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Chapter 0371 Second time in the Republic~ The Slight Complication in Procuring a Ship

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


((Abel, I was given a letter of credit for 500 billion Florins))

((Yeah. I gave it to Gramas to use just in case. I left the decision to him.))

((In that respect, Abel has such a big heart, and I honestly admire that about you…))



Abel was perhaps feeling shy… Ryo could tell!


((Well, the success or failure of the negotiations rests on whether or not we could secure a ship now, I suppose? So, a letter of credit of 500 billion Florins doesn’t seem as ludicrous.))

((By the way…how much is 500 billion Florins worth?))

((How much is it worth? I don’t understand what you mean?))

((Let’s see… for example, how much is the average annual income of the Kingdom’s citizens?))

((Oh…. I don’t know about the Kingdom as a whole, but for the people in the royal capital, it should be around 1 million to 1.5 million florins.))

((I-I see…))


Converted into Japanese yen at the beginning of the 21st century, 500 billion Florins was about one trillion yen. (TLN: About 6.7 billion USD)


Ryo’s fingers trembled just a little.


((I will consider anyone who approaches me as a thief and beat them to a pulp!))

((No, please don’t.))



Money drives people crazy….



It took Ryo six days to reach the border of the Republic of Mafalda from the Holy Capital Marlomar.


Yup, ‘six days’.

The last time, it took five days.


There was, of course, a reason why it took so long despite the hurry.

And that, too, was an unavoidable circumstance.



Incidentally, he stopped at the West Dungeon of the Holy City on the way…. (TLN: This will be talked about in a future chapter, look forward to it!)



And then, the border of the Republic of Mafalda.

Same as the last time, the border security was very strict.



After waiting for a while, it was Ryo’s turn for border inspection.


The coachman disembarked, went through some formalities, and then there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

Ryo said, and the door opened, and a guard opened the door and entered.


“Pardon me, but this is a mandatory check. Do you have a Republic-issued border crossing pass or identification?”

As before, the question was extremely polite.


Of course, Ryo did not have a border pass issued by the Republic this time either.



“How about this.”

Ryo handed him the identification plate that was hanging around his neck like a necklace.


“Okay. Oh, a nobleman. One moment, please.”

The guard said, heading outside.

“Bring me the inquiry board.”




“The Premier Duke of the Kingdom of Knightley in the Central Countries has re-entered the country.”

“The Premier Duke of the Kingdom of Knightley, Duke Rondo, I believe.”

Conversation between Head of State Columbano della Russo, and Supreme Advisor Lord Burley.


Office of the Head of State, the official residence of the Head of State of the Republic of Mafalda.


“The last time he was here, he brought a letter to Sir Andersen. However, Sir Andersen has left the Republic and is no longer here. This time, I wonder what his purpose is…”

“Well… surveillance might… uh nah, best not. May not be so lucky this time…”

Lord Burley pondered, and so did Head of State Columbano.


“Mm-hmm. Last time, there were people from the Secret Services Agency who were saved by the Duke of Rondo. Let’s send those two to meet with the Duke. Then we can find out what he wants.”

Columbano immediately contacted Bonifacio Franzoni, the Bureau Chief of the Secret Services Agency.




Two days after crossing the border, Ryo entered Mussolente, the capital of the Republic of Mafalda.


The carriage stopped in front of a seemingly high-end inn close to the city center but nevertheless had fairly large grounds.

Immediately, employees from the inn came out and began to bring the luggage in the carriage into the inn.


Everything was proceeding smoothly.


Not a moment’s delay, not a modicum of stress.

It was truly first-class.


Ryo passed through the gate of the inn in good spirits.



A huge lobby.

The three-story atrium was very bright, with plenty of glass.

Even though it was his second visit, he was still overwhelmed.


“Welcome to Doge Pietro. Duke Rondo.”

The lady at the reception desk was the same person he saw last time.


She seemed to remember Ryo’s face.


“Hello. For now, I would like to get a room for seven nights.”


Ryo’s job this time was to procure a ship.

He thought that seven nights might be too short, but for the time being….


“Also, I would like to visit the Franzoni Shipping Company tomorrow morning, so could you arrange an appointment with them?”



A first-class inn could take care of that kind of matters.

Ryo was satisfied and went to the lounge.



Ryo did not go to the lounge just to rest, either.

Of course, not to say that he didn’t care for this month’s cake special on the blackboard….

It was by no means the only reason.



Then, five minutes after entering the lounge, something happened as expected.



“Excuse me sir. People from the Secret Services Agency are here to see you, Duke Rondo.”

“Oh. Please send them here.”


Captain Bangan and Vice Captain Amalia arrived.


“It has been a while, Your Excellency.”

Bangan bowed his head firmly as he said that.

Likewise, Amalia, next to him, also bowed her head.


This time, the two were visiting by special order from the official residence of the head of state, which is even higher up than the Secret Services Agency.

Which got them all the more fired up.


“Hello, Captain Bangan and Vice Captain Amalia. Well, please, have a seat.”

Ryo indicated the sofa across from him and they sat down.

“The cakes here are very good. Why don’t you order some?”

“Oh, in that case…”


Ryo recommended, and Amalia was about to order when Bangan scolded her.


“Eh~. It’s Doge Pietro’s lounge, you know, You get that right, Captain? That distant, dreamy place that we can’t even get close to, let alone enter on our salary. And now the Duke himself is generously offering us a treat from that very place, if nothing it would be rude to refuse, wouldn’t it?”

Amalia insisted on her theory.


Not eating a delicious cake succulently sitting in front of you is nothing but torture.

With that analogy, Ryo nodded gravely and backed Amalia.


“Captain Bangan, I believe it would be easier to extract information if you order a cake and build a friendly atmosphere.”

“R-Really? In that case…”


Bangan caved in, and Amalia gave a mini fist pump gesture.


Now Ryo could have his second round of cake without any worries….

((The agreement was no more than one cake a day.))

The voice of a certain king haunted him out of nowhere….

((This is part of the negotiation. If I pull out now, I won’t be able to win the hearts of these two. I really don’t have a choice.))


The king seemed to have agreed.


He felt an atmosphere of dissatisfaction wafting from the other side of the ‘Soul Resonance’, but he must be imagining it.



“So, I take it that the two of you came here today to find out the purpose of my visit, right?”

Ryo’s blunt question caught both of them by surprise.


“Yes. You’re right…”

Captain Bangan said stiffly.


Ryo nodded and continued.

“The reason I came here this time is to get a ship.”

“A ship?”

Amalia asked, tilting her head.


“Yeah. A reasonably large vessel… big enough to sail long distances. One that can easily go from here to the Central Countries.”

“The Central Countries…”

“Okay, but how far away is that exactly…?”

Ryo explained, Amalia exclaimed, and Bangan was astonished.


“Well, I understand that it’s quite difficult. But that’s my sole reason for coming here. This time, I am officially here as a representative of the Kingdom of Knightley. Could you please inform His Excellency the Head of State and the Bureau Chief of that as well?”

“G-Got it…”


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