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(181) If you want to work

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After repairing the beaten up pirate ship — which was originally a fishing ship, I sailed our sailing ship alongside their fishing ship towards the northwest direction.

Only Carol and I were on the ship. The pirate crew, who were originally fishermen, were shocked at that fact.


“The construct of this sailing ship is unique as it seems to have really been devised to be able to sail with a small number of people. The person who made this ship is a genius!”


Hearing them praise Pionia made me as happy as if they praised me directly.

She can’t exit into this world. From the day she came to life until the day she ceases to function, she would live in my world and die in my world. However, the things she builds can be recognized by the people from the outside world like this. Even though she can’t come out, it’s really great to see proof that she is alive spread to the world like this.

They asked for the ship’s blueprint so I planned to hand it to them if Pionia was okay with it.


“Ichino-sama, are you okay?”

Carol asked me as I was handling the wheel.

“About what? I’m not feeling tired.”

” … Even if Ichino-sama wants to become the allies of those former fishermen pirates, Carol doesn’t see why Ichino-sama must pretend to be a pirate as well. Carol has heard that the reincarnated people abhor pirates more than us.”

“Oh~. Well, in my time, becoming a pirate was an extremely popular occupation in a sense … that only applies to stories though.” (TL: He’s most likely referring to One Piece.)

I smiled wryly as I thought that Malina would have understood my joke if she was there.

“I guess — I was the same too. Nevertheless, I envy those guys.”

“Envy … ?”

“Ah, I’m not saying that I envy their acts of piracy okay? Erm, I think I told Carol before. I was jobless when I was in Japan.”

“Jobless as in … like Ichino-sama’s current job?”

“No, not this Jobless but not doing any work and not given the chance to do any work. Even if I went for job interviews, everything fell apart. Since my younger sister Miri was earning enough money to be independent, I wanted to quit my life of part-time jobs and get a permanent job so I went for all kinds of interviews. But like I described earlier, I was completely crushed.”

I looked up at the sky. Some seagull-like bird was flying above our ship without me noticing.

“I thought about it. About why I was failing my interviews. Miri found all kinds of job openings for me but all of them didn’t work out. But now I understand why I failed those interviews. I — in the end, didn’t actually want to work, I purely just hated my unemployed self.”


Even though I thought I wanted to work, I didn’t know what kind of job I wanted to do. Or rather, I was fine with doing anything as long as I got a job.

Of course I would fail the interviews. Even an interviewer without good intuition would be able to tell.

(Hah, telling them that I wanted to work regardless of what job it was would conversely make them feel that I wasn’t determined to approach them for the job.)

No matter how I try to gloss over that fact, they would probably notice it.


“Carol might not be able to see it but those guys’ jobs are all either Fishermen or Angler. Even though they are holding swords, they are practically not equipped to fight — they are even holding their sabers without any sheathes.”


In this world, without the dedicated weapon skill, one can’t use that particular weapon. I also had a hard time in the past as I couldn’t even unsheathe the iron sword I had on my waist before I acquired the Sword Equip skill. To avoid that, one must first change job to Apprentice Swordsmen and level up by swinging a sword to acquire the Sword Equip skill.

Despite that fact, those guys just came over as Fishermen and Anglers and had not changed their jobs.

Despite knowing that their swords can’t possibly cut anybody like that.


Those guys probably had not given up on their fishing job in the truest sense. Because they love the job of fishing.


“Ichino-sama. Then, for the sake of letting them work as fishermen —”

“Yeah, well. Naturally, I still intend to listen to what they want us to do and I will refuse if it is dangerous — I’ll put on a mask for now so there won’t be any trouble even if we are discovered. If the army chases after us then we can just escape into My World. Instead, I am more concerned about that Miryuu girl who is going around crushing pirates.”

“Ichino-sama won’t lose to anyone as long as the opponent is human.”

” … Are you sure? She might actually be a berserk demon pretending to be human you know?”

I made it sound terrible and Carol trembled slightly so I laughed and pat Carol’s head.

“I’m just joking. Well, even if she’s a demon, we’ll be fine once we escape to My World. That place is like the Goddess-samas’ domain so she won’t follow after us.”

“That’s true —”

“Ah, more importantly, there’s the issue of the Demon Lord — the Demon Lord is apparently heading towards Port Kobe too.”

If I knew this was going to happen, I would have asked Haru to tell me about the Demon Lord in more detail.

Since the Demon Lord was Haru’s master, we should be able to get along right? Although it’s possible that they will think I was a bad person who made Haru into a slave and attack me. At least if Haru herself was present with me, she would be able to convince them otherwise.


… Yup, it’s best if we don’t bump into the Demon Lord.


I do want to see Sheena again and talk to her but a wise man keeps away from danger. Avoiding unnecessary talks can prevent disaster from falling on yourself. One will be eaten by a tiger if one enters a tiger’s den. I derived my conclusion as all kinds of sayings crossed my mind.

The Demon Lord probably won’t take any action that would bring attention to themselves so perhaps they have already left Port Kobe.

I guess just thinking about it is pointless.


As I was mulling over that fact, I spot a glimpse of the continent in the direction of the fishing boat ahead of us.

It gradually grew in size as time passed and the town also came clearly into view.

Since the ship in front looked like a pirate vessel, we couldn’t enter the town through the harbor without permission to enter. The fishermen guided us to a secret berth instead.

“Don’t tell me — it’s a dock behind a waterfall?”

“Behind a waterfall? That would make the whole ship wet and it would be inconvenient.”

Carol commented but having a dock at the back of a waterfall is a man’s romance. A girl probably won’t understand.

I thought to myself but in the end, we stopped normally at a cove alongside a cliff a little away from the town. According to Carol, this terrain would ensure that the ships won’t be swept away even if a storm came by.

We released the anchor, folded the sail, lowered the small boat into the sea and went down the rope ladder.


For safety, I climbed down first but when I looked up, Carol’s … no, it’s nothing.


However, that Carol, when did she buy such a color?

I was a little surprised.


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