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WM V2C0369

Chapter 0369 Intermission – King Abel’s Northern Tour Part 2

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp

WM V2C0356

If you’re looking for something to read, please do check out the other series I’m translating (Condemned Saint)!

It’s a slice of life story with an OP female MC who got a second chance in life.

Chapter 0356 The Adventures of Rooms 10 and 11 – Part 2

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp

24 Sep 23 Schedule Update

Dear readers,

A short update. I will be changing my release schedules starting today, because of increasing dad duties haha.

Really sorry for the reduced release schedule, I’ll still try to release more chapters if I can find time.

Thank you for reading!


Wednesdays and Sundays – Water Magician

Mondays – Condemned Saint

Fridays – Invincible Saint



WM V2C0324

Short chapter, release 1 of 2 today!

Chapter 0324 Intermission – Kukuku

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1int5

Intermission 5 Ryo’s Training (Part 1)

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp

Update 06 Jan 22

Hi readers!

Sorry for the lack of releases. I’m outstation at my hometown so I won’t be able to release chapters until next Tuesday. Will release chapters as soon as I have them ready!


Announcement 8 Dec 2021

Hi readers!

Sorry but there will not be any updates this week because I’m on vacation.

The next update will be on Sunday!


Hope everyone stays safe~!



WM V1C0060-2

Chapter 0060-2 Academic Research Team Part 2

Translator: Tseirp

WM V1C0051

Extra chapter thanks to my Patreons as always!

Chapter 0051 Difference in Strength

Translator: Tseirp

SL Chapter SS4

Chapter SS4: Lit’s shotel course

Translator: Tseirp

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