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Chapter 0360 How to Create a Job

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The next day, Ryo was at the Papal Palace again.

“Sir Graham, I have come to deliver today’s report.”

“Uh… Ryo-san, I don’t recall having such an arrangement…”



That’s right, there was no such arrangement.



Certainly, documents come and go and negotiations take place every day between the Mission and the Papacy’s representatives… but that is the job of the civilian officials who are in charge of the practicalities of the negotiations.

It was never the work of escort adventurers.



“Since the coming and going can also be very dangerous, it was decided that it would be better for the escort adventurers to handle the delivery of the documents.”



Yeah right.



The Mission quarters and the Papal Palace were literally right next to each other.

Just across one big street.

It was also in the vicinity of the Papal Palace, which was the safest place in the Theocracy… there was no way that coming and going around there could be dangerous!


But Ryo had won this job by convincing not only Commander Hugh McGrath but also the Chief Negotiator, Ignis.

Although the term ‘had won’ was open to various interpretations…


The reason Ryo created this job and won the role was to get into the Papal Palace every day.

As for the main reason… he couldn’t get Neil Andersen, who he saw yesterday off his mind.


Naturally, he could not deviate from the path leading to Graham’s office with a monk escort from the gates of the Papal Palace… still, he couldn’t help his curiosity.



Of course, that wasn’t a bad offer for Ignis, the chief negotiator responsible for all the delegation’s negotiations.

In fact, the civilian officials had a lot of cumbersome tasks.

Among them was the daunting task of submitting documents to the negotiating parties… as a matter of fact.

Rather than devoting valuable civilian officials to take them, if one of the extra escort adventurers would take the role, awesome.


So, when Ryo suggested the idea, he accepted the proposal without a second thought.


Hugh, on the other hand, was reluctant.


“Ryo, please don’t cause any trouble, okay?”

The number of times he has said those words…


“Sure. Have you known me to ever cause any trouble?”

Ryo replied thus each time.


In fact, for some reason, Ryo has a reputation for getting into trouble, but he hasn’t really caused any problem that would put others through a great deal of inconvenience… so far… probably… maybe…


And yet, his reputation preceded him…


Reputation is important.



“Hahaa…I see.”

Cardinal Graham nodded when Ryo told him what had happened.

As for Graham, he didn’t mind if Ryo came every day to deliver the documents.

Ryo would bring them on behalf of one of the civilian officials who would bring them anyway.


It just went from being almost every day to every day…


“Well, it’s all good. I’ll inform all the relevant authorities. Since it’s within the Papal Palace, you won’t be able to move around freely, but you’ll get fewer strange looks.”

“Thank you.”

Graham nodded and said so, and Ryo bowed his head in appreciation.



“I have heard of Neil Andersen. He is a famous alchemist, after all. He stayed in the Republic of Mafalda for a long time. As I recall, the Theocracy tried to invite him several times before, but… he always turned them down. Now, if that person is in the Papacy, then it’s certainly a cause for concern.”


Cardinal Graham looked down as if he was thinking about something.


“The question is… is it Adolfito, Camilo, or Sacharias who is pulling the strings behind the scenes? Or someone else.”

Graham’s muttering wasn’t even heard by Ryo.



From the next day, rumors began to circulate little by little within the Papal Palace.


A magician-looking adventurer in robes from the Central Mission appears every morning at nine o’clock.

When there are few documents, he comes with them in his shoulder bag.


Which is fine.


But sometimes, he brings in very large amounts of documents.

One that would usually require a large number of people.

Even at such times, the adventurer comes alone.



Accompanied by what looks like a transparent cart, or wagon behind him….



The sight itself seemed very strange.

The wagon may have been generated by magic, but no one had ever heard of such a spell…


But the real shock hit the monks after they pass by.


There are quite a few stairs in the Papal Palace.


They wondered how these wagons manage to navigate the many stairs in the Papal Palace…



And the next time they encounter the adventurer and his wagons, they would keep a close eye on them to see what they do at the stairway locations.

The moment the wagons take the stairs, this time around, they were amazed at the sight of the staircase being frozen over and turned into a ramp.


Half of them were impressed, saying, “Oh, makes sense”, and the other half were amazed like, “Wow, unbelievable”.



It had long been believed that the level of magic in the Central Countries is generally lower than that of the Western Countries…

Which is generally true.


Thanks to a certain True Ancestor of the Vampires who spent the better part of a century to make it so.

Of course, this expanded the scope of magic applications.


However, the actions of the adventurer of this Mission were changing perceptions, at least among the monks of the Papal Palace.


The magic of the Central Countries should not be underestimated.


Albeit, little by little.



It had been ten days since Monk Karle began guiding the magician-looking adventurer who brought documents from the delegation.

Karle, for whom it is his* supreme pleasure to look after the personal affairs of the esteemed and respected Cardinal Graham, found the task of having to go where his voice could not be heard, even for a moment, a sad one at first. (TLN: Gender not yet certain)



However, after being told that “Sir Ryo was a great help to me when I went to the Central Countries with Roman and the others”, he has been trying to do his best to serve him sincerely.


In fact, this adventurer called ‘Ryo’ was unusual from the very beginning.


Especially the magic he calls <Wagon>.


Of course, a golem would be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a magician’s aide.

And a golem would follow on two legs, regardless of any bumps in the road.

In that aspect, it is superior to his <Wagon>.


But golems can’t be erased.


However, the < Wagon > could be created and erased at will!

Moreover, its size could be changed freely.


When Monk Karle first saw it, he froze with his mouth open.



Apparently, his beloved Cardinal Graham had a little smile on his face when he saw that…

How embarrassing!



Within a week of being given this role, Karle became famous in the Papal Palace.

Many of his colleagues began to ask him.


“Who on Phi is that adventurer?”


And Karle would be like, that’s my line.

Who he is?



Hell if I know.



Of course, the adventurer known as ‘Ryo’ wasn’t arrogant or rude in any way.

Rather, very polite.

There was none of that crudity or roughness that one might expect from the so-called ‘adventurers’.


Once, he had tea with Cardinal Graham after bringing some documents, and his manners were also very refined.


He heard that a good number of adventurers from the Central Countries are from noble families… and that may be taken into consideration, especially when they are dispatched out of the country as in this Mission.

If so, the adventurer named ‘Ryo’ may have been born into a noble family.


Of course, he couldn’t ask such a question directly.


He had once, mustered up the courage and asked Cardinal Graham about it.

The Cardinal’s answer at that time was,

“Not telling.”

He replied with a faint smile…


So perhaps, he is.


These days, Karle would respond to questions from his colleagues by saying.

“He is very refined in his manners and probably from an upper-class family”


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