Monster Eater (Monster-Eater Adventurer)


Author: 錬金王



E-rank adventurer Lude was born with a unique skill. However, it was a questionable ability called [Nullify Status Abnormality]. To overcome his current situation, he dives into a new labyrinth but encounters a B-rank Minotaur. Abandoned by his teammates, he falls into the abyss. He was injured, his supplies were depleted, and the only thing he could eat was the Minotaur in front of him. However, in this world, eating monsters was taboo, and eating them causes physical abnormalities, eventually turning the perpetrator into a monster. While there was a large risk, Lude believed in his unique skill and ate the monster to survive. Then, Lude’s unique skill was activated, and the monsterification was effectively nullified. He was even able to acquire monster skills. Lude, who understood the true use of [Nullify Status Abnormality], earned skills by earnestly consuming monsters. This is the upstart adventure story of Lude, who dreams of becoming an S-rank adventurer.


Chapter 0001 Miasma Scavenger
Chapter 0002 New Aberio Labyrinth
Chapter 0003 Fall
Chapter 0004 Acquiring Monster Skills
Chapter 0005 Black Snake
Chapter 0006 Return from the Abyss
Chapter 0007 Authenticity Officer
Chapter 0008 Growth
Chapter 0009 Lizard General
Chapter 0010 Soaring Earnings
Chapter 0011 Monster Meat is the best
Chapter 0012 Runaway
Chapter 0013 Poison Swamp
Chapter 0014 Fight in the Miasma Labyrinth
Chapter 0015 Endurance
Chapter 0016 Curse of the Abyssal Monster
Chapter 0017 Nullify Level Down
Chapter 0018 Same Goal
Chapter 0019 Sober Up
Chapter 0020 Salt-grilled Gernape
Chapter 0021 Spirit Magic
Chapter 0022 Rank Up
Chapter 0023 Baphomet
Chapter 0024 Fire Magic Law
Chapter 0025 Magic Essence
Chapter 0026 A Certain Cursed Sword
Chapter 0027 Old-fashioned Blacksmith
Chapter 0028 The Story of the Aristocrat who ate Monsters
Chapter 0029 Crazed
Chapter 0030 Curse Nullification
Chapter 0031 Possession of the Cursed Sword
Chapter 0032 Voracious Magic Sword Gram
Chapter 0033 Subjugation Request for Poison Raptor
Chapter 0034 High Poison Raptor
Chapter 0035 Hidden Floor
Chapter 0036 Miasma Dragon Basilista
Chapter 0037 Nullify Status Ailments
Chapter 0038 Basilista Steak


TLN: Unfortunately, the author has not updated this series for the past 5 months, despite releasing chapters daily when this series started. I didn’t expect this series to stagnate so soon :(. If you’re interested, please take a look at the other series I have!


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