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  1. Hi Tseirp. I’d like to submit two entries… one is the redrawn version I made from the previous site, and another one as a pseudo-colored version. 🙂

    • Sure 🙂 just send me the photo at
      edit: Ah sorry didn’t see the link in my wordpress dashboard. I’ll put them up 🙂 Thanks for the Fan art!

    • nuruanshi

      i like your drawing its cute, luciel robe looking good at him, you can crop Black part bellow and it Will be great, (0v0)-b good job

    • Anonymous

      Sai-san, thank you for your wonderful art, b-but… why has Lucy become so seme?
      I like your previous work where he’s uke so much more!

      • Anonymous

        Sai Hikawa, can you give permission to add the above image to the fan art gallery under your name?

        • Sai Hikawa

          Sure thing. I wanted to try to draw the others, too… I just forgot what they looked like or if they were described at all.

      • Sai Hikawa

        That was a rough sketch, ehehe. I tried to make him look more dependable but still soft.

        I draw semes, too. I just can’t post it coz it’s NSFW. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Sai Hikawa, in your FA#15…
    Is Broad’s left (heart-side) arm too small?
    Or is his right arm too big?
    Were you rushing or were you dragging?

    • Sai Hikawa

      It was quite a long time since I drew a body… so might’ve been a bit inaccurate. Sorry about that.

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous2, ufufufu… ufufuFUFUFU! Unnecessary sexy little girl KITA~!
    FA#16… It’s so good it makes me feel bad to look.

    • Anonymous

      Bro you scare me …..

      • Anonymous

        But she’s a little girl! And she’s unnecesary sexy! Isn’t it great? Isn’t it THE BEST?
        But I can’t look. Oh the sweet torture…

        Protip: when you look through the gaps between your fingers, it’s very convenient to use your palms to wipe drool!

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous2, thank you for the beautiful arms in your FA#17 and beautiful hands in FA#18. Your coloring skills are immutably lofty too.
    Except on FA#17 the head looks a bit deformed, like someone is pressing his face against a glass wall, aah, but who cares when the arms are so good… Thank you!
    (Also, draw more females, would you please!)

    • Anonymous

      You really have a huge crush on arm bro

    • Anonymous 2 (po)

      Oh okay …. ^w^)/
      But i got a lot of exams lately ….. so it will going to be long time…..
      And i don’t know when it will done …. ;;w;;)

      • Anonymous

        Ou! I, no, we will wait eagerly.
        May the Great Luck-sensei guide you through the exams time!

        Also, first-time-ever response from Anonymous2 KITA~!!

        • Anonymous 2(po)

          Oh ah…. don’t say that…
          it will make me cocky…
          But thank you very much ^w^)/

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous2, you’ve kept us waiting for almost a month to present an art… without arms? What kind of a cruel joke is it?
    Nevertheless, it’s seriously good. Especially the eyes. I see what yo did with the nose, quite nice. But the eyes are excellent.

  6. Anonymous

    Ufufu… fuhaha… fuhehahaha!!
    Thanks, Anonymous2, you’re great!

    Nanaera-chan, let’s fornicate right now!

  7. Anonymous

    I quite bored that no other fanarts about invincible saint salaryman than anonymous 2

  8. Puhahaha people are talking about yaoi so boldly. It gives me a good feeling~
    IF only it was a yaoi… :3

    • Sai Hikawa

      I agree, if it was yaoi (or at least very strong shounen-ai smell), I’d be happy.
      I’d do a small shameless self-promotion that I’m liking how I drew a prototype of both Luciel and Broad-san, that I’m planning on drawing the rest of the male bunch in the near future… still swamped with work, though so… meh. T___T

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