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GC V3C71

(071) Marina’s status

Translator: Tseirp

Although only provisional, after completing the procedure for Malina’s party application, we planned to head for an inn but upon asking about the location of the inn, we found out that the Adventurers Guild’s second and third floor were inn rooms so we secured 2 twin rooms in the inn there.

We gathered in one of the rooms and I finally asked Malina about herself.

I was seriously contemplating passing the mask to her or not but it seemed like we could not have a proper conversation with the current Malina so I decided to hand the mask to her.


Malina wore the mask,


“Seriously, to treat my mask that can be said to be my life so brusquely.”


Just by covering her eyes, Malina became confident. No, Marina.


“I’d like to ask you a few things, when did Marina arrive in this world?”

“I descended down to this land 4 seasons ago.”

“Meaning a year ago?”



Marina nodded in satisfaction.

She was probably delighted because her words were often not understood due to her way of speaking.


After coming to this world, Marina was born as a Street Performer but due to her shy personality and social anxiety disorder, she could not become successful and was sold to Kannon after being picked up by a slave dealer when she had collapsed and was dying in the streets after becoming broke.


“Have you fought monsters before?”

“With my power, there would not be a need to fight with beings like monsters.”

“Well, Street Performers is not a combat-oriented job.”

“I believe I said that I am an Archmage. If you think it’s a lie, shall I show you my grand magic once again?”

” … No, you can prepare that performance another time. For the time being, even if it’s provisional, since you have formed a party with us, may I see Marina’s status?”

” … I refuse.”

“Status open, Marina.”

“I’ve said that I refuse though. Furthermore, even if you say those word, you won’t be able to confirm my status.”


Eh? I really can’t see Marina’s status.

Ah, it’s probably because of that.

Even if she’s called Marina with this appearance, her real name is Malina.


“Status open, Malina.”


Job:Street Performer Lv29
Phy Atk:41Phy Def:39
Mag Atk:54Mag Def:49
Speed:80Luck:10 【+20】
Witch Cosplay SetOrdinary Black Mask
「Street Performance XI」 「Dexterity UP (Large)」 「Rope Escape」
【Acquired Titles】
「Labyrinth Conqueror V」「Individual loved by scourer」
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv1Philanderer Lv1Musician Lv1Gambler Lv1
Dancer Lv1Singer Lv1
Job 【Street Performer】 released


There’re various things I have to retort to.

Leaving aside the status. Her status being much lower compared to the lower-leveled Haru likely meant that hers is not an upper tier job.

The problem is the equipment.

What the heck is a Witch Cosplay Set? It’s obviously just cosplay. I’m also surprised that this world has the concept of cosplay.

Furthermore, the mask, as expected, isn’t it not a magic tool but just a regular mask? Just because of her assumption that it treats her social anxiety, as a result of forcibly repressing herself, she has probably become a faux chuunibyou character.


The indiscriminate large number of jobs available is likely due to the blessing that released the Street Performer job but the actual usefulness of it is limited.

Even though she possess the 「Dexterity UP (Large)」 skill, she’s seriously living a clumsy life.

Leaving aside the skills, with regards to Street Performer, how many types of street performances can it do? It’s way too pathetic if the only decent skill is 「Dexterity UP」 and the only other skill is 「Rope Escape」.

Even though she holds a staff, because she doesn’t possess the 「Staff Equip」 skill, it does not appear in the equipment list.


However, the one that caught my attention the most was,


“What’s with the title ‘Individual loved by scourer’?”

“Umu. It’s a title only given to those loved the most by the Goddesses in labyrinths.”


Has she forgotten that she has fallen into her current state precisely because she was treated the most carelessly by the Goddesses?


“Like I asked, what is it?”

“A fascinating title earned by obtaining scourers 5 times in a row, not only will scourers be removed from the bonus in labyrinths, it will also increase the luck stat by 20.”

“You, you cleared labyrinths 5 times and obtained scourers all 5 times huh?”


It should make adventurers who dive into labyrinths countless times joyful to not have to worry about receiving scourers. That is, originally.


“Since it’s said to be about 1/4 probability to get the scourer for a person with 10 luck, the probability of getting scourers 5 times in a row is below 1/1000.”


Carol explained how rare the title was.

Yup, it’s definitely a title that I can never obtain in my whole life.


But, even though this person has conquered labyrinths, she’s never fought with monsters.

In other words, Kannon fought alone? Or did she hire escorts?

I believe it’s likely to be the latter but if it’s the former then she would be considerably strong. Since I thought that she would be a Merchant, I didn’t check her job, I’m kind of curious.


“Do you know of any method to get in touch with Japan?”

“I don’t. It’s been a year since I came here but I’ve seldom thought of returning to Japan. Moreover, over that side … as long as there aren’t any existences that can be called strong enemies, I would not be able to showcase my magic.”


This girl, she probably meant that she doesn’t have any friends in Japan. Don’t say such a sad thing.


“Master, so you wish to return to the country called Japan after all?”


Her expression didn’t change much but perhaps because we’ve been together for quite some time, Haru asked with a lonely look.


“No, it’s because I left a younger sister on that side. I only wish to at least let her know that I am fine. It’s too late for me to return to Japan now.”


Since I’ve most certainly been registered as dead on that side.

If I return now, it would cause a commotion as if a ghost had come out.

If that’s the case, then maybe I shouldn’t send Miri a letter too. Since it would probably be eerie to receive a letter from a dead person.


For the time being, I ended our conversation and we spent our own leisure time.

Carol left for town to gather information.

Unlike being on top of the bridge, within the city, it was officially Dakyat’s territory so the public safety was apparently better compared to above the bridge.

Thus, I was could let her go alone with a peace of mind and decided to let her go on her own.


I also thought of going to the city to buy some items but I did roughly purchase all the items we needed just now on the bridge.


“By the way, blacksmithing is flourishing in Dakyat right? Perhaps I should buy blacksmithing paraphernalia.”

” … Master, what do you mean by blacksmithing tools?”

“Eh? Like a portable furnace, tongs, gloves, and hammers.”

“If a person possesses the Blacksmithing skill, there’s no need for tools. Similar to Alchemy, the material will transform and become a sword. Although it does take time.”



The otherworld sure is amazing.

Well, it probably takes some time though.


“For Blacksmiths, the time needed to make the item and the performance of the item is dependent on the individual’s physical attack and dexterity so I believe master will be able to create equipment at a speed multiple times faster than a regular Blacksmith.”

“That’s helpful. Well, my physical attack stat is high and I have the Dexterity UP (minor) skill so it does seem possible.”

“Hou, so you have confidence in your own strength. Now that I think about it, you did easily defeat those lawless people just now. Well, even though it’s provisional, you must have that level of ability to claim to be my master … hau … my mask … please return my mask.”


Since I was feeling slightly annoyed, I took her mask and held it directly above her and Marina stretched out both arms with tears in her eyes.

My height was taller so she won’t be able to reach no matter how much she stretches her arms.

Hn, looking at this Marina, I feel as if I’m becoming slightly sadistic.


” … So enviable.”


I felt like I heard Haru who was looking at us mutter something but was it my imagination?

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