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English Translation of  Invincible Saint ~ Salaryman, the path I walk to survive in this other world~ 聖者無双 ~サラリーマン、異世界で生き残るために歩む道~

IS B12C257

Chapter 257: Cloud

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C256

Sorry guys a really short chapter for this week

Chapter 256: Offensive posture

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C255

Sorry guys for the long break. Came back from holiday and had a hard time catching up. Anyway enjoy! 🙂

Chapter 255: Silent anger

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C254

For some reason my posts for when I was on holiday all missed their scheduled release timings. Sorry guys! Here are the chapters!

Chapter 254: Short-tempered

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C253

Chapter 253: Underground condition

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C252

Chapter 252: Underground path

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C251

Chapter 251: Reckless

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C250

Chapter 250: Sparing

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C249

Chapter 249: Betrayal?

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C248

Sorry for the late update!

Chapter 248: Infiltrating the Imperial Capital

Translator: Tseirp

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