Chapter 0378 Scouts, they’re important

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“We’ve been separated…”

“Yeah. Was it a teleportation trap?”

Amon commented and Zeke agreed.


“I heard about it from Ryo-san some time ago. Arthur from the Court Magician Order said that some dungeons in the Western Countries have teleportation traps.”

“I guess that’s exactly what we encountered.”

“Also, he said there are also magic-nullified rooms. Apparently Abel-san told Ryo-san that.”

“…That’s basically a magician killer… well, it’s also a priest killer.”

Zeke replied to Amon’s information with a wry smile.



Although they were separated, they both remained calm.



“Honestly, if it’s me and Amon-san as a pair, we’ll probably be able to handle ourselves. But if the other four were split into two groups… well, I guess everyone would be able to handle themselves too?”

“Yeah… Etho-san and Harold… should be fine. Etho-san and Gowan… won’t likely face any problems either. As long as Etho-san isn’t teleported alone, I feel like they’ll be fine.”

“You’re right.”


Zeke agreed with Amon’s guesses, and in the end they both laughed.


They were a B-rank party and a C-rank party.

Everyone was strong in their own way.


“Okay… then we should just advance.”


Zeke initiated, and Amon nodded.



After all, procedures in the event of a split were already predetermined.


They didn’t expect to be separated due to a teleportation trap, but it was possible to be separated in a dungeon.

There were various kinds of traps after all, such as pitfalls and moving walls.



In the West Dungeon, you can return to the surface by conquering the floor.

Therefore, if they were separated, they would each conquer the floor and then return to the surface and regroup.

That was the arrangement.


So, the two started moving forward.



The problem wasn’t them.


“Layered traps… they’re definitely aiming to kill us.”

Niels grumbled but didn’t stop swinging his sword.

Harold was swinging his sword next to him.


Behind them, Gowan was lying on the ground.


While Etho shot arrows with his rapid-fire crossbow, he occasionally made Gowan drink an antidote potion.


“Two potions left!”

Etho shouted to let them know that they were in a critical situation.

However, even then, Niels couldn’t think of a good solution.



They were forcibly teleported and the first trap was a magic-nullified space…

And then deadly poison arrows.

Not only that but an attack from a large number of goblins as well.



Five poisoned arrows flew toward Harold.

Gowan pushed Harold away and parried the arrows with his twin swords, but… one of them struck him.


Because it was a magic-nullified space, Etho couldn’t use his <Heal> and <Cure>.

The only way to keep him from dying was by giving him potions periodically.


In that situation, they had to deal with a large number of goblins.



Of course, goblins aren’t a big deal.

But still, there is power in numbers.


Niels and Harold were still capable of cutting them down, but eventually, they would get tired…





Niels cut down the arrow that came flying at him.


“Now there’s Goblin Archers.”

Even Niels’ voice was beginning to be tinged with anxiety.


To be wary of attacks from both short and long-range… the difficulty level was now dozens of times greater than before.

And they would fatigue several times faster now…


(It’s getting bad)

Naturally, he didn’t put that into words but just thought it in his head.



Niels was the leader there.

He was also a commander.

Ryo always reiterated that the commander’s choice of words has a strong influence.

And King Abel, whom he respects, said it too.


Sometimes you have to say things you don’t mean!


“We’ll cut down the archers too! Gowan, stay with us!”

It was pretty much a yell so that Gowan could hear him as he fought the poison.


But that’s fine.


Niels’ voice gave Harold and Etho, who were on the verge of losing hope, a little bit of vitality.


Muster up some energy.




Harold’s fatigue reached its limit before Niels.



A Goblin Archer’s arrow pierced through Harold’s right thigh.


Seeing that, the goblins pounced on Harold all at once.


“Don’t underestimate me!”


However, Harold is also a C-rank swordsman.

And a man who wants to become a duke in the future.


He couldn’t die in a place like this!


At that very moment, his sword swing was his most powerful and sharpest ever.


The heads of three goblins were sent flying with a swing.


However, he lost his balance because he used too much force.

He quickly regained his balance, but even the goblins with low intelligence understood.

That meant Harold’s physical strength was reaching its limit.



Of course, Niels, who was fighting beside him, also understood.


Compared to the three members of Room 10, the three members of Room 11 didn’t have much stamina.

Or rather, there wasn’t a party in the Kingdom that had the same stamina as Room 10.



Except for a certain water attribute magician, a certain elf swordswoman, and a certain royal swordsman.



“I’m out of potions!”

Etho conveyed desperately.


Furthermore, Harold’s sword had started to shake.


“Is it our end?”

Niels muttered…


At that moment…



A group of goblins started screaming from the right flank.


Furthermore, he could see the goblin get blown away.

No, to be more precise, it was a severed head.


He could also see the staff that caused it.



“Zeke! Throw me an antidote potion!”


Etho shouted.


A moment later, an antidote potion was thrown towards Etho.


After catching it, Etho immediately made Gowan drink it.



“They connected with us!”

Etho’s exclamation was also heard by Niels.


“Harold, we’re almost there, hang in there!”


Niels called out in encouragement and Harold answered.


Harold also understood.

What happened.


The people they wanted the most to come came.


His party’s priest was probably mowing down goblins like a demon god while trying to join up with them.

And his senior swordsman must be killing goblins with his shockingly swift sword strikes.


He couldn’t afford to falter!



Power returned to Harold’s eyes.


Niels saw that and nodded slightly.

He could see that the party was out of danger.



Amon and Zeke’s extermination speed was truly amazing and the number of goblins was reduced in the blink of an eye.

It was three minutes later that the six people joined up.



Even after they joined up, they were still in a magic-nullified space.

Therefore, it was not possible to heal Gowan with magic.


Still, it was overwhelmingly different from before.


After all, thanks to the two members who acted as their scouts joined them, they no longer would step on any new traps.

That was a huge change.


“Scouts, they’re important…”

No one heard Niels’ murmur.



On the way, they encountered three ogres, but Niels, Amon, and Zeke defeated them.

Harold was still exhausted and was stopped by Zeke.

Harold looked frustrated, but he didn’t object.


He had complete trust in Zeke… even Niels could see that.



And finally at the end of the 120th floor.


The magic-nullification was lifted and Gowan recovered with Etho’s <Cure> and <Extra Heal>.



Their 120th floor ordeal had finally come to an end.




“Aside from the antidote potion, my arrows are too special, so resupplying would be impossible in this town.”

“How about the Holy Capital?”

“I recall there was a shop in the east workshop district that sold a lot of arrows.”


Etho commented that he couldn’t get arrows for his repeating crossbow, Niels clarified, and Amon remembered and answered.

Etho had run out of arrows on the 120th floor of the dungeon.


“We were told not to leave town, but I guess it can’t be helped…”

Niels said with a sigh.

“Let’s return to the Holy Capital tomorrow.”



They didn’t understand.

Why did Hugh tell them not to leave the West Dungeon town?



The reason why Ryo took a day-long detour to this dungeon when he was on his way to the Republic.



Later, those involved were more aware of the importance of properly conveying the message in words.


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