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Chapter 279: Last words

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When we visited the Imperial capital again… we, to be exact, Lionel was involved in quite a bit of trouble.


When we returned, we were not greeted by soldiers, but by civilian officials, including the prime minister, who acted with the national interests of the Empire in mind.

I wondered where they had heard about it, but even the nobles showed up, and needless to say, it became very troublesome.



In their understanding, Lionel was still a general of the Empire.


Rumors were spreading rapidly that Lionel was pressuring the Emperor to abdicate the throne to Prince Albert.


I don’t know who started that rumor, but because of that, it led to an unusual situation where civil servants from the Prime Minister’s faction and nobles in the Imperial capital gathered together.


Lionel guessed that the purpose of most of them gathered together was to find out what Lionel was planning to do.


Well, it wasn’t that I didn’t completely understand….

Normally, no matter how important the general was, if they were to force the Emperor to abdicate the throne, it would naturally be considered rebellion and would be charged with treason.

However, if the Emperor, Prince Albert, and Lionel went to the battlefield together right after that, it was a different story altogether.



Since Lionel was a subject of the Empire and Prince Albert’s martial arts teacher, it was determined that a relationship of trust had already been established…

If Prince Albert, who was rumored to have been disinherited, suddenly were to become Emperor, then Lionel would have the most military power and voice in the Empire.

Among those who were trying to speculate, some seemed to be thinking that Lionel’s actions may have been with the Emperor’s knowledge, or that the Emperor had planned them…


That turn of events held much more importance in the power struggle within the Empire than the war with the Rubruk Kingdom.

It would be natural to say that their future would change greatly depending on how they were able to incorporate Lionel…


When Lionel was a general of the Empire, he never formed or joined a faction, always running around on the battlefield as a warrior and never getting involved in national politics.

”That’s why no one in the Empire knows me deeply”, Lionel said of himself earlier.


By the way, Prince Albert was the one who created this troublesome situation.


Even though the Emperor was next to him, he acted like he was clinging to me and Lionel in front of the prime minister and nobles.

Because of that, even I… we ended up attracting attention.


In fact, immediately after that, His Highness Albert incurred the wrath of Fornoir and was kicked by her hind legs, but since they didn’t know about our relationship, there were no civil servants or Imperial nobles, including the Prime Minister, who acted against us.

Perhaps it was more concretely assumed than I expected, that Prince Albert was like Lionel’s puppet…


And now, during the audience, Lionel was going to explain everything.

The Emperor was sitting on the throne, Prince Albert was standing next to him, and Lionel was standing on the other side.

Since Doran was also participating this time, the airship was stored in the magic bag.

Naturally, Fornoir was there too and she attracted a lot of attention due to the novelty, but she deployed a magic circle to intimidate anyone who tried to get close, and no one came close.


Then Lionel began to speak slowly.


“I was born in this Empire, fought for the Empire, and fought to become the foundation of the Empire in the future. I have no regrets whatsoever. However, His Majesty betrayed me and joined forces with the people in the Principality of Blange who controlled the demons to harm me.”

The audience room immediately stirred.

However, Lionel stopped them with his hand and continued speaking.

“Nearly three years ago, I was poisoned on the battlefield and had the tendons in my legs severed. It was by order of His Majesty. After that, my life was in danger so I fled and became a slave.”

Everyone couldn’t believe their ears at Lionel’s monologue.

Well, since Cloud was disguised as him, I understood how they felt.


“I was saved by Luciel-sama, a Sage who was lucky enough to be there in Ienith, and I have been serving Luciel-sama ever since. That’s why I have not been who you know recently. That’s why I have no interest in the power of the Empire that you guys care about.’’


Then the old man who called himself the Prime Minister raised his hand and asked Lionel a question.

“General, then do you know who was disguised as you?”



“A visitor from another world, a reincarnated person born in the Principality of Blanges. This morning, with the help of the Sage Luciel-sama, I beheaded him. And we have already demolished the demonization plan that His Majesty and that person orchestrated.

“…But, wouldn’t that have increased our country’s military power?”

The person who spoke up was a man in his forties who could be described as a warrior clad in armor.


“Then, do you want to become a demon and become a human weapon that has lost all reason and emotion?”

“No, that’s…”

The man faltered and lowered his head.


“The Imperial soldiers pour their heart and soul into the service of their country, discipline themselves to protect it, continue to temper themselves through training after training and demonstrate the strength of a divine soldier on the battlefield. They are definitely not something that can be gained through evil means.’’

The audience room was silent.


“As I said earlier, I have already resigned as the general of the Empire. Currently, I am serving Sage Luciel-sama as a servant and fighting against demons, demon lords, and evil gods. Therefore, do not worry as I do not want to have anything to do with the Empire.”

However, when Lionel made the statement that he was resigning as general, the military personnel panicked, which was understandable.

Lionel was as strong as Shisho, one that can hurt an evil god…


“I’ve talked about this for a long time, His Majesty used his wisdom to further expand the Empire, but he turned to evil practices and was on the verge of becoming a demon himself. That’s why the Emperor of the Empire…”

Lionel looked at Prince Albert once, then shook his head, shifted his gaze further, and called out a name.


“Until Saintess Melfina makes a selection, the position will be vacant, and I recommend that the heads of each faction continue to run the country as before, take this as my last words as the general of the Empire.”

Ehhh!? It was quite an unexpected turn of events.

However, for some reason, even the Prime Minister and other military personnel seemed relieved.


Lionel kept the influential people the Empire in power, leaving only a burnt-out Prince Albert.

“Ah, I’d like to give you one last piece of advice. If the Empire commits evil acts again next time, I think it will be the day that the Imperial Army is annihilated… Next time, we won’t hold back and you won’t even have time to regret it.”

After saying that, Lionel patted Gladys-dono on the shoulder and seemed to have said something.


When Lionel came over, he laughed and said.

“Now, let’s quickly escape from the Empire. The Empire probably won’t have the luxury of worrying about us for the time being.’’


The way Lionel phrased it was odd, so we laughed together as we headed outside of the Imperial Castle, took out the airship, and escaped into the sky.


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