Resourceful Victoria~ Former Operative rebuilds her life~


Author: 守雨








Haggle Kingdom operative Chloe (later Victoria), triggered by an event,  decided that ‘There is no reason to continue working here anymore’.
So she disappeared from the organization by staging a scene that could be taken as either an accident or suicide.

She then entered the Kingdom of Ashbury, two Kingdoms away, changed her name to Victoria, and decided to start her life over as a normal person.

However, on the first day of her entry, she reluctantly became the guardian of an abandoned child. In the process of protecting the child, she seemed to have left a good impression on the commander of the Second Knights’ Order, but she is wary, as a former operative who had fled the organization, she can’t get deeply involved with a knight who pledges loyalty to the nation.

Victoria tries to use her knowledge, skills, and talents that she has cultivated during her operative days to protect herself and her girl and lead an ordinary civil life but …

Victoria, unaware of her loneliness at the bottom of her heart as an operative, notices the many things she lacks in addition to her loneliness in the process of leaving her organization and living as an ordinary commoner.

This is the story of a 27-year-old woman trying to repair her lacking life.


Tags: R15, Former female operative, Skilled operative, Knight Order Commander, Protecting an abandoned child, Identification forgery, Adept at disguises, Proficient in languages, Proficient in housework, Proficient in martial arts, Generally heartwarming, Happy Ending

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LN Vol1


Chapter 1 Thorough preparations
Chapter 2 Encounter with Nonna
Chapter 3 Knight-Commander Jeffrey Asher
Chapter 4 Young girl looks back
Chapter 5 House hunting
Chapter 6 Dinner of 3 and room preliminary inspection
Chapter 7 Count Asher
Chapter 8 Moody historian
Chapter 9 Mrs. Yorana
Chapter 10 Historian’s birthday party
Chapter 11 First ever picnic
Chapter 12 Lancôme’s suspicion and invitation to a night party
Chapter 13 Royal castle evening party (1)
Chapter 14 Royal castle evening party (2)
Chapter 15 Emergency meeting
Chapter 16 Jeffrey’s past
Chapter 17 Do it like this, like this, this!
Chapter 18 When you trust someone
Chapter 19 Tavern owner Zaharro
Chapter 20 Who?
Chapter 21 Cedric’s Engagement
Chapter 22 Language Lesson
Chapter 23 Clark’s Visit
Chapter 24 At least say good night
Chapter 25 The Play and the Ending of the Incident
Chapter 26 Nonna’s home alone (1)
Chapter 27 Nonna’s home alone (2)
Chapter 28 Nonna’s home alone (3)
Chapter 29 Memories of Free Market and Hans
Chapter 30 Long Stay in the Bar and the King’s Investigation
Chapter 31 His Royal Highness Prince Cedric’s Visit
Chapter 32 Baby Pink Dress
Chapter 33 Miles Grant and his Horse
Chapter 34 Long Ride and Mountain Chestnuts
Chapter 35 Apple Pie and Lady Attendant (1)
Chapter 36 Apple Pie and Lady Attendant (2)
Chapter 37 Apple Pie and Lady Attendant (3)
Chapter 38 Apple Pie and Lady Attendant (4)
Chapter 39 Count Highland and Chef Dave
Chapter 40 Hagglese and Roasted Chestnuts
Chapter 41 Disciplined Cook
Chapter 42 Third Knight Order
Chapter 43 Victoria’s Letter
Chapter 44 Night Raid
Chapter 45 Ranch Life
Chapter 46 New Mission Location
Chapter 47 Lost
Chapter 48 Cadiz Summer Festival
Chapter 49 Asher brothers Secret
Chapter 50 Mary
Chapter 51 Messenger from the Royal Castle
Chapter 52 Departure
Extra Chapter 1 Shen Country Asher Family – Ilk
Extra Chapter 2 Shen Country Asher Family – Mr. Kan
Extra Chapter 3 Shen Country Asher Family – Nonna’s Improvement