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IS B12C280

Book 13: Gathering of humanity’s strongest class

Chapter 280: Reincarnated Individual Alice

Translator: Tseirp


We boarded the airship and launched into the sky for now, and once we reached altitude, I talked about where we were headed.


“Today’s final destination is Ienith. And as soon as we get our preparations done, we’ll go to the foot of the Dragon Valley, and we’ll discuss what we’re going to do tomorrow after we arrive at Ienith.”

I continued to drive the airship, feeling everyone’s attention on me.


The technical team, including Doran, went to check the interior of the airship to see if there were any problems caused by firing the main gun or flying for a long time, so only the combat team was there.


“Luciel-sama, do we need to stop by somewhere?”

With his work done, there was no sign of Luciel’s Sen’oni General personality anymore and he was back to being the usual Lionel.


“First, the Holy City. I’m a little hesitant about whether or not I should head to the Holy City and report the matter with the Empire to the Pope…”

‘Could you please hold on that?’

However, Fornoir asked to delay that visit.


“Is there an issue?”

‘Yeah. Fluna is starting to change little by little according to her own will. But when she talks to Luciel, she gets anxious and depressed, so if you need to talk to her, let me be the one to do so.’


‘You solved the dark side of the Empire in less than half a month and even stopped the war with the Rubruk Kingdom, right? Think carefully about what Fluna would think if she heard that.’

…Ah, it would feel awkward.

In the end, I could only imagine the fate of being relied upon… Maybe it’s best to leave this matter to Fornoir.

“…Okay. Then I’ll leave contacting the Pope to Fornoir.”


After replying, Fornoir headed toward Estia who was in a corner of the bridge.


“In that case, I guess we’ll go directly to Meratoni.”

“The reason being?”

“Instructor Broad. Just as Lionel wants to go to the foot of the Dragon Valley, I’m sure Instructor will jump at the opportunity to if I tell him. Even if he refuses, I want to at least tell him or I’d fear for the repercussions.”

If I were to go to an environment where I could expect to significantly improve my level, I instinctively thought of Instructor, who would definitely sulk if I didn’t invite him, so decided to go and pick him up.


“Well, he’s the branch chief of the Adventurer’s Guild, so we don’t know what will happen, but it won’t be boring if the Whirlwind is with us.”

When Lionel laughed, I felt that his Sen’oni personality remained.


“Instructor Broad and Garba-san are probably no longer at the church headquarters. It’s been ten days since then, and Instructor would have returned to Meratoni eventually.”

“Would you like to contact him using the magic communication ball?”

“Oh, please.”

Lionel then tried to contact him using the magic communication ball, but it seemed like he couldn’t get in touch.

I’m sure he was beating up adventurers at the training ground.

It would be a sudden visit, but if the schedule didn’t work out, too bad.


Besides, I was going to Meratoni town because there was the thing for Estia too.

Estia wanted to go to Meratoni again and had decided to face her past…


When I turned my gaze to Estia, I immediately realized that she had been replaced by the Darkness Spirit.

The Darkness Spirit was talking to Fornoir with a grim look on its face, so it might be a discussion between spirits.


“So where are we headed now?”

“Ah, I was thinking of checking to see if the winged dragon troops that Fornoir shot down before arriving at the Imperial Capital were still alive. It would be troublesome if they turn into demons, so I plan to purify them if they are dead. I thought I would gift the stones to Paula and Rician who worked so hard this time.”

“Ah, that would be terrible.”

“By the way… Kefin who’s becoming withdrawn over there and Katy who’s comforting him are giving off a bit of a troublesome aura?”

“Kukuku. That’s normal. He couldn’t even watch the battle due to air sickness, let alone fight alongside you against that Destroyer.”

“Ah, even so, in the Empire, he would have fought soldiers who had turned into demons…”

“It’s all about the feeling.”

“I guess.”


A while later, when we arrived at the point where we had shot down the winged dragons, we found that the winged dragon squad had been completely annihilated.

The only saving grace was that the monsters and animals hadn’t eaten the winged dragons and Imperial soldiers.


I had no idea that the winged dragon’s weak point was its wings…

The problem seemed to have been that when we were trying to hold back, the laser beam penetrated and burned the winged dragon’s wings instead of its body.


“Winged dragons just use wind magic to fill their wings with magical power and float, making it appear as if they are flying in the direction they are moving. So if their wings break, they just fall. The higher they are, the greater the impact to the ground, so of course it resulted in this.’’

One woman with her black hair fluttering in the wind gave a detailed explanation about the ecology of winged dragons.


“I see… By the way, how are you feeling?”

“Thanks to you, I’m doing great. Thank you truly for freeing me from slavery… Luciel-san.”

“Did you use Appraisal? So can I call you… Alice, the ‘reincarnated individual’?”


Now, I was struggling with how to handle her.


As the airship was lowering its altitude, the Hermit’s Coffin suddenly popped out of the magic bag, and Alice and Mr. Bazak came out.

After that, Lionel asked to be left in charge of Mr. Bazak, so I left it up to him.


Alice looked around anxiously so I thought of entrusting her to Estia, but the discussion between Fornoir and the Darkness Spirit was not over and I couldn’t ask.


By the way, Doran and his party from the technical team had already finished inspecting the airship, but since it was not an area where enemies would appear and there was no chance of a battle, they holed up in the workshop inside the airship and analyzed the magic crystal ball and the ring in addition to the Destroyer’s magic stone.

Ryina wasn’t that interested in reincarnated individuals either, so she chose to stay in the workshop.


Paula and Rician wanted the winged dragon magic stones, but they couldn’t resist the urge to research, so they actually asked me to do the dismantling.

So now, along with Nadia and Lydia, I brought Alice to the place where we were going to dismantle the winged dragon and purify the soldiers.


“First of all, whether you’re a reincarnated person or not, I basically don’t interfere, and I have no intention of doing so, so don’t worry.”

“Then, what will happen to me now?”

She asked worriedly, but I wondered why she didn’t actually look like she was too troubled?

“Do you hope for anything in particular?”

“Um… your mistress?”

“…Do you hope for anything in particular?”

“I-I was just kidding. It’s not like I was thinking you have amazing abilities and seem to have a lot of money, so I would be able to have an easy time if I became your mistress, so please don’t glare at me.”

Her worldly desires were completely leaking out, but it would be hard to talk about things unless I completely ignored them.

Even so, I had completely forgotten how Estia tended to spew strange ideas.


“Who are the reincarnated people in the first place? More importantly, why did you become a slave?”

I wanted to ask seriously so I changed to a stronger tone.


“Well, we are people who were born in a different world than this one, died in accidents, were brought back to life by God, and started a new life. As for becoming a slave… I tried to cling to someone who had the skills, but it turned out he was involved in a crime…”

…It was a perfect example of ability dependence that Instructor taught me during my training.


“…So Alice, you died once?”

“Yeah, I mixed detergents… and chemicals that shouldn’t be mixed and died while taking a short nap.”

…I was too scared to ask how old Alice was.


“Basically, I know that you were involved in demon research in the Empire, and Cloud, who was your slave master, is no longer in this world. Therefore, you are now the only person who knows about the demon research. I could just kill you and it would probably be easier that way.’’

“H-h-how could you!? A Sage should be someone who holds noble ideals, right?”

“I don’t know about that, but you were researching demonization, so I think erasing you would help protect this world. What do you think?”

“U-um, I was just forced to do research as a slave. I had no human rights.”

“I see. So can you swear to God about that?”

“Yes, I swear.”

“Okay, then let’s make an oath. Alice, can you pledge to never harm me or my friends for the rest of your life in return for your skills?”

“I swear.”

For some reason, she looked triumphant, but had she ever taken an oath?


“Can you swear not to tell anyone other than me or my followers about demonization?”

“I swear.”


“Will you swear in the name of God that you will never lie to me or my followers, do anything that would be detrimental to me, cause damage to me, or cause any harm to me or my followers?”

“I swear. Huh!? What is this light?”

Alice suddenly panicked… maybe she didn’t know about the oath?


“You took an oath, what about it?”

“Um, what was that light?”

“It’s the light of the oath?”

“Um, wasn’t it just a spur of the moment?”



“I don’t know how it goes in another world, but the oath was made in the name of the Chief God Kuraiya, so if you break the oath, you won’t be able to use your skills and receive punishment, but if you keep your oath, you won’t be harmed at all, so don’t worry.”

“Th-that’s a violation of human rights.”

“No, I didn’t force you to swear, so were you trying to do something harmful to us in the first place?”

“I… wasn’t.”

For some reason, her eyes wavered, so I wanted to congratulate myself for deciding that it was necessary to take the oath early on.


“Isn’t it fine then? Now, let’s start disassembling.”

Although I thought I had done something a little cruel, the spirits Fornoir and the Darkness Spirit could cancel oaths, so I decided to entrust Alice to them and turned to dismantle the winged dragon and purify the Imperial soldiers.


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