“…Thank you for your advice, partner.”

“You can pay me back by accompanying me on a flying swim later.”

Even though we were talking telepathically, I somehow could tell that Fornoir was smiling.


I thought all my companions were faithful to their desires, but I laughed at how the women don’t hold back at all.

After that, I activated Area High Heal a total of 30 times, and the treatment of all the seriously injured and soldiers who seemed to be having trouble moving was completed.


“The treatment of the injured was completed as promised. I would like to think that we are no longer at odds with the Rubruk Kingdom.”

“Thank you, Sage-sama. I thank you on Maxim’s behalf.”

Lord Wisdom had walked over to his subordinates who were being subdued by the ‘Petite Luciens’ and was saying something to them.

But they didn’t seem to want to talk to Lord Wisdom and just groaned.



“Now then, Lord Wisdom, what do you want to do with them? Shall we turn them back into humans first?”

When I approached him and asked, he immediately nodded.


‘Luciel, if they are in a slave contract or a strange contract, it will be troublesome so activate Dispel and cancel the contract that is disadvantageous to them first.’

“I guess that’s the safe choice.”

‘If they still don’t talk, I think you can extract information out of them if you give them that drink.’

I finally noticed that Fornoir had become extremely belligerent for some reason.


“…They are soldiers of the Rubruk Kingdom, so I’ll have to get permission first. Besides, you seem to be angry, unlike before?”

While talking, I activated Dispel on the three of them.


‘A great spirit like me who can bestow divine protection can recognize people whom the spirits have grudges against. What on earth did they do so far that the sense of disgust I feel increases just by approaching them…?’’

…Let’s ask about that as well.

But before that, I had to get permission.


“Lord Wisdom, I’m going to torture them, is that okay?”

“Well, isn’t that what you’re doing right now?”

They’ll never open their mouths at this level.

Training with Shisho was much more painful and scary.


I pushed the confused Lord Wisdom for an answer.

“May I?”

“…Yeah. I’ll leave it to you.”

Princess Renoir also nodded along with Lord Wisdom.


“Thank you very much. Well then, let’s get right to it… We already know that they infiltrated from the Principality of Blange. We’ve fought several times so I know that.”

While speaking, I brought out a barrel containing Object X.


I hadn’t had a drink in a while, so I had forgotten the smell of Object X, but the treatment facility was nothing compared to it.

Lord Wisdom and Princess Renoir took a step or two backward, and Paula and Rician were already a considerable distance away.


‘Those who harm spirits must be punished.’

Fornoir was at my side because she was in spirit form, and this time I also had the ‘Petite Luciens’ with me, so it would be quite easy to make them drink Object X.

First, I talked to the soldier who had been held in a camel clutch for a long time.

“I’m going to make you drink Object X. If you have some useful information that we don’t know, I will give the drink to the next person.”

The man’s eyes wavered for a moment, so I let them know that they can’t lie.


“I’ll tell you in advance that you can’t spit out lies because a Great Spirit is watching you. Now, can you tell me something?”

While loosening the camel clutch, the other one assisting with the reverse shrimp hold tightened its grip.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.”


“So do you know something?”

“H-how do you know we are soldiers from the Principality of Blange?”

“The demons that were hiding in the Empire are no longer there. By the way, the reincarnated person named Cloud who was sent to the Empire from Blange has already been defeated, and the demon who called themselves the Demon Lord who acted as the Emperor’s right hand has already been terminated.”

While I was answering the questions, I started giving Object X to the man who didn’t answer with the help of ‘Petite Lucien’ but halfway through I could see his eyes starting to roll back.

But ‘Petite Lucien’ continued feeding him Object X until the end.

For some reason, Paula decided to give me a thumbs up, so I waved.


In any case, these people are really undercover agents, right?

“What, that’s pathetic… Well then, now it’s your turn, bow and arrow hold.”

“I-I’ll talk. It’s okay to talk now, right?”

Did he not want to drink that much? Or maybe he’s not really an undercover agent… Well, if I’m wrong, I’ll just apologize.


“Your curse and contract have been removed.”


Then, the person receiving the Romero Special began to violently resist, but it seemed like he couldn’t escape at all, so I ignored him.


“We are thieves who were active in Ienith, Grandol, and Blange. We were captured by the nobles of Blange, and we swore to become infiltrators in exchange for our lives.”

Apparently I was right but I wonder what they were trying to do.


“Is the nobleman who gave that order Earl Kamiya?”

“No. Viscount Bacray and Earl Meinrich.”

…I thought it was vaguely likely that the Viscount Bacray family, Nadia and Lydia’s birthplace, was involved because I had heard from Mr. Dongahaha in the Holy Capital, but the Meinrich family…


“Then, next, will you talk?”

“Haa, haa, will you let me go if I talk?”

“It’s a pain, so maybe I just need one person…”

“Wait, wait, please wait. The Sage is kind to people, right?”

“Being a Sage is just a job, it doesn’t change my personality. Even if I show mercy to thieves, bandits, and demons, they will only betray me.”

“I’ll talk, just don’t make me drink that…”

“So what do you know?”


“I know what the Principality of Blange has summoned… If you want to know, please release me…”

Checking with Fornoir, it seemed that he was not lying.

I wasn’t sure why he knew that information, but it seemed like he really did, so I stopped the ‘Petite Lucien’ Romero Special.


“So what did they summon?”

I could sense that the man was gradually trying to distance himself from me, but I continued to ask questions.

“The one summoned… like hell I’d tell!”

The man declared and ran towards the doorway.

Since there were so many people, normally he would be able to escape for a while.


But he was too naive. Paula had many ‘Petite Lucien’ with her, so some ‘Petite Lucien’ threw some ‘Petite Lucien’ and caught the fleeing soldier, and from a piggyback position from behind, it grabbed his wrist from behind and lifted his hands upwards.

And by the time the Pallo Special reached its peak effect, the demonized infiltrators began to reveal the secrets of the Principality of Blange one after another.

Naturally, the infiltrator subjected to the Pallo Special was knocked out three times by Object X but since we were able to gather meaningful information, it was all good and I thought it was about time we moved to the Empire side while I pondered on what was to come.


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