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SL Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Ancient Elf ruins

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The First race, said to have dominated the land before the dawn of the world, during the age of the Gods and before the dawn of history.


In the beginning, Fairies and Spirits lived in the First world.

The First world was enveloped in spring whole year round and it was a paradise where the Fairies with eternal life danced, sang, and enjoyed for eternity.

However, there were no disputes or distress. Therefore, there was no reason to change their days of eternal happiness.

The First world was a paradise but also a world that was perpetually stagnant.

After an extremely great duration, the Supreme God Demise felt dissatisfied with the existence of the First world that it had watched all that time. (TLN: A note, I’m still torn as to how to translate the Supreme God’s name, the name is actually more like Demis, similar to how you would pronounce the ‘demi’ in demi-humans with an ‘s’ added to the back.)


Then there was the Second world. Namely, this world, was made.


On the first day, the universe was made.

On the second day, Heaven and Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the stars were made.

On the third day, the insects, animals, and plants were made to serve as sustenance.

On the fourth day, monsters that filled the land were made.

On the fifth day, Elves, Dragons, and Demons who possess intelligence were made.

On the sixth day, he made Ancient-Elves that resembled the most excellent beings in the First world, the Fairies, to serve as rulers and humans who resembled his own appearance.

On the seventh day, the Asura were born during the night when he went to rest after finishing all his work.

On the eighth day, the God was angered when he saw the Asura greet it and said ‘I did not create something like you’.


According to the Holy Church’s books, the creation of the world followed that sequence of events.

The term ‘Ancient-Elf’ was coined in the current era while in the oldest materials that still exist till this day, the Ancient-Elves were only referred to simply as Elves and the Elves created on the fifth day were recorded as ‘Fey’.


They are some Elf scholars who have differing views but the Dwarves and Orcs who live in the Dark Continent are a species of Elves too. In addition, the Goblins propagating in both continents are also an Elf species that originate from the Dark Continent.

If we categorize the Elves currently in existence, the genealogy established by the mainstream Elf scholars is,


〇 Ancient-Elf (Extinct)



〇 Elf = ‘Fey’

→Wood-Elf (Extinct) →Half-Elf


→Dark Continent Elf species (Dwarf, Orc, Goblin)


Returning to the topic on Ancient-Elves, it has been established that they had far superior civilizations if compared to the current age but many other aspects are still shrouded in mystery.

By looking at the Elven Coins that can temporarily raise a person’s Divine Protection level and conversely the Wild-Elf secret medicine that can reduce it, we can tell that the Ancient-Elves had analyzed Divine Protections to some extent.

There are clergymen who believe that act of insolence angered the God and the Ancient-Elves were annihilated as a result.


Ultimately, the reason for their extinction is unknown.

However, in this era, the first Demon Lord and the first Hero were born and legend remains of the defeat of the first Demon Lord by the hands of the first Hero.

That is, the first Hero was not human but an Ancient-Elf.


In that case, Elves should be the Hero in this era too.

Ruti thought to herself as she bisected, with the Holy Sword of Demon Slaying, the Clockwork Giant that was making unpleasant metallic grinding sounds in front of her.




In an Ancient-Elf ruin located within the mountain where Red harvests medicinal grass. After Ruti and Tise’s investigation, they found that it was luckily still functioning.

The upper layers have been devastated by the Chimeras and Zoltan adventurers aiming for Ancient-Elf treasures but the device to ascend from and descend to the lower layer was undamaged.

The mana crystal that provides energy was in a dormant state for a time after the power was depleted but as it has been replenishing for many months and years, there didn’t seem to be any issue restarting it.


Ruti, who had conquered countless Ancient-Elf ruins to date, manipulated the device with experienced movements and advanced to the lower layer.


In there, they found the usual Clockwork Monsters of Ancient-Elf ruins and they set off in search of the Clockwork Mother that controlled them.


“Fuuu …”


Tise wiped the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand.

Unlike Ruti who had a composed expression, Tise faced a couple of dangerous scenarios and fatigue could be seen on her face.


(In addition to relentless waves of Clockwork Soldiers, we have already fought four Clockwork Giants even though there are usually only one directly before the Clockwork Mother in the other ruins. Not only that, we have even fought the raid weapon Clockwork Destroyer as well as the diving weapon Clockwork Leviathan … what is with this ruin?)


Tise cursed internally.

Nevertheless, Ruti could settle it when enemies appeared alone so Tise was able to advance through that ruin of abnormal threat levels.


Eventually, the two of them arrived before the Clockwork Mother room at the very end of the ruin.

Once they destroyed that, all the Clockwork Monsters would stop functioning. Just selling the parts alone would result in a profit of over 100 thousand Peryl so to adventurers, conquering an Ancient-Elf ruin was literally a get rich quick dream.


(I wonder if there would be any adventurer who would be thinking of getting rich quick when faced with this.)


Tise unconsciously took half a step back and derided herself.

The Clockwork Mother, a mass of clockwork which controlled all the Clockwork Monsters. And standing in their way, an aggregate of shining metals, a Clockwork Dragon.

Unlike the other Clockwork Monsters that make unpleasant noises whenever they moved, its artistically and elaborately pieced together body did not make a single creak during movements. Its body was filled with heated tar and she could catch glimpses of its red tongue used as a spark to ignite the tar once it opened its mouth.


The previous generation Demon Lord once repaired a similar model and used it as a weapon, an ultimate weapon that once killed all the companions of the previous generation Hero whom traveled with him from the start and caused the previous generation Hero to flee in defeat.




Tise suggested to temporarily retreat to get the cooperation of Gideon-san and Lit-san.

It was too strong for just the two of them to challenge.


“No problem.”


However, Ruti, with the same nonchalant air and her Holy Sword loosely held in her right hand pointing downward, walked toward the artificial dragon made by the Ancient-Elves.




Two weeks have passed since Ruti came to my shop.

Ruti seemed to have left Zoltan for three days after we first met but she fundamentally stayed in Zoltan after that.

She registered with the Adventurers Guild together with Tise and although not proactively, they occasionally accepted requests to subjugate goblins near town.

Goblin subjugation was a little disproportional to their actual ability but … they probably did that to eliminate the impulses from their Divine Protections.

Subjugating the human-type goblins that attack villages would serve as the perfect choice to eliminate the Hero’s impulses to aid people and the Assassin’s homicidal impulses.


Even though it was just goblins, their appearance of taking up any request with just the two of them without bothering about the number of opponents, leisurely entering the goblin abode as if going on a stroll and returning after annihilating them have made them the talk of the town as reliable newcomers.

Furthermore, even though goblins are inferior in terms of physical strength and intelligence when compared to humans, as they live in an environment of fighting and plundering, there occasionally would be some with high Divine Protection levels that could not be taken lightly. They would become unexpected threats if left alone.

But then, as they do not conceal their own ability, it was possible to perceive beforehand if there are any such individuals just by gathering information properly. After all, such requests are posted on signboards targeted toward newcomer adventurers.


In addition, it was a tacit understanding due to the nature of Zoltan which saw many wanderers visit that nobody pried into their past and they seemed to be adventuring carefreely.


And then …





Today, for some reason, she was helping out in my shop.

Even though she could be seen standing behind the counter, perhaps due to her aura of the strong, whenever she greeted a customer that enters the shop, they would reflexively scream.

That probably hurt her feelings.


However, I discovered something new.


“Maybe they won’t scream if you smile a little more?”



I thought I was the only one who noticed that Ruti was hurt but it seemed that Tise noticed as well.

Tise gave her some advice like that.


“That’s right, you’ll definitely be fine if you smiled just a little more. Can I leave the counter to you for a little longer?”



Ruti clenched her tiny fists and showed that she would work hard.


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