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WM V2C0417 Part 1

Chapter 0417 The Final Curtain Draw – And the Extinguished Hope (Part 1)

Translator: Tseirp


What is that?…


On the surface, it looked like a person.

A priest wearing a shining white robe.


But everyone there could tell.

That was not a person.


It was in the center of the assembly hall, but they could feel the pressure coming from it all the way to the audience seats.


Ryo was probably the only one who noticed that the Arachne, the spider monster that was supposedly frozen, had disappeared.

That was likely its manifestation or a medium…

Ryo was certain.

“Fallen Angel…”





Ryo realized that he had locked eyes with the Fallen Angel.


But the next moment.




<Laminated Ice Wall 30 layers> disappeared in an instant.


“<Laminated Ice Wall 100 layers>”

He hurriedly recast 100 layers.

100 layers was currently the maximum number of layers that Ryo could instantly create…


“That wasn’t magic…”

It felt like what the Fallen Angel released earlier, causing his 30-layer ice wall to instantly disappear, wasn’t magic.

“That felt like energy itself… is that possible?”


Honestly, he didn’t know.

Honestly, he didn’t understand.


But it was right in front of him.

And it was an enemy.



If they don’t deal with it… they’ll all die.



Ryo wasn’t the only one who came to that conclusion.


The more powerful someone is, the more perceptive they are of that.



The Fallen Angel stood in the center of the arena.



Graham and Stefania attacked from the north.

Niels and Amon attacked from the east.

Then, from the south… Master McGrath attacked.


As if to provide support, fire attribute magic flew from the south.

It was Roberto Pirlo.


However, Roberto Pirlo’s magic bombardment disappeared just before it hit the Fallen Angel.

The moment it disappeared, a small light emitted, and for a moment, Ryo could see magical power flowing into the Fallen Angel’s arm.


“Did it… absorb it?”



He had to assume that the Fallen Angel could freely move between pure energy and matter.


Magic is… a kind of energy.

To be honest, Ryo still couldn’t say that he understood everything about magic, but he still thought of it as a kind of energy.


Fundamentally, two energies can’t collide with each other.

Often it is ‘substances charged with energy’ that collide.


Then, what is ‘mutual annihilation’ in magic?

That is probably a problem that cannot be solved without an accurate understanding of magic…



The swordsmen attacked from three sides.

Their downward blows were fast, thrusts were sharp, and side sweeps left no traces behind…






All the swords were repelled before they could reach the Fallen Angel.


The people who attacked it probably expected that too.

Even a holy sword probably wouldn’t harm it.


Still, they had to attack.


The reason was fear.



Although battle-hardened… even they, or rather, only they, could understand the primal fear that directly touched their human nature.

Driven by fear, they had no choice but to attack.


However, as expected… all their swords could not reach it.



Ryo didn’t move.


Even Ryo felt fearful of the Fallen Angel.


But he understood more than that.


The swords of this world could not harm it.

That was not something that could be defeated.



What’s next if it can’t be defeated?

Give up?



“There’s no need to defeat it.”




“Just lock it up.”




“Just seal it.”


But there’s a problem.

It had no substance.


If it was made of matter, they could surround it with matter and confine it.


But that being was not the case.


If it is something that moves back and forth between matter and energy… how do you confine it?


To confine energy… how do you do that?


Is there really no way?



“There is!”

Ryo raised his head and told Etho.

“I’m going downstairs for a second!”

“Huh? Ryo?”

“<Water Jet 6>”

The Water Jet drew a circle and punched a hole about five meters in diameter.

The same method he once used when he went to rescue Abel and others on the 40th floor of the dungeon.


And Ryo jumped in without hesitation.



At the end of the hole…


The first floor.


Several Templar corpses and… a coffin-sized alchemy tool.

“<Ice Bahn>”

He slid the coffin into the center of the hole…

“<Ice Bamboo Shoot>”

A pillar of frost rose from the ground where the coffin and Ryo were… It became a large pillar of ice and expanded up to the audience seats, holding Ryo and the coffin aloft.


In just a few seconds, Ryo and the coffin appeared in the audience seats.


“Ryo, that’s…”

“Yes. It is equipped with a mechanism that collects magical power and God Fragments. We can use these magic formulas and magic circles to trap it!”

Ryo succinctly answered Etho’s question.



“Hmm… this seems like how charged particles will revolve around the lines of magnetic force… are the God Fragments charged particles? No, it’s somewhat different… but it’s similar in this relationship… I’m sure this magic formula wasn’t invented by that cardinal, it was probably taught by the Fallen Angel… It’s like the Larmor Precession… plasma confinement in a tokamak-type nuclear fusion reactor… will it keep spinning forever? Perpetual motion… no, it’s the other way around… a magnificent waste of energy…”


While Ryo was muttering and fiddling with the coffin, the battle in the center of the arena continued.

That said, the humans were unilaterally slashing at it with their swords, and the Fallen Angel, completely unharmed, was knocking them away… and the process repeated.



Naturally, Etho looked at the arena and Ryo alternately, feeling anxious.


Then, Ryo finally stood up.




However, he stood up, looked at the center of the arena again, and thought about it for a moment.

And whispered.

“No… this coffin is not enough…”


The presence in the center of the arena was probably a Fallen Angel manifested in the third dimension.


Even the coffin, which was supposed to collect the magic power and God Fragments of hundreds or thousands of people and activate an underground magic circle, was not strong enough to seal away that Fallen Angel.



(I made the loop mechanism and the Fallen Angel’s energy will be absorbed into that ‘closed loop’ but… it’s still too big… if we don’t divide it or confine it in another layer, the magic formula itself will not be able to withstand it… it’s troublesome that it’s not from this world…)



Ryo pondered.

Was there anything better?

Was there a better way?



His gaze once again turned towards the coffin in front of him.


And then it dawned on him.


(There was another coffin! If I used that to do something like a double confinement method…)


Ryo glanced at the audience seats on the south side.

The Central Countries delegation was there.

Directly above the coffin, in the middle… was the Kingdom’s delegation!


On the floor of the audience seats was Ryo’s <Ice Bahn>.


In that case…


(<Water Jet>)

<Water Jet> was emitted from the base of the <Ice Bahn>, leaving behind a single sheet of ice, and dug underneath it with water.

And it reached the first floor.


(<Ice Bahn><Ice Bamboo Shoot>)

Just like before, the coffin slid on the ice floor, and the coffin was raised from below on a pillar of frost all the way to the top floor… at the same time, the remaining layer of ice opened up and the coffin appeared at the audience seats.



The surrounding envoys were surprised.


No one explained anything, but many of them accepted that ‘Ryo probably did it’.

Ryo had also become quite famous…


(<Ice Bahn>)

The coffin, held up by the ice bamboo shoot, slid down an ice slide from the south audience seats to the east audience seats where Ryo was.


It arrived safely before Ryo.



Ryo immediately drew a new magic formula and magic circle.

The coffin that he modified earlier was only slightly smaller than the coffin on the south side that arrived in front of him.

He was certain of that because he cast ‘Scan’ on it when he saw it on the first floor.

In that case, he should fit it into the coffin from the south side!



“It’s complete!”


It was accomplished at a great speed.


As fast as Neil Andersen when he rolled out the upgraded Republic’s golem ‘Civilian’.

That may be proof that Ryo’s alchemy has reached top tier.




Place the east coffin into the south coffin.


Then think again.


The tools for sealing have been completed.

However, even if he did bring that contraption to the center of the arena, no sane being would obediently enter if he asked them to.

Besides, even with double confinement, he was still anxious.


He didn’t know if such a thing was possible, but unless he did some damage to the Fallen Angel and made it a little ‘weaker’, there was a high possibility that the coffin would blow up the moment he confined it in it.


However, in the center of the arena, battle-hardened fighters were attacking with holy swords, but they were all repelled by what appeared to be the Fallen Angel’s <Barrier> and were unable to land a single blow.



If even a holy sword could not break through it, it must be a barrier of something that was not of this world.



An opponent who absorbs magic and cannot be harmed by a holy sword.

Someone who is not of this world.

It is impossible to damage and weaken such an opponent.



“Is there something? Some way…”


Ryo looked around.


And then he stopped at one point.



He placed his hand on his waist…




He removed it from the sheath and held it in his right hand.


Ryo’s partner that has gone through many life-and-death situations with him.


The sword given to him by a non-human, his sword master, the Fairy King.



“Maybe I have no choice but to rely on you…”

Ryo muttered.

At that moment, Murasame seemed to glow blue, just a little.


It’s as if it answered, “You can rely on me”.



Ryo formed an ice blade on Murasame and held it in his left hand.

He then carried the double coffin on his right shoulder.


Then he said to Etho.

“I’m going.”

“Be careful.”

Etho answered.




In the center of the arena, the battle-hardened fighters, driven by fear, slashed at the Fallen Angel with holy swords that could not harm it.


They understood too.

That even their holy swords couldn’t harm it.

That they would be repelled by the Fallen Angel’s <Barrier>.


But they were not acting rationally.

It was the heart.

Their hearts were moved… by fear.


Fear welled up from the depths of their hearts due to the presence in front of them.


Fear eventually turns into despair.

When you are in despair, your body stops moving.

They know.


So, they attacked while they could still move.


Graham and Stefania attack from the north.

Niels and Amon attacked from the east.

And Hugh McGrath attacked from the south.


They too were beginning to feel that they had to accept the situation.


There was nothing humans could do in the face of that existence.



At that moment, a blue light flashed over their heads.


The blue light descended on the west side of the Fallen Angel, placed the ‘coffin’ on the ground, and attacked the Fallen Angel without wasting any time.






There was a sound like glass breaking, followed soon by the sound of hard objects striking each other.


Ryo’s downward blow broke through the Fallen Angel’s barrier and the sound came from the sword in the Fallen Angel’s hand immediately coming up to block that blow.


Ryo broke the barrier that even holy swords could not break.



“Fallen Angel, your opponents are me and Murasame.”


For a brief moment, after Ryo taunted it, the Fallen Angel seemed to smile slightly.


And then, the sword fight between the two began.


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