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Water Magician

Water Magician (Water Attribute Magician)


Author: Kuho Tadashi 久宝 忠

Illustrator: Nokito ノキト



This is the story of Ryo, who was reincarnated in the world of swords and magic.
It is a story of the royal road to survive using the magic of water attribute.

What is magic? What is swordsmanship?
How does it relate to the laws of physics that we know?

Or what is politics? What is a nation?
Why are there many 『kingdoms』 in reincarnation stories? Will republics not work?

Can it be written …?

Since it is a water-based magician, so it shall start with 『Hydrogen bond』!

  • This is not a domestic affairs cheat story.
  • There will be no harem development.
  • It is not a science novel.
  • This story is a work of fiction.
  • This story is of a protagonist that is opportunistic/acts at their own convenience.

Please enjoy Ryo’s world that expands little by little. (T/N: Ryo = Stands for Cooling/Refreshing)

Chapter 0000

Volume 1, Part 1, Slow Life
Chapter 0001 Slow Life
Chapter 0002 Handling Water
Chapter 0003 Ice Formation
Chapter 0004 Day of Battle
Chapter 0005 Various Goals
Chapter 0006 Assassin Hawk
Chapter 0007 Magic Range
Chapter 0008 Northern Forest Expedition Second Team
Chapter 0009 Wood processing
Chapter 0010 Assassin Hawk II
Chapter 0011 Endurance
Chapter 0012 Plow…?
Chapter 0013 Close Combat Initiative
Chapter 0014 I’m craving River Fish
Chapter 0015 Fish Sauce and Presence
Chapter 0016 Greater Boar
Chapter 0017 The Other Water Jet
Chapter 0018 Abrasive Jet
Chapter 0019 Sea … Heaven and Hell
Chapter 0020 Magic Control
Chapter 0021 Dullahan
Chapter 0022 Once again into the sea
Chapter 0023 Paddy field development
Chapter 0024 Final battle against the Assassin Hawk
Chapter 0025 Dragon
Chapter 0026 Slow Life Crisis
Chapter 0027 The End of Slow Life

Volume 1, Part 2, Two-person Journey
Chapter 0028 Two-person Journey
Chapter 0029 Sword Art
Chapter 0030 Lizardman
Chapter 0031 Wall
Chapter 0032 Golem Nest
Chapter 0033 Abel’s Knowledge
Chapter 0034 Abel’s Sacrifice
Chapter 0035 Great Monster Battle
Chapter 0036 Invisible Threat
Chapter 0037 Dried Meat
Chapter 0038 Ruler of the Sky
Chapter 0039 Wyvern
Chapter 0040 Return from the Uninhabited Land
Chapter 0041 Kyradea

Volume 1, Part 3, City of Rune
Chapter 0042 City of Rune
Chapter 0043 Guild Registration
Chapter 0044 Room 10
Chapter 0045 Abel’s Report
Chapter 0046 Final Day of Class
Chapter 0047 Victory Celebration
Chapter 0048 Amon’s Training
Chapter 0049 South Library
Chapter 0050 Leonor
Chapter 0051 Difference in Strength
Chapter 0052 Signs of Anomaly
Chapter 0053 A certain day in the City of Rune (Part 1)
Chapter 0054 A certain day in the City of Rune (Part 2)
Chapter 0055 A certain day in the City of Rune (Part 3)
Chapter 0056 A certain day in the City of Rune (Supplement)
Chapter 0057 Buying time with money
Chapter 0058 Phelps
Chapter 0059 The Swordsman who teases the Magician

Volume 1, Part 4, Academic Research Team
Chapter 0060 Academic Research Team
Chapter 0060-2
Chapter 0061 Sera
Chapter 0062 Guild Notice
Chapter 0063 Investigation Begins
Chapter 0064 Sharp Sera
Chapter 0065 The magic stones were lightly colored
Chapter 0066 Disappearance of the Investigation Team
Chapter 0067 Group Transfer
Chapter 0068 Devil
Chapter 0069 The help that arrived …
Chapter 0070 Ryo
Chapter 0071 <Intermission>
Chapter 0072 Return
Chapter 0072-2
Chapter 0073 Enchanting …
Chapter 0074 Mock battle with Sera
Extra 1 <Intermission>

Volume 1, Part 5, Port Opening Festival
Chapter 0075 Port Opening Festival
Chapter 0076 The people gathered
Chapter 0077 First day
Chapter 0078 Second day
Chapter 0079 Third day
Chapter 0080 Final day
Chapter 0081 Dispute over the Princess
Chapter 0081-2
Chapter 0082 After the festival
Chapter 0083 <Intermission>
Chapter 0084 <Intermission>

Volume 1, Part 6, Niel’s curious village
Chapter 0085 Niel’s curious village
Chapter 0086 Submaster Landenvia
Chapter 0087 Avery Village
Chapter 0088 New creation
Chapter 0089 Guardian Beast
Chapter 0089-2
Chapter 0090 Respective decisions
Chapter 0091 Neville Black
Chapter 0092 Property Search
Chapter 0092-2
Chapter 0093 Home

Volume 1, Interlude, Empire Arc
Chapter 0094 The Hero’s visit
Chapter 0095 Test of Strength
Chapter 0096 Team Competition
Chapter 0096-2
Chapter 0097 Oscar’s entrance
Chapter 0098 Oscar vs Roman

Volume 1, Part 7, Inbury Duchy
Chapter 0099 Inbury Duchy
Chapter 0100 Disturbance
Chapter 0100-2
Chapter 0101 Ambush
Chapter 0102 Slanzewi
Chapter 0102-2
Chapter 0103 Ryo’s kindness
Chapter 0103-2
Chapter 0104 Operation and The Order of Assassins
Chapter 0105 Ryo driven into a corner
Chapter 0106 <<Intermission>>
Chapter 0107 Continuous escort request
Chapter 0108 His Royal Highness Willy
Chapter 0109 <<Intermission>> The Hero Party’s movement
Chapter 0110 Blunder
Chapter 0111 Assassin’s suffering
Chapter 0112 Hasan Sabbah
Chapter 0113 <<Intermission>>
Chapter 0114 <<Intermission>>
Chapter 0115 <<Intermission>> Those who wish for hard times

Volume 1, Part 8, Mayhem in the Royal Capital
Chapter 0116 Royal Capital



  1. gweidion

    I’m a little concerned you have run out of chapters to translate. Has the author stopped writing?

    • Ditzy informant

      I know it’s a little late but just wanted to tell you that currently there are more then 400 chapters of this novel and it’s seem to get updated once per day so there should be no shortage of chapters.

  2. Jose

    Does anybody know a novel similar to this one? It’s just because a ilke this type of novel so much 🙂

  3. Mariam

    Hi I just want to tell you that I really enjoy your work, your translation quality is astounding and the pace is delightfully quick. I check on it several times a day in anticipation for an update. Well long story, short: you’re doing an amazing job, thank you so much for your efforts.

  4. Leon

    Has the webpage formatting gone weird for anyone else?
    It looks like this in my browser:
    Most of the page is covered up by the right sidebar

  5. Leon

    nevermind, it’s gone

  6. Benjamin Williams

    I’m glad you’re back, thanks for all the amazing translations!

  7. Fumungus

    Elven slaves? The Debuhi Empire is on the bad Ryo’s side one more time….. IMO, the Bridge is something ordered by the empire. Soon or later Ryo will punish them, I’m pretty sure of that. Poor Óscar XD

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