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Chapter 281: Persuasive Power

Translator: Tseirp


After successfully dismantling the Winged Dragons and purifying the imperial soldiers, we returned to the airship and found that Lionel had finished persuading Mr. Bazak.


“Luciel-sama, I have finished explaining the situation and persuading Bazak, the Wizard of the Abyss.”

It seemed that he was able to stop him from attacking the Empire any further and from taking his own life.


“Well, Bazak-san, I wasn’t able to greet you during battle, but my name is Luciel. I’m glad that you seem to have recovered well.”

“Sage Luciel, thank you for freeing me from slavery and for saving my life.”

Mr. Bazak bowed deeply, but Lionel followed suit so it was a little pressurising.


“Please raise your head. If Mr. Bazak hadn’t attacked Cloud and destroyed the research institute back then, we wouldn’t have been able to conquer the Empire as smoothly as we did. It would have taken so much more time and made it so much more difficult. We should be the ones to be grateful.”

I also bowed my head and expressed my gratitude.


“…A while ago, Sen’oni invited me to join your retinue.”

Hn? Invited to join my retinue? I looked at Lionel, but he just smiled and didn’t say anything.


“…Did he? I didn’t know about that because I left the matter with Bazak-san up to Lionel.”

He said “I’ll try to convince him not to get caught up in revenge’’ so I left it to Lionel, but his conclusion for the persuasion was to join my retinue… I hadn’t heard anything about that.


Mr. Bazak also looked at Lionel, but again he made no attempt to say anything.


Eventually Mr. Bazak let out a sigh and began to express his thoughts.

“I didn’t quite understand why the Empire’s fierce general, General Sen’oni, served you, who is still so young… no, I still don’t understand why. It’s true that he owes you a debt of gratitude after his body was completely healed with holy attribute magic, but I don’t think that’s the only reason.”


…It seemed like he only talked about what happened in Ienith, and didn’t talk about evil gods or anything else.


“To be honest, I don’t know anything about Sage Luciel’s personality. I know from my own experience that you are a Sage and a wonderful user of holy attribute magic, but that alone is not enough to make me swear allegiance.”

Well, that’s to be expected. If he accepted with just that, Lionel’s persuasiveness would border on baffling.


“You’re right. I don’t know much about Bazak-san other than that you are a wonderful magic user. And even if you don’t force yourself to serve me, someone of Bazak-san’s caliber can live anywhere.”

Mr. Bazak certainly possesses tremendous power. However, no matter how reliable Mr. Bazak is, with our destination being the foot of the Dragon Valley, I didn’t want to take someone who was not fully on board…


“Therefore, I would like to work with you to assess you.”

…And all of a sudden, my expectations went awry…


“Um… what kind of position would that be?”

Mercenary? Or a guest captain? Or a retinue apprentice? To begin with, he said it as if he had already decided to accompany me?


“Any position is fine. Even if you cast a slave contract on me, it doesn’t matter. Since this body had already died once, I will leave everything up to you.”


…It turned into a very troublesome development, but Lionel was still smiling as he watched the exchange between me and Mr. Bazak.


Did he consider his personality and persuade him to see it with his own eyes? I don’t understand Lionel anymore. I should make time to talk to him later.


“…Then is it okay if I bind your actions with an oath?”

For the time being, I decided to keep it as an oath.


“Yes, I don’t mind.”

Mr. Bazak nodded without any hesitation.


Alice got a little noisy behind us but Nadia covered her mouth as I continued to exchange the oath with Mr. Bazak.


“Then, you are prohibited from taking any action that would be disadvantageous to me and my retinue. If you break this oath, you will be punished by not being able to use magic, can you swear this to the Prime Deity, Kuraiya-sama?”


“Yes. I will wager my life on this oath.”

At that moment, Mr. Bazak’s body lit up, and his oath was completed… However, perhaps because he had once prepared for death, Mr. Bazak’s vow became very weighty.

Either way, since he can’t do anything that would be detrimental to us, it’s not a problem…

“Thank you for that oath. I look forward to working with you.”

“Thank you for taking care of me for now.”

I guess it would be better to think of him as a guest captain.


“Sorry but is it okay if we continue this conversation after we launch the airship?”

“Sure, but can this really fly?”

“Of course. You can either sit in any empty seat or just remain standing here.”


I decided to launch the airship to clear my head.



After that, Mr. Bazak’s eyes sparkled like a boy’s, saying, “This airship will be the key to unlocking the secret of Nelldal’s floatation”.


At the same time, Alice seemed to be enjoying herself and blurted out, “I want to be your mistress after all”. It was starting to be bothersome, so I decided to ignore her for now.


I wished that the Darkness Spirit and Estia substitute me soon and I started to seriously consider tossing her to the other reincarnated person, Ryina.



After crossing the border between the Empire and Saint Schull, I called out to Mr. Bazak, who had calmed down a little.

“So, have you heard from Lionel where we are going?”

“Yes. You are planning on visiting Ienith, where many beastmen live?”

He heard where we were going, but wasn’t told why we were going.


“Yeah. I haven’t been there for a long time, but our headquarters called Luciel Corp is there.”

“… Run your own trading company at such a young age, I wonder if you were originally an aristocrat from some country?”

I could tell that Alice was also paying attention to what I was about to say, more seriously than before with her glance piercing my side.


“No, I was just… no, on the contrary, I was a villager with no common sense at all.”

“… That is hard to believe…”

Of course, it normally wouldn’t be something you would believe.


“It’s true. When I tried my best just to survive, I was lucky enough to be able to make connections with talented people, and as I lived my life to the fullest, before I knew it, there were many talented people around me. That’s why I might not even know half of what goes on with Luciel Corp.”

I was really helped by Extravagant Luck-sensei in many ways, endured Instructor’s hellish training, drank all of the Object X to form my foundation, and just really did my best to survive.

Then, before I knew it, I had friends around me that I could trust.


“……I see”

After that, Mr. Bazak started thinking about something, so I decided to make sure to convey what I needed to convey.


“After making a few detours, we’ll be heading to Ienith. And after that, I’m sorry to say, but I think Mr. Bazak will remain at Ienith for the time being.’’


“Hmm? The way you put it, is Sage Luciel planning to go somewhere?”


“Yes. We have to go to the foot of the Dragon Valley, and there will likely be dragons roaming around, so I obviously can’t take you there… “Now wait a minute” Hm?”

“Why can’t you take me with you?”

Mr. Bazak seemed to be dissatisfied with not being able to accompany me, but I thought that couldn’t be helped.


“Because it’s dangerous?”

“Sen’oni is going, right?”

For some reason, Mr. Bazak seemed to be thinking about things from the same standpoint as Lionel, but it would be better to tell him honestly.


“Of course I would ask him to accompany me. Lionel is my chief retinue. Moreover, I have no issues with his ability as a fighter.”


“Then why would I be staying in Ienith?”


“That’s because I don’t know Bazak-san very well, just like Bazak-san doesn’t know me well. I don’t think you would betray us, but I can’t possibly bring you to a place of death within half a day of meeting you.”


“Oh… I see.”

Mr. Bazak looked very disappointed and slumped his shoulders.


After that, the flight continued quietly for a while, and when the sky turned red, I finally saw the city of Meratoni, which was like my hometown.


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