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Chapter 278: End of War

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The infiltrators from the Principality of Blange put up slight resistance at first, but they quickly gave in once they realized that escaping would be futile.


First of all, the Viscount Bacray family owes a lot of debt to many people, and without Earl Kamiya’s support, they would not be able to survive, which could lead to the end of their family.

Based on the information from the infiltrators, it seemed that Earl Kamiya provided the funds and that the heir of Viscount Bacray’s family perpetrated it.

The Viscount Bacray family’s territory is full of nature, but it doesn’t have any famous special products, so it seemed that they captured thieves like the infiltrators and sold them to the Meinrich family.

He was probably mobilizing his private army to do so, so there’s no doubt that it was funded by Lord Kamiya…

And the party that drove the Viscount Bacray family to that extent was, without a doubt…


Next, they talked about Earl Meinrich’s family, but as the story progressed, Fornoir lost her temper.

‘A magic tool that absorbs the spirits residing in the spirit stones collected from all over the world!? In doing so, the spirits that are rarely born in the first place would die and the balance of the world would collapse. We can’t let them continue.’’

And I was also in a state of mind where I wanted to hold my head.


Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that Earl Meinrich’s daughter, whom I met in Nelldal, would have developed such a thing.

To be accurate, she had developed a magic tool to discover ores containing magical power, but since it was modified and misused, it was as if she were assisting in that process.


‘You lot should be turned into ashes as well.’

“Wait, Fornoir. Not yet.”

I stopped Fornoir, who had drawn a magic circle below the infiltrators, since we had yet to hear all the information they had, and after appeasing Fornoir, I banged the barrel of Object X in front of the infiltrators and asked them to give the whole story.


Perhaps because they saw Fornoir’s magic circle, the infiltrators revealed everything easily and more and more information came out.

According to them, the magic tool for collecting spirit stones requires rare materials, so the number is still small and the accuracy seems low, and after hearing that, Fornoir finally calmed down.


The story then turned to what was summoned by the Principality of Blange.

It seemed that on the day they were instilled with the power of the demons at Earl Meinrich’s house, there was a visitor to Earl Meinrich’s research laboratory.


The visitor mentioned the name of the one summoned by the Principality of Blange.

The men who had woken up due to the pain had heightened senses, probably due to the influence of having absorbed the power of the demons, and for some reason, they could clearly hear the voice of the visitor and Earl Meinrich.


According to the summoned being’s orders, Earl Meinrich was ordered to collect spirit stones, and it was decided that infiltrators would be placed in various places to collect spirit stones.

They asserted that the person who gave the instructions to collect the spirit stones was the Grand Duke of Blange, a member of the royal family.


“So, in the end, what exactly is this being that they summoned that has enough power to take control of this world?”

The men looked at each other, and the man who hadn’t given up on escaping until the end opened his mouth and announced.

“The Light Dragon, the guardian deity of the Principality of Blange.”

“What!? I suspected that was the case…”

I did think about that possibility during my fight with the Dark Dragon, but I don’t think I’d be able to win if I fought a dragon properly.


‘I see… if that’s true, we have to go to the foot of the Dragon Valley first.’

“…Is that where the Dragon God is said to live?”

‘Yeah, I have a shrine maiden friend and I won’t let that Light Dragon fool getting manipulated by someone to do as they please. And I’ll make them regret picking a fight with the spirits that protect the world’s order.’

Magical power was rising from Fornoir, and I felt my magical power getting absorbed, but I was too afraid to say or ask anything.



Having obtained information from the infiltrators, I removed the demonization power that had been implanted in them and entrusted their custody to the Rubruk Kingdom army.

In place of Lord Wisdom, who was so shocked that he was not feeling well, I informed the third princess, Renoir, that I would visit the Rubruk Kingdom once everything cleared up, and that I would now head to the Imperial fortress.

“I am truly sorry, but it seems that I will not be able to stay for long. I would love to visit your territory once everything is over.”

“Please don’t worry about it. Unlike us, you’re fighting to protect the world, so it’s no wonder you’re busy. All that power is meant to save the world.”

I felt like she was misunderstanding my reason to do so, but it wasn’t something to correct her for, so I just nodded and said goodbye.


“I pray that peace will come to your territory. Just to be clear, please do not attack when the Empire is retreating. I don’t want there to be unnecessary sacrifices…”

We had to prevent the war from dragging on.

“I-I completely understand.”

‘You’ve grown so much, you can keep people in check now.’

“Huh? Oh.”

Well, Princess Renoir seemed intelligent, so she would probably retreat without any problem.


As soon as we left the injured camp, I straddled Fornoir, held Paula and Rician’s hands in both hands and, being seen off by the soldiers of the Ruburk Kingdom Army, we flew to the Imperial Army’s fortress.




I then visited the Imperial Army’s fort, but… it was in a very bad state.

In addition to Lionel and Katy, Nadia and Lydia also seemed to be injured, but most of the soldiers who were fighting on the front lines of the Imperial Army were lying unconscious inside the fort.


Incidentally, the Emperor, Prince Albert, and others were unharmed, and Gladys-dono and Melfina-san were defending them.

“… Huh? The slave trader and Ryzak are missing, where did they go?”

They were not among those standing.


“Over there.”

When I looked at the place Paula pointed to, the slave trader and Ryzak were indeed there.

However, they were clearly beaten up and it was hard to recognize them unless you looked carefully.

“…I guess it might be better for the future of the Empire if those two have their characters straightened through some beating.”

‘Sometimes you need to be strict. But now is not the time to dally.’

“You’re right…”

We descended to meet Lionel and the others.

On the way, Paula pestered me to put magical power into the ring, but it seemed to me that the Imperial soldiers no longer had the will to fight, so I refused her this time.

She looked very dejected, but when I told her that it might delay the analysis of the Destroyer’s magic stone… she reluctantly agreed.


“Lionel, have you finished beating up the Imperial soldiers?”

“No, it seems like I still don’t have enough time. I would want to train them hard for another three months.”

Lionel looked at the Imperial soldiers with a grim expression on his face, which was enough to convince me that he used to be a general in the Empire after all.


While activating my High Heal on them, I told Lionel and his party about what happened in the Ruburk Kingdom Army, and Lionel nodded and gathered all the soldiers.

“From now on, the Empire will enter into a ceasefire with the Kingdom of Ruburk, and prepare for battle with the demons and those who control them.”

Since most of the soldiers were unconscious, there was no backlash.


“Because the Sage Luciel-sama defeated that giant undead of legend, we could retain our lives to return to the Empire to protect it.”

Lionel proclaimed, but what about the current commander-in-chief of this army? When I looked at Prince Albert behind him, he seemed stunned.

Whereas Gladys-dono was looking at Lionel with eyes of admiration, so I wondered if it was okay?


While thinking about that, I activated Area High Heal on the soldiers at Lionel’s request and healed their injuries. They were more than grateful and lined up in units.

Lionel brought the Emperor and His Royal Highness, and Prince Albert gave the order to return, but few people knew Prince Albert, and even if they did, he was disinherited, so they hesitated.

However, at this point, the Emperor spoke as if in a whisper.

“All troops return.”

With just that, the scene turned quiet and the soldiers got down on one knee and put their right hands on their chests.

“Move off in order.”

With Lionel’s final words, the Imperial soldiers began preparing to return home, and within an hour, the first group began to depart for the Empire.


Prince Albert was depressed, but Melfina-san seemed to be attending to him, so I decided to leave him to her.

As for us…


“As I told Lionel earlier, I now know the Principality’s movements. I am thinking of taking a detour and heading to Ienith today, then going to the foot of the Dragon Valley and meeting the Dragon God. Please lend me your strength.”


Thus we intervened in the war, and although there were some irregularities, we succeeded in ending the war between the Elimasia Empire Army and the Ruburk Kingdom Army as we had hoped.

I wanted to leave His Highness Albert and his party in the fort and return to the airship, but as expected, they were Lionel’s charge so we flew the airship to the Imperial capital first.


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