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Growth Cheat ToC


~I’ve become able to do anything with my Growth Cheat, but I can’t seem to get out of being jobless~

Author: 時野洋輔
Raw link: Here
Volume 1 purchase link: Amazon
Bahasa Indonesia Translation: BeoNovel
Light Novel Illustrations: Here


I, Ichinosuke, failed to get a job for a 100 consecutive times. Furthermore, my record is still being updated as unemployed.

On my way to a job interview, I was involved in an accident with a truck and tragically passed away.
And then, a Goddess bestowed upon me the ability to grow at a speed 400 times faster than normal, before sending me to a game-like otherworld.
However, knowing that I would not become stronger even if I continued growing while jobless, I aimed to get a job, but I found out that it was my terrible fate to remain jobless.
As my Growth Cheat and Jobless Cheat existed side-by-side in this otherworld, an adventure record, no doubt certified by the job-placement agency as a harmful book, begins here.

LN Illustrations

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Haurvatat Arc

Carol Arc

Marina Arc

Ferruit Upheaval Arc

Miri's Adventure

Hidden Village of Demons

Mysterious Ruins

Pirates and Piracy Arc

Desert Kingdom Arc

(218) Prologue
(219) Desert aristocrat
(220) Sleepless night
(221) Offerings to Suzuki
(222) Preparations for infiltration
(223) To the smuggling group’s hideout
(224) The men of the smuggling group
(225) The Hauling Company Leader
(226) Smartphone charger
(227) Onward to the great ocean
(228) A week’s voyage passes in the blink of the eye
(229) Pionia’s younger sister
(230) The Homunculus’ name and Sheena No.3’s new character
(231) Ichino’s alchemy training chapter 2
(232) Exposed true identity
(233) Hidden hideout of the smuggling group
(234) Suzuki’s job lecture
(235) Demon Elephant extermination
(236) Red fox
(237) Earl Paul’s invitation
(238) It seems I can’t quit even after becoming a Baron
(239) Starting the journey
(240) Leveling up with fishing
(241) Emerald turtle
(242) Let’s try rearing monsters
(243) World Expansion
(244) Mysterious skill invoked once again
(245) Start of the battle with pirates?
(246) Pionia’s hidden constitution
(247) Collecting information with Neete
(248) Let’s buy a Desert Runner
(249) Encounter with Dark-Elf
(250) Desert girl
(251) What you wish to protect and what you must protect
(252) Shumei’s identity
(253) Homunculus status
(254) Slime workshop
(255) Breaking through the desert dungeon
(256) To the mercenary guild
(257) Practical exam
(258) Record update
(259) Sudden march
(260) Hurry, to the great forest!
(261) The secret behind Base Return
(262) The secret of Dark Elves
(263) Relax, it’s a harmless strike
(264) A flurry of Pico Pico Hammer
(265) The situation that Miri feared
(266) Greater Fire Spirit
(267) Greater Spirit versus Greater Spirit
(268) Epilogue
(269) 【Interlude】 Laughing Daijiro

Mercenary Kingdom Arc

(270) Prologue
(271) To the mountain where Dwarves live
(272) A little detour to the edge of the Great Forest
(273) What do you find after searching for a cow?
(274) Centaur comfort ride
(275) Japanese who can’t say NO
(276) Natural food storage
(277) Dwarf Doxco
(278) Double Harassment Village
(279) I can be a sword smith even if I am Jobless (Part 1)
(280) I can be a sword smith even if I am Jobless (Part 2)
(281) Dwarf banquet
(282) Swear to the mirror stone
(283) I did not hear you mention it
(284) Vain struggle by the Cursed Spearman
(285) Is it really back to how it was?
(286) D fellows
(287) Roc attack
(288) Cow secure!
(289) Dark-Elf pillow sale (?)
(290) Ginger and green onion
(291) Pitfalls of the Job Search Skill
(292) Beef shock
(293) Request from Koshmar
(294) I don’t want to go back to being Jobless
(295) Jeweller examination
(296) Pancake
(297) Bright red tail
(298) Belasra’s hidden labyrinth
(299) White Wolf spring
(300) Proof of kin
(301) Pillow talk
(302) Mysterious beauty
(303) Illusion Transformation
(304) Massaging flat chest
(305) Church merchant and Haru’s skill
(306) Can I touch?
(307) This and that before dinner, Guardian Sword
(308) To Mount Landau
(309) Nanawat
(310) Umyu
(311) I want to eat dragon steak
(312) I won’t ride on that back!
(313) Formidable foe
(314) Unwanted Gem
(315) Return to Jobless
(316) Beach volleyball
(317) Interlude: Miri and Daijiro at that time
(318) Interlude: Jofre and Elize at that time
(319) Lifespan of Sheena No.3
(320) Information on the philosopher’s stone
(321) Transcendental shortcut
(322) Conquering Minerva-sama’s dungeon
(323) I hate being a hypocrite
(324) A gift from Minerva
(325) Her sword
(326) The dragon core was all that remained
(327) Request from the Mercenary Guild guild master
(328) The other White Wolf Race
(329) Don’t want to fall
(330) Big catch
(331) Battle with the Demonic King Dragon
(332) Sheena No.3’s smile
(333) Epilogue

Mallegory Arc
(334) Prologue
(335) Broken Sheena
(336) Bread Festival
(337) It seems troublesome to take care of
(338) Receiving one’s wish
(339) Hair Examination
(340) What happened?
(341) Message from Miri
(342) Omitted Information
(343) Suzuki’s Home
(344) Whereabouts of Milky’s book
(345) Soba Style
(346) To the Advanced Dungeon
(347) Should I take my time to enjoy myself?
(348) Yet another Emergency
(349) The Golden Tree bears fruit
(350) Dungeon conquering in a yukata
(351) Terrifying trap
(352) Kanesha’s Boss Room
(353) Reason for Transfer
(354) List of Advanced Dungeon rewards
(355) Excellent Ririana
(356) Too much spare time
(357) Carol and Kikkori
(358) Please do ‘that’
(359) I’m just a string
(360) Dispelling the curse
(361) Please take responsibility if you’re wrong
(362) Inspector’s Request
(363) Fight against Talwi
(364) Cat Communicator
(365) Side Story: The sky above and the ground below
(366) Surrounded by Enemies
(367) Three people sweat together
(368) Steam Intimidator
(369) Responsibility to be Liked
(370) Inevitable attack even if you have the speed
(371) Mallegory in chaos
(372) Spreading curse
(373) Chick Sorter
(374) Queen spider
(375) Premonition that doesn’t end as unfounded worry
(376) Town in chaos
(377) Interlude – Centaur’s owner
(378) Evaluation at the governor’s office
(379) Talented secretary
(380) The dry cleaner couldn’t answer
(381) Pride of the day labourers
(382) Interlude – Unexpected reunion
(383) Precious
(384) Sudden wanted poster
(385) Malina is a hero
(386) Whitebait don
(387) Behind the meal
(388) Peace doesn’t arrive
(389) Letter from the royal army
(390) Carol’s pinch
(391) Talwi and master
(392) Unexpected welcome
(393) Escaping the encampment
(394) Means to stop the monsters
(395) Skill up of the unknown skill
(396) Libra’s weakness
(397) Spread of miasma
(398) Spell that signals the start of the world
(399) Hero Alessio
(400) At the end of the battle
(401) Epilogue

Jobless Hero Arc
(402) Prologue
(403) The things I wish to save
(404) The last Growth Cheat
(405) To become a Demon Lord
(406) Voyage Night
(407) The Magician’s resolve
(408) And to become a Demon Lord
(409) Reunion at Florence
(410) The old woman named Miremia
(411) Raising Demon Lord level
(412) Demon Lord became Lv200
(413) The Secret to defeat a Demon God
(414) A strike from a Demon Lord
(415) Reunion in the Royal Capital
(416) Soup kitchen in the Royal Garden
(417) Preparations complete
(418) Succubus Demon Lord
(419) Malina and Kanon
(420) Hero and Demon Lord
(421) Everybody’s respective fights
(422) Two Demon Gods
(423) Methias’ plan
(424) Not the end but a continuation
(425) Malina’s decision
(426) Those who changed the Hero
(427) Day of return
(428) What Malina left behind
(429) Goddess of Laziness Prologue (?)
(430) Epilogue for the new journey

Pending Chapters/Arcs (possible spoilers)



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