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Water Magician

Water Magician (Water Attribute Magician)


Author: Kuho Tadashi 久宝 忠

Illustrator: Nokito ノキト



This is the story of Ryo, who was reincarnated in the world of swords and magic.
It is a story of the royal road to survive using the magic of water attribute.

What is magic? What is swordsmanship?
How does it relate to the laws of physics that we know?

Or what is politics? What is a nation?
Why are there many 『kingdoms』 in reincarnation stories? Will republics not work?

Can it be written …?

Since it is a water-based magician, so it shall start with 『Hydrogen bond』!

  • This is not a domestic affairs cheat story.
  • There will be no harem development.
  • It is not a science novel.
  • This story is a work of fiction.
  • This story is of a protagonist that is opportunistic/acts at their own convenience.

Please enjoy Ryo’s world that expands little by little. (T/N: Ryo = Stands for Cooling/Refreshing)

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Volume 1, Part 1, Slow Life

Volume 1, Part 2, Two-person Journey

Volume 1, Part 3, City of Rune

Volume 1, Part 4, Academic Research Team

Volume 1, Part 5, Port Opening Festival

Volume 1, Part 6, Niel’s curious village

Volume 1, Interlude, Empire Arc

Volume 1, Part 7, Inbury Duchy

Volume 1, Part 8, Mayhem in the Royal Capital

Interlude, On the way back to Rune

Volume 1, Part 9, Kona Village

Volume 1, Part 10, Inbury Duchy once again

Volume 1, Part 11, Twilight Land

Volume 1, Final Part, Kingdom of Knightley War of Liberation

Chapter 0213 Final Arc, Preface
Chapter 0214 War and Peace
Chapter 0215 Rogue Wyvern and Rogue Garrison
Chapter 0216 Outbreak of war
Chapter 0217 Betrayal
Chapter 0218 Royal Capital
Chapter 0219 Abel’s Decision; Ryo’s Determination
Chapter 0220 Treasure Vault
Chapter 0221 Defense of the Western Forest Part 1
Chapter 0222 Defense of the Western Forest Part 2
Chapter 0223 Defense of the Western Forest Part 3
Chapter 0224 Defense of the Western Forest Extra
Chapter 0225 Friend of the King
Chapter 0226 Ryo’s Airtight Bodyguarding
Chapter 0227 Behind The Scenes…
Chapter 0228 Change to the Throne
Chapter 0229 Coronation Ceremony
Chapter 0230 Marquis Hope
Chapter 0231 1 vs 7000
Chapter 0232 White Brigade
Chapter 0233 Ryo is serious!
Chapter 0234 Traitor
Chapter 0235 Drill
Chapter 0236 Rebels
Chapter 0237 Ambition
Chapter 0238 Raid
Chapter 0239 Crimson Sword vs Five Dragons
Chapter 0240 Water-Attribute Magician
Chapter 0241 Showdown
Chapter 0242 Consequences of Failure
Chapter 0243 Departure Ceremony
Chapter 0244 Cake on the Battlefield
Chapter 0245 Battle of Gold Hill
Chapter 0246 The Capture of the Royal Capital
Chapter 0247 Infiltrating the Royal Capital
Chapter 0248 Liberating the Royal Capital
Chapter 0249 Against the Imperial Army
Chapter 0250 Being Tactful
Chapter 0251 Battle of Vichy
Chapter 0252 Ryo vs Oscar
Chapter 0253 Abel vs Rupert
Chapter 0254 Epilogue
Intermission 1 Daily Life of Senior Magicians
Intermission 2 Ryo on a Certain Afternoon
Intermission 3 Knight Orders
Intermission 4 Royal Alchemy Workshop and Souvenir
Chapter 0255 [Intermission] Western Forest
Intermission 5 Ryo’s Training (Part 1)
Intermission 6 Ryo’s Training (Part 2)
Intermission 7 Master Ryo
Intermission 8 Blood Donation System
Intermission 9 Splitting Magic Stones
Memorandum Character Introduction

Volume 2, Part 1, Preface

Volume 2, Part 2, To the Western Countries

Volume 2, Part 3, The Demon Lord Quest

Volume 2, Part 4, Republic of Mafalda

Volume 2, Part 5, The Papacy

Volume 2, Part 6, Back to the Republic

Volume 2, Part 7, The Missing Magician

Volume 2, Part 8, Pope’s Inauguration
Chapter 0401 Fallen
Chapter 0402 Graham vs Camilo
Chapter 0403 Before the Festival
Chapter 0404 Intermission – Akumas
Chapter 0405 The Papal Scepter
Chapter 0406 Pope’s Inauguration Day
Chapter 0407 Movement…
Chapter 0408 Taking the Initiative
Chapter 0409 Rescue
Chapter 0410 Beyond the Conspiracy
Chapter 0411 Spirit Smoke
Chapter 0412 Send out
Chapter 0413 Amon’s Growth
Chapter 0414 The Arena…
Chapter 0415 Wielders of the Holy Swords
Chapter 0416 Complete Victory?
Chapter 0417-1 The Final Curtain Draw – And the Extinguished Hope Part 1
Chapter 0417-2 The Final Curtain Draw – And the Extinguished Hope Part 2

Volume 2, Final Part, The Great Djinn War
Chapter 0418 How to Start a War
Chapter 0419 How to Avoid a War
Chapter 0420 Movement in the East Part 1
Chapter 0420 Movement in the East Part 2
Chapter 0421 Hafrena Defense Part 1
Chapter 0421 Hafrena Defense Part 2
Chapter 0422 Circumstances in Various Locations
Chapter 0423 Infiltrating Wingston
Chapter 0424 The Djinn’s Minions
Chapter 0425 Morning Star’s Operation
Chapter 0426 Advance
Chapter 0427 Deployment
Chapter 0428 The Battle Begins
Chapter 0429 Countermeasure Against the Djinn
Chapter 0430 Resist
Chapter 0431 Abel vs Oranj
Chapter 0432 Reinforcements Advent
Chapter 0433 Ryo’s Return
Chapter 0434 Ryo’s Negligence
Chapter 0435 Ryo Pierced Through the Heart
Chapter 0436 Ryo vs. Garwin
Chapter 0437 All Fades into the Distance

Upcoming Chapters/Arcs (possible spoilers)

Extra 2 The Case of Kenneth, Rihya, and Sera
Extra 3 The Case of the Knights and the People Around the Coffin
Extra 4 Grand Knight Commander and Chief Knight


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  1. gweidion

    I’m a little concerned you have run out of chapters to translate. Has the author stopped writing?

    • Ditzy informant

      I know it’s a little late but just wanted to tell you that currently there are more then 400 chapters of this novel and it’s seem to get updated once per day so there should be no shortage of chapters.

      • I’m more afraid I cant translate quick enough lol

        • Kiritsuna

          ファイト, but yeah, I don’t think you’ll be able to catch up or close the pace, you would have to go ultra instinct and make 1 or 2 chapters per day lmao

  2. Jose

    Does anybody know a novel similar to this one? It’s just because a ilke this type of novel so much 🙂

  3. Mariam

    Hi I just want to tell you that I really enjoy your work, your translation quality is astounding and the pace is delightfully quick. I check on it several times a day in anticipation for an update. Well long story, short: you’re doing an amazing job, thank you so much for your efforts.

  4. Leon

    Has the webpage formatting gone weird for anyone else?
    It looks like this in my browser:
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  5. Leon

    nevermind, it’s gone

  6. Benjamin Williams

    I’m glad you’re back, thanks for all the amazing translations!

  7. Fumungus

    Elven slaves? The Debuhi Empire is on the bad Ryo’s side one more time….. IMO, the Bridge is something ordered by the empire. Soon or later Ryo will punish them, I’m pretty sure of that. Poor Óscar XD

  8. Bambang

    Love your translation dude. It’s simple to understand.

  9. Dorothy

    Im so down bad, I went to the raw website and used the auto-translate website function on my browser.

    • Lazy_guy

      Yeah, I tried that a few times. But always stopped after reading 4/5 ch realising how good Tseirp translates this.

      It makes the waiting worth it!

  10. Paget

    Thanks for all the hard work <3 this is such a good novel. Anyone know of any like it?

  11. Anonymous

    Love the novel!
    Is that the end of it?
    I hope there’s more.

  12. Morbidion

    Chapter 64 sharp sera is broken it leads back to the tseirptranslations main page.

  13. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your work Tseirp! Late congrats on your child, and take your time!

  14. Lue

    Thank you very much for your work Tseirp! Late congrats on your child, and take your time!

  15. Helliacious

    I just caught to the series, it has been an incredible adventure so I would like to thank the translators for their work

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