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Slow Life Frontier ToC


I was kicked out of the Hero’s party because I wasn’t a true companion so I decided to have a slow life at the frontier.

Author: Zappon (ざっぽん)

Raw Link:


In a Fantasy world in which a young girl with the Divine Protection of the Hero battles against the Demon Lord. In that world, Red, the elder brother of that young girl Hero, possessing the Divine Protection of the Guide which only grants a high initial level, fought in the initial party of the Hero.

However, with a Divine Protection that only grants a high level but no magic nor martial art nor supernatural ability, he gradually could no longer keep up with the battle and in the end, a companion, a Sage, remarked ‘You are not a true companion’ as he snatched all his equipment and kicked him out of the party with just a single copper sword.

Having his heart completely shattered, Red distanced himself from the battle against the Demon Lord’s army despite knowing that the fate of the world rests on it, aiming to live an inconspicuous life alone at the frontier Zoltan as he earns money to open a herbalist shop by utilizing the knowledge he acquired throughout his journey.

Together with the Half-Elf Carpenter living downtown and the Princess who couldn’t become the Hero’s companion, he aims to live a slow life in the frontier of the world governed by a person’s inborn Divine Protection!

Tags: Fantasy, Slow Life, Love, Somewhat Strong Protagonist, Unfortunate Start

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Volume 1: Let's start a slow life at the frontier since I was kicked out

Chapter 1: Apparently, I’m not a true companion
Chapter 2: Living at the frontier isn’t that bad either
Chapter 3: Half-Elf raised downtown
Chapter 4: Mountain and Flames
Chapter 5: My Slow Life will start from here
Chapter 6: The Hero Lit and the Ordinary Red
Chapter 7: The Princess who couldn’t become the Hero’s companion
Chapter 8: The Hero Lit wants to help
Chapter 9: Let’s live happily together
Chapter 10: The first morning the two spent together
Chapter 11: The Half-Orc’s downtown furniture store
Chapter 12: The Gift from God
Chapter 13: The Hero Ruti is alone
Chapter 14: New medicine
Chapter 15: Albert came over
Chapter 16: The ring is in the amber
Chapter 17: Let’s go deliver medicine
Chapter 18: Poison and Medicine
Chapter 19: Now’s not the time to be adventuring
Chapter 20: Lit and Red
Chapter 21: Shadows over Zoltan
Chapter 22: Lit, noon duel
Chapter 23: Al and Tanta
Chapter 24: The role of the Hero
Chapter 25: Hero Ruti’s night alone
Chapter 26: Today is a stormy day
Chapter 27: Hero and the stormy day of past
Chapter 28: Smoldering fire after the storm
Chapter 29: Weapon Master Al
Chapter 30: The downtown worries for the captured Tanta
Chapter 31: Clinging to a fake god
Chapter 32: The Hero obtains a flying ship
Chapter 33: Al obtains an excellent sword
Chapter 34: Together forever
Chapter 35: Lit’s anxiety and the lost arm
Chapter 36: Let’s buy a sword in downtown
Chapter 37: A pity!
Chapter 38: Reunion with Ademi
Chapter 39: Big Hawk’s public speech on his mad dreams
Chapter 40: My name is Albert
Chapter 41: Birth of a Hero
Chapter 42: The end of a man who tried to be a hero
Chapter 43: Let’s take a bath after hard work
Chapter 44: Hero Ruti and the Contract Demon
Chapter 45: The Hero obtains wings
Chapter 46: Well wishes for the two’s journey

Volume 2: Hero Ruti is here

Chapter 47: Red and Lit have hot pot
Chapter 48: The assassin gets a new job
Chapter 49: Missing each other just by a hair’s breadth
Chapter 50: Bandit Knight that was washed up on a stream
Chapter 51: Oden and mustard and chikuwa
Chapter 52: The Assassin warns of the True Hero
Chapter 53: Red and Lit enjoys a peaceful day
Chapter 54: The story begins here
Chapter 55: Swallowed by a bitter vortex
Chapter 56: A proper Hero
Chapter 57: Ugeuge-san swings both arms
Chapter 58: Ancient Elf ruins
Chapter 59: Lit has coffee, Ruti has cocoa
Chapter 60: Sage and Albert
Chapter 61: Hero talks about bath memories
Chapter 62: This is a story about saving the hero
Chapter 63: The talk between three people and an arachnid
Chapter 64: To Zoltan’s port
Chapter 65: Unexpected reunion
Chapter 66: Matters to decide on; Matters to worry about
Side Chapter 1: An uneventful rainy day
Chapter 67: Asura and Sage
Chapter 68: Trampled Slow Life
Chapter 69: Lit hesitates and decides
Chapter 70: Red moves through the Ancient-Elf ruins
Chapter 71: Well wishes for the Slow Life you wish for
Chapter 72: Godwin sheds cold sweat
Chapter 73: Theodora heads to the Hero while hesitating
Chapter 74: The medicine that the Hero desires
Chapter 75: I will not help you any longer
Chapter 76: Demon whispers
Chapter 77: Battle at the depths
Chapter 78: The 『Sage』’s choice
Chapter 79: Hero vs Sage
Chapter 80: The flash of the Hero
Chapter 81: Thunderwaker’s final brilliance
Chapter 82: Copper sword
Chapter 83: The end of the fight
Chapter 84: Snowfall in Zoltan
Chapter 85: Hero
Chapter 86: Ruti looks back and laughs happily

Volume 3: The Hero's apprentice Slow Life

Chapter 87: Ruti’s Wyvern Cavalry
Chapter 88: The start of the winter solstice festival
Chapter 89: Zoltan’s winter solstice festival
Chapter 90: 『Drake Rider』 and 『Winter Demon』
Chapter 91: Thank you
Chapter 92: Old lady Archmage
Chapter 93: Red hesitates in the festival night
Chapter 94: Lit at that time
Chapter 95: First joint front
Chapter 96: Propose
Chapter 97: Tise and Ugeuge-san takes a bath
Chapter 98: Let’s all fish together
Chapter 99: Ruti’s cheeks dye red
Chapter 100: April Fools Extra: The story of the False World
Chapter 101: The Hero and Assassin are feeling emotional because of a small bud
Chapter 102: Adventurers Guild staff trust in the B-rank adventurer Ruti
Chapter 103: Ruti attends Zoltan’s conference
Chapter 104: Red gives Ruti a little help
Light Novel commemoration Short Story: Our slow life at the frontier
Chapter 105: Red wishes to keep his promise with Ruti
Chapter 106: Heated talks between guild staff about heroes
Chapter 107: Prince and the High-Elf Pirate
Chapter 108: Female Pirate in admiration
The False World Setting: The Hero and her dependable companions
Chapter 109: Youth 45 years ago
Chapter 110: Furious Ruti
Chapter 111: Aspect of Wolf
Chapter 112: The Princess encounters the Pirate
Chapter 113: The Princess became a pirate
Chapter 114: Dark Continent
Chapter 115: The Pirate fight alongside the Asura to battle against the Demon Lord
Chapter 116: Thus the princess returned to Veronia
Comicalization commemoration side story: Comicalized-version novelized prologue
Interlude: With Ruti
Chapter 117: Ruti anguishes in silence
Chapter 118: At the end of the memories
Chapter 119: Ruti kneels on one knee
Chapter 120: My younger sister is the cutest in the world
Chapter 121: How about your medicine?
Chapter 122: Knights troubled in the Imperial Capital
Chapter 123: Hero Ruti vs Cold Mold
Chapter 124: Ruti’s happy time
Chapter 125: Ririnrara’s aim
Chapter 126: Let’s oversleep once in a while
Chapter 127: Duel with Ririnrara
Chapter 128: Ruti makes a bold decision
Chapter 129: Ruti resolves the case
Chapter 130: The sound of bells echoes in Zoltan
Chapter 131: Ririnrara in despair
Chapter 132: The royalty of this world
Chapter 133: A story that doesn’t go as one wishes
Chapter 134: Leonor
Chapter 135: The storm is at the west, today is peaceful
Chapter 136: Red attempts Veronia naval cuisine
Chapter 137: Veronia soldiers are impressed by Zoltan cuisine
Chapter 138: Because swimming is faster than rowing
Chapter 139: Things lost and things gained
Chapter 140: Zoltan’s unreliable heroes
Chapter 141: Hero Lit’s great battle
Chapter 142: Hero’s second name
Chapter 143: Greatest battle in Zoltan’s history
Chapter 144: Leonor’s scheme
Chapter SS1: Shared Umbrella
Chapter SS2.1: Ugeuge-san and the Golden Dragon Part1
Chapter SS2.2: Ugeuge-san and the Golden Dragon Part2
Chapter SS2.3: Ugeuge-san and the Golden Dragon Part3
Chapter SS3: Young Lit’s Adventure ‘The First Step’
Chapter 145: My reliable younger sister
Chapter 146: Asura laughes during the reunion with an old friend
Chapter 147: Bloodied evil woman and pure divine protection
Chapter 148: The Death of a Villain
Chapter 149: Frontier Zoltan celebrates noisily in peace
Chapter 150: Zoltan’s Ruti
Chapter 151: Prince and High-Elf sudden visit
Chapter 152: Reunion time
Chapter 153: Tailwind day
Chapter 154: Hero story with no hero
Chapter 155: The story of the Villain and the Fake World
Chapter 156: Demis
Chapter SS4: Lit’s shotel course

Volume 4: You/You (Anata/Kimi) are not a true hero
Chapter 157: During a peaceful afternoon, Yarandorara appeared
Chapter 158: Yarandorara and the setting sun
Chapter 159: The young man and Yarandorara Part 1
Chapter 160: The young man and Yarandorara Part 2
Chapter 161: I wanted to see the sky
Chapter 162: High-Elf’s suggestion
Chapter 163: Gideon’s answer
Chapter SS5: True companion Episode 0 – Girl A from the hero’s village Part 1
Chapter SS6: True companion Episode 0 – Girl A from the hero’s village Part 2
Chapter 164: Slow Life Conference

*There hasn’t been any further updates for the webnovel since Nov-21.*

Feel free to continue the story from the Light Novel Volume 7:

Or from the start Volume 1:

Pending Chapters/Arcs (possible spoilers)



  1. martin

    sound isteresting but have romance? i need the tags man more over i´m going to read this just for you (I am a bit fan of your work)

    • Thanks! :) The tags listed by the author are: Fantasy, Slow Life, Romance, Reasonably strong protagonist and Unfortunate start

  2. Hallc

    Interesting series that doesn’t shine until around chapter 20ish, but tseirp makes the early chapters enjoyable anyway

  3. swhp

    Hi Tseirp,

    Just found this from novelupdates and I really like the story. Thanks for the hard work for translating this.
    Do you mind if I made an epub and pdf for this one?

    • Sure :) Thanks for offering. Just send me the link after you are done then I’ll put the link up in here

      • swhp

        Thank you for allowed me to make epub and pdf for this :)
        Just finished and hosted it in here:

        Need to inform you when creating the epub and pdf I deliberately to separate it by something I called arc, which usual in many web novel stories. I know you’re not separate the story and I believe the author do the same, but this is pure my intention to make it more easy to read.

        The drawbacks is of course I’m not sure when and where to cut each arc, so I do it by my own. Of course I would love to receive a feedback when and where I could separate the story by arc or if separate the story by arc is not good, I could combine it into one epub and pdf (knowing we have few chapter currently).

        Once again, thank you for the hard-work for translating this :)

  4. sjmcc13

    Is there a reason there is a link for Ch 13, but it goes to an error 404 page?
    Both in the ToC and on the page with Ch 12

  5. Fui

    I am current the translator for this novel in another language, actually I translate it from eng -> my own language so I have to say thanks to Tseirp for picking this marvelous novel. Although I dont get anything while doing that but I really love this novel so it was my motivation. And even if someone donate me I would use that money to donate to Tseirp. Too bad my japanese is just barely N5 so I cant do much except waiting for new chapter in eng.
    And about this novel. I think this novel has a very balance between action and romance, the plot is like a flow up and down, although this is Slice of Life but it’s not boring because everything is not repeated but the author always adds new thing for every chapter, it’ll make you feel like a child that excites to open a present box every day.
    The story itself is good, no plot hole (at least until now), the character development is deep, MC is not OP but he knows what to do, the romance surely is the best thing in this novel, MC not dense like usual japanese novel, this is like a gem to me, maybe my english is not good enough to describe it but if you’re looking for something relax, sweet or get bored with usual harem novel, op MC novel then try this.

  6. Laharl8080

    Darn it, yet again me and my bad habit when there is spoiler I try to search it and now after I see title at pending it worry me much…. What happen at chap 35…

  7. Geedi

    My man i know youre doing this but im addicted i need more or up until this arc ends. Ty for translating for us

  8. Yamadipati

    this link seems to be broken? It leads to a page not found o.o)?

  9. Fan

    Please add links to illustrations on the TOC page as well

  10. This may be a spoil if you didn’t read at least until the volume 2. If you do not wish to be spoiled , do not read this !

    I have now read the second volume of slow life , and I still didn’t understand something … Does Red/Gideon not have any divine protection’s impulse ? or is his divine protection sort of “Shin” too ? because so far everyone showed at least once, some sort of impulse except him . Or is it explained later in the 20 chapters left I still didn’t read ? I am so very curious , if someone could pls answer me ;) ?

  11. Shiroe

    Hy Gays, Thanks for your translation, and i have news for you, I found a ilustration for volume 4, you can see in the link

  12. Hy Gays, Thanks for your translation, and i have news for you, I found a ilustration for volume 4 and 5, you can see in the link

    Volume 4

    volume 5

    Volume 6 maybe 2020 thx before

  13. DMWL

    Just a couple weeks and finally done! (From the WN’s equivalent of chapter 6 of the manga to chapter 130). Now, I’m wondering just how I can subscribe to get notified of new chapters…

  14. Evan Romaneschi

    The illustration links for slow life frontier on novelupdates aren’t working. Please fix it so I can take a look at the images!

  15. JAnno

    Hey i want to ask is this web novel content the same as in Light Novel ? If not what’s the difference because it’s hard to read LN online than Web Novel out there.

    • I have not seen the Light novel so I can’t say for certain but typically Light Novel will have other characters and more refined story.

  16. janno

    Sorry for bothering can you tell me what’s the difference between this LN and WN ?
    before i decide to read this series. Thanks

    • AeroZ

      You get the character’s first person perspective as well as their entire thought process instead of only a part of it. I feel the Light Novel is superior to the Manga, but I feel that way about most light novels I read when I compare them to their picture book equivalents.

  17. Hy Gays, Thanks for your translation, and i have news for you, I found a ilustration for volum 6, you can see in the link

    Volume 6

  18. Echo Pardede

    hey guys where i can find ilustraton vol 1?

  19. Kiritsuna

    Did something happened to the author? I haven’t see him post another new entry for the WN.

  20. Kiritsuna

    Thanks for translating this. And I’m sorry to ask this:

    I don’t know if you’ve read the LN up to the last volume, but is it true that the MC doesn’t have the blonde girl as his only romantic partner? I’ve read a spoiler I didn’t really like, but don’t know if it’s true. I want to know so I won’t bother in reading it. If someone can confirm it, I’ll be thankful

  21. Chuck5653

    Is this an anime now?

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