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English Translation of  Invincible Saint ~ Salaryman, the path I walk to survive in this other world~ 聖者無双 ~サラリーマン、異世界で生き残るために歩む道~

IS B12C270

Chapter 270: Intervention

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C269

TLN: It’s been a long time and I didn’t have good note keeping in the past so the names are probably different… I’ll unite the naming once I re-edit all the chapters.

Chapter 269: Linking up

Translator: Tseirp


Updated 10 Sep 2023

Intermission 1: A Natural Healer Appeared in the Adventurer Guild

Translator: Tseirp, TheDefend

IS B12C268

Chapter 268: And to the battlefield

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C267

TLN: I’m back! 8 years since I started this series as my first translated work haha… I saw an uptick in people searching for Invincible Saint and realized they just released it as an anime. Moreover, the author finally concluded the series at Chapter 406 so I guess it’s a good time to pick it back up and hopefully translate to the end. A caveat that this will probably be a slow release… or a Patreon exclusive, I went back to Chapter 0 and edited it and will probably go through all the chapters to refresh my memory and edit the errors in my translations (probably quite a few).

Chapter 267: Albert’s public and private faces

Translator: Tseirp

IS B1C10

Copied from TheDefend’s page since the redirection was wonky.

Chapter 010 : Training 2 – Numeric values and strength report 

IS B12C266

Please read my notes at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 266: Receiving a windfall

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C265

There was a slight mis-translation in the previous chapter:

The Emperor’s final sentence was supposed to be ‘I kept waiting for the opportunity to appear but it never came. Until a person showed up claiming to be a reincarnated individual.’, instead of ‘I kept waiting for the opportunity to appear but it never came. For a person to claim that they are a reincarnated individual.’

Chapter 265: Throwing cold water

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C264

Chapter 264: Emperor of the Elimasia Empire

Translator: Tseirp

IS B12C263

Chapter 263: Lionel’s back

Translator: Tseirp

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