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(039) Night where we pressed shoulders together

Translator: Tseirp

After we finished having our dinner, I noticed that the candle was consumed surprisingly fast so I bought another candle.

Then, I returned to the room and maintained my equipment.

I properly maintained the steel sword but I also had to maintain the iron sword, goblin sword and the dagger I originally used for dismantling. It won’t rust immediately because I place them in my item bag but I can’t afford to not maintain them.

Haru, like me, also began to maintain her short sword.


” … Now that I think about it, although this iron sword and dagger’s original owner were thieves, was it alright for us to arbitrarily take them? Thinking back, isn’t that indisputably an act of thievery?”

“It is alright if the person who defeats the thief takes their belongings. However, I think that is not limited to only people with the Thief job.”

“I see … But, there was only 1 Thief in the whole thief band so it seems to be surprisingly hard to descend into the Thief job. Not all of the ones who threatened us in the day were Thieves as well.” (TL: He’s referring to the people who wanted to steal their brown bear dismantled materials)

“Yeah. Where the line is drawn is subtle but divine punishment does not descend promptly. For example, if you murder someone then you will descend into a Thief but if you have a legitimate reason then you won’t descend. Just like how master did not become a Thief after killing those 2 thieves. All crimes are judged under the name of the Goddess of Ruling, Librans-sama. Librans-sama sees all.”


She scrutinizes the crimes of every person in the world huh. So there are hardworking Goddess-sama unlike Goddess Torerul.

However, I’m lucky that stealing items from thieves is not considered a crime.


… Ah, I just recalled. Other than the sword and dagger, I also snatched a wooden box from the thieves den.


I had seriously forgotten. Because I collected the item when my adrenaline was still pumping.

Moreover, it was a filthy wooden box so I wasn’t expecting much for the contents.


“Master, this wooden box was the one placed in the room Norn-sama was imprisoned right?”

“Yeah. I grabbed it on a whim but I forgot to check the contents.”


I said and tried to open the lid of the box,


” … Looks like it isn’t a mimic.”


No no, if it was a mimic monster then I wouldn’t be able to store it into my item bag.

The worst case scenario would be if it was filled with the dirty laundry of the thieves but the wooden box was properly nailed together so the possibility of that was low. If it was trapped then I don’t think it would be made to be so hard to open.


I slot a dagger in the gap under the lid and pried the lid open.

Then … inside was,



“It seems to be some kind of ore.”


A large amount of stone appeared. Unlike ordinary stone, a portion shined silver so it certainly looked like some kind of ore.


Right, I’ll use 「Mineral Appraisal」.

As a result, I immediately got my answer.


【Mithril Ore: Ore containing Mithril Silver. The ability of a high-leveled Alchemist is required to smelt Mithril Silver.】


As expected, this world has Mithril. Since it’s a gaming staple.

Judging by this, Orichalcum most likely exists as well.


However, there were completely no Mithril-type weapons sold in the weapon shop. Is it possible that it is a considerably rare item? I consulted Haru while thinking so but the reply was even more unfavorable than I had expected.


Mithril is certainly an ore that can craft valuable equipment.

However, a person must be a high-leveled Alchemist to smelt Mithril ores.

Moreover, processing the Mithril into weapons and armor once again requires a high-leveled Blacksmith.


Due to that, many countries monopolize the production process and they even monopolize the mines that produce Mithril.

Therefore, the selling price is equal to an unattainable sum. I don’t know where the thieves snatched these Mithril ores from but they must have had a lot of trouble deciding on how to deal with it. It would have been a waste to throw it away but their means of exchanging it for gold was limited …


If that’s the case, my only choice is to become an Alchemist and Blacksmith myself and make my own weapons and armors.

So I’ll have to temporarily fix Hammer-user and Apprentice Alchemist as my jobs for now.

Incidentally, I still am only able to make a few items as an Apprentice Alchemist.

I can purify tin, copper, iron, lead and zinc from ores and combine them as alloys.


Mithril equipment may seldom appear in the world but it’s not like they totally do not exist so I might not garner suspicion if I possess them.


I’ll change another of my job as well.

Let’s become a Philanderer.


Job: Philanderer 【Commoner Lv30】

The outcome of remaining as a Commoner and not finding a job.

A Job that lets one learn slightly unusual skills.

Unique experience points acquisition condition: Joining bodies with the opposite sex


In other words, I plan to do that.


After finishing the maintenance for our weapons, I embraced Haru.

(TL: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )



~Side Story~

Then, there was another pair of man and woman hugging each other’s shoulders.

It’s Jofre and Elise who are wandering about in the forest.


” … I’m hungry, Jofre.”

“Yeah, since we have not had anything to eat since last night, Elise.”


On the mountain, it was warm during the day but cold at night.

As the 2 did not prepare anything for the journey, obviously, once they finished their food supply and without any tools to start a fire, they both hugged each other to keep warm.


Looking at the grass-eating Centaur … the name of the donkey they are surprisingly insistent on … Jofre came up with a good idea.


“If Centaur can eat these grass, then can’t we eat it too?”

“That’s it, Jofre! We can definitely eat it!”


Naturally, it is not a theory that can work simply due to the difference in body functions. However, without realizing that it was not a good idea but a misleading idea, just as the 2 of them attempted to eat the grass, Elise accidentally stepped on Centaur’s tail.


The pain gave Centaur a shock and it began to run at a tremendous speed.


“Please wait, Centaur! We won’t know what grass to eat if you are not here!”

“Please wait! Centaur!”


However, Centaur’s speed did not decrease.

It raised its speed in an instant, but a rock wall appeared in front of its eyes.


It’ll crash into it!

The 2 of them intuitively thought so, but then something happened.


Centaur’s body slipped through that rock wall.

The 2 of them looked at each other and approached the wall.


Then, when they tried to touch the wall, the 2 of them noticed that it as not merely a wall.

The 2 of them once served in that thieves den for less than a day.

The wall there was exactly the same as this, an illusionary wall.


The 2 of them nod at each other and stepped toward the wall.


The ceiling was faintly glowing.


“Jofre, this …”

“Yeah, it’s a labyrinth! Furthermore, it’s an undiscovered labyrinth! Amazing, it’s a huge find!”

“It’s amazing, Jofre! What should we name the labyrinth?”

“EliseJofre Labyrinth! Since we found this labyrinth because Elise is here.”

“That sounds great, EliseJofre Labyrinth! No, we found the labyrinth because Jofre is here.”


The 2 of them hugged, but Ichinojo was not there to stop them.

Then, the 2 of them only realized a little later.


The new labyrinth only had 1 room.

And a single sword was stuck in the middle of that room.


Incidentally, Centaur was munching on the grass growing within the labyrinth.

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