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Chapter 0377 Trap

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


A few days after Ryo had left for the Republic for the second time, the six members of ‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’ had once again begun their conquest of the West Dungeon of the Holy Capital.


That in itself was fun, but honestly, they wondered if it was the right time to be diving into a dungeon… or so they thought….

“Go ahead.”

That’s what Hugh McGrath told them.


His attitude was neither here nor there.

Even Niels could tell that there was something behind it, but he accepted it without saying anything.



He didn’t say anything because there was no need to tell them at the moment.

It wasn’t yet time for them to know.

Either way, it was probably something Niels and the others didn’t need to know at that time.


So Hugh said nothing.

So Niels, too, didn’t ask.



The inn in the West Dungeon town, ‘Holy City Ginyu’, has now become a regular inn.

They stayed at the best inn in town with the delegation’s money while diving into the dungeon.


“Is it really all right for us to be treated to such extravagant luxury?”

Amon said with a smile while having dinner at the luxurious inn.

“Mr. Hugh had given us only one condition. We’re not to leave the town of the West Dungeon until we are instructed to do so. Isn’t it fine if we just keep to that?”

Etho, too, looking pleased, replied while eating.


Niels was a little worried, but he also understood that there was no point thinking too hard on it.




Last time the six of them had conquered the 100th floor, where a boss monster spawned.

Therefore, this time, they started from the 101st floor.

“The next boss is on the 150th floor… and that’s the deepest floor recorded.”

Although Niels said that, there were also several concerns leading up to it.


First, the six are composed of three swordsmen, one dual-swordsman, and two priests.

Simply put, it was very unbalanced.


They have almost no long-range offensive capabilities.

At best, they have the rapid-fire crossbow that Etho wears on his left arm… and maybe the light javelins of the two priests.


They have no magician.


But, well, that’s okay.

Be it ‘Room 10’ or ‘Room 11’, they’re basically a party without a magician.

Safe to say they’re very much used to it.



But in a dungeon… it’s tough without a scout.



There were many heinous traps leading up to the 100th floor.

Of course, they avoided all of them….


Amon and Zeke excelled at sensing the traps.

Amon relied completely on intuition.

While Zeke logically deduced the likelihood of there being a trap.



The avoidance rate of traps by those two was 99%!



Once, during a mobile combat, Gowan stepped on a trap, triggering a poisoned arrow trap.

The dozens of poisoned arrows that were closing in were repelled by Etho deploying his emergency deployment defense magic <Sanctuary>.


And, before Gowan stepped on it, Zeke pointed it out to him… though Gowan didn’t process it in time.


In other words, as long as Amon and Zeke were together, they could find all the traps.



Nonetheless, Niels was feeling anxious for reasons unknown….




The next day, they began their dungeon dive.

The floors were much larger than the previous ones.

Of course, there was no map….

Moreover, there was almost no information about the floors below the 100th floor.


That was because many of those before them were unable to overcome the 100th-floor boss and ended their dungeon dive right there.


The boss spawn on the 100th floor is completely random.


However, the boss normally possess a certain level of strength.



The boss that appeared before the six of them was a wyvern.

That could be said to be one of the strongest bosses to appear on the 100th floor.


Normally, when a wyvern appears, any party would retreat.


Since it’s possible to withdraw on the 100th floor.

And there’s no disadvantage at all, only the restriction that you can enter only once a day.

If they entered the next day, another boss would appear, and they could simply resume their conquest.



Yet, the six attacked the wyvern.


And in the end, they succeeded in defeating it.



Besides the wyvern-class, the 100th floor is known to spawn fairly powerful boss monsters.

And one that is difficult to conquer with a party of a few.


King Boa.

Harpy Queen.

Goblin King.

Shadow Stalker Queen.

Wraith King.

And so on.

A parade of kings and queens!


Since all of these monsters are rarely seen above ground, many of them have no established subjugation strategy.



For this reason, only a few parties can advance from the 101st floor down.


‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’ were the rare parties that were able to advance.

That actually became the talk of the town in the West Dungeon.


Only eight parties, including the six of them, have ever set foot on the 101st floor of the West Dungeon.


It was said that more than 5,000 parties were diving into the West Dungeon at any given time, and they were among the top eight.

It was only natural that they would be the talk of the town.


Of course, the six of them didn’t care about that.




A few days after resuming their dungeon dive.

They were making good progress and had reached the 120th floor.

The moment they descended the stone steps and were about to step into the 120th floor.



Zeke spoke up.


Zeke and Amon were in the lead.

Since they were responsible for detecting traps.


And so Zeke was staring intently, but tilting his head slightly.

Then he opened his mouth.

“Something’s wrong. I’m sorry, I can’t put my hands on what exactly, but… it’s definitely strange.”


That was very unusual for Zeke.


In most cases,

“The passageway is narrow, so spears and other traps may appear from the side”,

Or, “The ceiling is too dark to see, so something may fall or monsters may ambush from there”,

He would point out the reasons and possible traps, but… this time he only said, “Something’s wrong”.



“It certainly seems strange. Only… I’m not sure what’s weird about it.”

Amon said something similar.


But now it was confirmed.


There was a trap on the 120th floor, something that they had never been seen before.



“All right. We will proceed more carefully than ever before. One step at a time.”

Niels said, and the other five nodded.

And so they proceeded, literally, one step at a time, checking to see if there was anything unusual about the cobblestones under their feet.


Basically, the traps in the dungeon are often triggered by the cobblestones underfoot.

When a certain weight is applied, the trap is triggered, and so on.



So, Amon and Zeke in the lead checked the cobblestones step by step as they proceeded.


So they should not have stepped on any trap.



But then… it happened instantly.





All six of them had already experienced it several times… above ground.


They were experiencing it for the first time in a dungeon.


They didn’t even have time to cry out.


One moment they felt their bodies float, and the next moment they were standing somewhere.




Harold muttered involuntarily.

“A dungeon with a teleportation trap…”

Etho said in a low voice.

“Ryo mentioned it before.”

Niels said in a whisper that didn’t suit his body size.

“This time, it wasn’t me…”

Gowan insisted that he had not triggered the trap….


The other three nodded and comforted Gowan.


Yup, the other three. There were only four of them, including Gowan.



“Amon and Zeke…”

“Were sent to another location…”

Etho prompted, and Niels nodded and answered.



The six were separated.


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