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Condemned Saint

The condemned reincarnated Saint walks the path of a villainous heiress! ~A world without a Saint, it’s too late for regrets ~ (Condemned Saint)

Author: Shuichi Tsukishima 月島 秀一



“- False Saint Luna, you are condemned to burn at the stake.”
Luna was burned. As she was bombarded with insults by the people she had helped so far…
(Ah, I’m tired… If there is an afterlife, this time I will be free… Yes, I want to live freely like the ‘Villainous Heiress’ in that novel)

300 years later, she returns to her original world. Reincarnated and still with the immense power of a Saint, she gained the status of a Count’s daughter— She obtained a second life.
“Even if someone is in trouble, I will never help them. I will become a villainous heiress!”

Luna, who enrolled in the Saint’s Academy, spent her time inconspicuously and quietly so that she wouldn’t be discovered. As a ‘villainous heiress’ on the surface and ‘Silver’ the strongest adventurer in secret, enjoying a leisurely second life…or that was how it was supposed to be…? Her saintly powers are so great that she unwittingly attracts attention.

On the other hand, at that time, the evil Demon King was reaching out for the world and mankind was in danger of extinction. The cornered people regret their past mistakes and seek the Saint’s salvation. But it’s too late now. The Saint is dead, no, they killed her with their own hands…


Part 1
Chapter 1: Condemned Saint
Chapter 2: The Power of the Saint
Chapter 3: Saint Academy
Chapter 4: Adventurer
Chapter 5: First Quest
Chapter 6: Entrance Ceremony
Chapter 7: Holy Knight Academy
Chapter 8: Saint Aptitude Test



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