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Small Update

Hi guys, a small update. I won’t be able to release a Invincible Saint chapter today as scheduled. The previous weekend and my slight flu the past 2 days kind of messed up my schedule. Sorry guys 🙁 . I’m all better now and the coming weekend will be a long weekend so I most likely will be able to catch up by this weekend with the scheduled IS & GC chapters as well as extra GC chapters. Hang tight and thank you for understanding! 🙂 In the meantime, here’s a new fanart from Anonymous2! Thank you as always :DD

By Anonymous2

An update

Hope you guys had a great new year 🙂

Just in case you guys were wondering, we’re still up and running. TheDefend has been busy with IRL stuff for the new year and last I heard from him he’s already at 64% for Chapter 10. I’ve been churning out chapters so if you have been noticing the progress bar on the right there’s already 3 chapters done with the fourth underway so hang in there and you all will get a huge update with 4 chapters or more the next time we post! 😀

The book 2 chapter titles are up and judging from them the story is going to kick up the pace so look forward to it!

Also, I’ve added a email subscription bar at the bottom of the website so feel free to subscribe to get email notifications whenever I post new chapters. I know the bar’s a bit inconspicuous … I’m still new to this blogger/website making thing.

That’s all 🙂 Thanks for reading and have a great year ahead!


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