Chapter 0375 Intermission – Developments in the Debuhi Empire

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Two years ago, Rupert VI had abdicated the throne and the new Emperor was his eldest son, Helmut VIII.

Former Emperor Rupert announced his retirement from all political affairs, and the true authority of the Empire passed entirely to Helmut VIII and his entourage.


Of course, nothing wrong with that.

Since Helmut had gathered his entourage from his days as crown prince, learned to rule in the territories he was given, and gained experience and achievements to that very end.



He would become Emperor and rule the country well.

Taking his time to reel in achievements.


But Helmut couldn’t wait.

The shadow of his great predecessor was still looming over him.



Former Emperor Rupert VI was just twenty years old when he ascended the throne.


Thereafter, he further strengthened the mighty Empire, reformed the aristocrats who even slightly defied his authority, and gained absolute power and absolute economic strength.



When Rupert VI abdicated and Helmut VIII ascended to the throne, there were no more aristocrats in the Empire who would challenge the Emperor’s authority, and the Emperor’s power and authority were already immense.


Perhaps it was inevitable that Helmut became impatient with the grandiose achievements of his predecessor.



He had only one thing on his mind.

What could he do to surpass his predecessor’s great achievements?



What could he do to surpass his predecessor?

This is a question that has been repeated in many histories, in many worlds, and not only by Helmut VIII.


Some built gigantic structures.

Some built libraries to accumulate knowledge.

And others… invaded neighboring countries to expand their territories.




Helmut VIII asked, a hint of displeasure evident in his voice.

“My apologies.”

Flora Leisenheimer, commander of the 10th Imperial Army, bowed her head and apologized.


She bowed deeply, but her expression did not change at all.


Her advisor Elmer, who was standing right behind her, could tell.

That Flora didn’t feel even a modicum of remorse.

In the first place, she was against this operation.

At one point, she had asked the Emperor to reconsider.


But the operation was carried out nonetheless.

And with her in charge.


She might even be made to take responsibility for it….


“Enough. You’re excused.”

“Understood. Excuse me.”


Without further ado, Flora and her advisor Elmer left the room.




The 10th Imperial Army commander’s office.

“The Emperor is becoming too impatient.”

Flora Leisenheimer, commander of the 10th Imperial Army, frowned as she drank her coffee.


Her advisor was sitting across from her on the sofa.

“Elmer, what do you think?”


The man called Elmer answered, shrugging his shoulders.

“Fundamentally, it should become better with time but…. The direction certainly isn’t encouraging. His Majesty is arbitrarily comparing himself to the previous emperor. Even if it’s inevitable…. And there’s no one around to snap him out of it. Since Count Hans Kirchhoff was kicked out, no one has been able to express their opinion. They’re all scared, and I don’t blame them.”

“It’s only been three years since the war with the Kingdom. And though the Kingdom suffered substantial damage, the Empire was by no means unscathed. Sheesh, after we managed to finally establish a friendly atmosphere thanks to the joint delegation dispatch to the Western Countries.”

“Well, as an Emperor… if he could succeed in conquering the Kingdom, a feat that his predecessor failed to accomplish. If he could accomplish that, it would certainly be one of the greatest achievements, surpassing those of his predecessor.”

“I, for one, don’t want our soldiers to be sacrificed for something like that.”


Flora’s last words were more like a whisper.


Of course, there was an alchemy tool installed in the room to prevent against eavesdropping, but still.

She couldn’t help but keep her voice down….



“Right, Elmer. How is the situation in the Corridor Countries?”

“It’s not looking good at all. That king of the horsemen tribe has conquered them all. Apparently, he has a grudge against the Empire because of the former emperor. Until now, the Corridor Countries and the Central Countries have rarely had relations, but that’s a different story with the ‘Equestrian tribe’. Their area of activity is completely different. They are one to watch out for.”

Elmer answered Flora’s question with a frown.


“There is really no need to pick a fight with the west and the south at the same time…”

Elmer couldn’t help but nod in agreement with Flora’s mutterings.




On the outskirts of the Imperial Capital, the 12th Imperial Army training ground.

“What is His Imperial Majesty thinking… ordering us, Shadows, to the 10th Army instead of the 12th!”

The voice didn’t sound angry.

However, it was filled with frustration.


The voice belonged to General Rancias, commander of the 12th Army.

Listening to his complaint was Bossabo, an archer who had newly become Rancias’ second-in-command two years earlier.


Bossabo, who was assigned to the 12th Army because of his divine archery skills, was highly regarded by Rancias for his ability to coordinate as a lieutenant and, in some cases, lead the whole army, and he had earned his complete trust.


Well, that explained why he was the one listening to his complaints….


However, Bossabo, who was in his mid-thirties, was also experienced enough to know that listening to his boss’s complaints was part of the job.


“I guess it means you have yet to regain the Emperor’s trust.”

He was also a man who had no problem voicing out the difficult stuff.


“Sure, leave it to you to hit a sore spot…”

General Rancias succumbed with a frown.


“After the war with the Kingdom, half of those who returned from the Elven Forest left the army. After an experience like that, who can blame them…. Then again, it’s also true that the strength of the 12th Army has been rattled by it. Though we’re training new recruits, the art of ‘Shadow’ is not easy to master.”


Saying that, Rancias let out a loud sigh.


He knows.

He actually knows well.

How extremely difficult it is to regain trust once it is lost.


And that he was just clinging to their past glory.


But still….

Isn’t it human nature to seek that glory again?



“We’re going to build the army back up, and better!”

“…Yes sir.”

General Rancias shook his head repeatedly before saying so, and his second-in-command, Bossabo, who could imagine harsh training regimens ahead, delayed his reply for a moment.


Indeed… a lot of things are simply inevitable….


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