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GC V8C234

(234) Suzuki’s job lecture

Translator: Tseirp

At any rate, this guy Suzuki is quite familiar with fighting.

If we looked at just the status, I was clearly better than him. Naturally, I had more skills compared to him as well.

But the number of Thieves we defeated was about equal.

The Holy Knight seems to be similar to Sword Saint, or it might be a superior job above that of Sword Saint and the skills acquired may be rather strong, but his fighting style had minimal wasteful movements. He had probably been through numerous battlefields. My fighting style was mostly focused on bulldozing my way through using my status so I guess this would be the result of fights with predefined conditions such as these.

Miri would probably fight even better than me or Suzuki.

That was likely to be the adverse effects of my Growth Cheat and Jobless Cheat.

Since I would win even without thinking, I seem to have neglected battle tactics.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I was wondering if Death Warrior-sensei was currently looking through the doujinshi you left in the room.”

“Buh! Amazing, Kusunoki-kun. You plan to corner me mentally so that you can defeat the boss first, right?”

“I would be running at full speed if that was my intention. Since I seem that I am faster. Probably thanks to the speed up skills that I possess.”

“Uwah, just how many skills do you have? Even though I was confident in my leg speed.”

Nevertheless, Suzuki was amazing as well given how he was not out of breath either.

I assumed only Haru would be able to follow my current speed.

“Enough skills to acquire the Skill Organization skill.”

“Yeah, I have that many as well — ah, there’s a trap there so be careful.”

The floor below my feet sunk the moment Suzuki said that.

At the same time, an arrow came flying toward me from the front.


I instinctively avoided it. The arrow flew past where my head was at and disappeared into the distance.

“You didn’t have to avoid it that excessively.”

“It would be scary if it was poisoned … or rather, there’s no way I could still consciously think of how much to avoid it by when it was an actual surprise attack. Leaving that aside, you could tell that there was a trap?”

“Trap Detection is an indispensable skill to an adventurer? You didn’t learn it?”

” … Yeah, I didn’t. How do you learn it?”

“No idea. Erm, you have to attend a workshop by the Adventurers Guild. It cost 30,000 sense though.”

“It’s possible to learn a skill from a workshop?”

“Er, by attending the workshop and passing the test, it would unlock the Trapper job and you can acquire the Trap Detection skill after reaching Trapper Lv3. A Trapper can gain experience just from disassembling and assembling traps so once you become a Trapper, you can just repeatedly disassemble and assemble the traps.”

“Wait, it is possible to change job just by passing a test?”

“Kind of. Since Ichinojo-kun has a growth cheat job, do you have any titles that are the Peak of something?”

“Yeah, I do.”

They were the titles I received after reaching level counter-stop.

Although, until now, I still did not know the exact effects of the titles.

“Once you get a job called the Instructor, you will learn a skill to set questions for an exam to acquire the jobs that you have reached the peak for. With that skill, you will be able to set the exam for specific people. The job will be unlocked for them if they can pass that exam. Naturally, the advance jobs will have difficult exam contents and I heard that there are some exams where nobody have passed before.”

So there was such a system.

I totally did not know that.

“Incidentally, how does one become an Instructor?”

“You can become an Instructor by taking an exam.”

The Instructor, which can set exams for others, have to take an Instructor exam to become one; in that case, how did the Instructor who set the questions for the Instructor exam become an Instructor in the first place? It became a philosophical question but I guess the first person most likely possessed a Unique job.

I see, so there was such a trick.

By the way, the exam to become a Trapper was to disassemble a smoke bomb made by a Trapper.

A novice would not be able to disassemble it but it seemed that there was a 30% chance of passing if one worked hard on studying during the workshop.

30% was quite severe — it was at the level of the exams for difficult colleges but thinking about it, Suzuki was the son of a doctor.

Furthermore, I heard from him during the voyage that before transferring to this world, it was his dream to become a doctor and his acceptance rate for famous medical colleges was determined to be an A grade so exams and lectures were probably his strong points.

I would most likely fail if I took them.

Nevertheless, so jobs can be unlocked by taking exams.

“In other words, I can think of them as the human-version of the Initiation Bosses?” (TLN: Ie. the punching kangaroo which he got a job from by defeating it.)

“Yeah, you can think of it that way. The Initiation Bosses are a lot rarer though. It is impossible to cheat for the exams so they are apparently quite difficult. Ah, but I believe Kusunoki-kun would pass the combat-type exams.”

“I see. By the way, what kind of exam did you take to become a Holy Knight?”

“Hahaha, there are no exams to take to become a Holy Knight. Let me see … to become a Holy Knight, you have to reach Knight Lv50 and be a noble?”

“Eh? But one can only be born into nobility right? How did you become a noble?”

“You can become a noble if a king or pope award you with a knighthood. Transported individuals who are recognized to be useful are treated as a guest by the Church Headquarters and recognized as Otherworld Nobles. Didn’t you hear from the Church?”

I didn’t hear about it. Or rather, I never changed job in a Church in the first place.

Malina, similarly a Japanese … was probably ignored by the Church since her Street Performer job could not be changed. While Miri … I don’t know her thinking.

Ah, but since Daijiro-san partied with the Hero, he might have been treated as a guest noble.

Incidentally, after hearing that, I made sure to avoid the Church Headquarters as much as possible.

I could not become a noble — once my first job changes into Noble, I would not be able to use my Jobless cheat any further.

I was thinking to myself when we reached a large door.

There was no mistaking it, there was a huge presence behind the door.

“Now then, it will be a competition once the door opens.”

“Yup, may the best man win.”

We opened the door and standing within was —

An enormous Elephant man standing on two feet.

… Eh? The enemy boss was an elephant?

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