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GC V8C236

(236) Red fox

Translator: Tseirp


We would not be able to drag the Demon Elephant’s body out of the room without disassembling it so we just left it there.

After all, I would obviously struggle to store something that large inside my item bag.

A few of the thieves had regained consciousness but none of them freed themselves from their restraints and escaped, perhaps due to Suzuki’s expert rope binding technique.

The men on the roof were still unconscious so we tied them and lowered them down.

In the end, they didn’t even catch a glimpse of their enemy.


“What are you doing?”

Suzuki took out a large number of fallen leaves from his item bag.

He’s clearing the trash … probably not.

“Burning these fallen leaves would emit a colorful smoke.”

Suzuki said as he took out a flint to start a fire but he couldn’t seem to get it to start.

I could start a fire with magic ― I thought to myself but I wanted to reduce my magical power usage.

Wait, that’s right. I don’t need magic if there’s a flint.

“Let me give it a go. I have a skill that will let me use flints skilfully.”

“There’s such a skill?”

“I just learned it. The Opportunistic Thief’s Ignition skill.”

“That sounds more like an Arsonist’s skill rather than an Opportunistic Thief’s skill.”

“I have the exact same thoughts so you don’t have to say anymore.”

I replied and used the flint. Even though it was my first time using one, I could quite distinctively know the way to handle one. I was actually physically holding one though. (TLN: He was making a pun. The idiom for ‘To know quite distinctly’ is written as ‘Like holding it in your hand’ in Japanese.)

The leaves easily caught fire.

When that happened, purple smoke rose to the sky.

The color looked poisonous but the smoke was apparently not particularly harmful.

“A smoke signal huh?”

“It is a signal for Earl Paul’s subordinate on this island. I believe his subordinates will arrive shortly.”

“I see … then, let’s have cup ramen while we wait for them.”

I said and, just like before in the town of Belasra, combined Petite Water and Petite Fire to create hot water and channeled it into a pot.

“So skillful. Do you by chance have cup udon?”

“I have Red Fox?”

“Serious!? Could I have that?”

“I bought around three thousand boxes so it’s fine but don’t you have a wheat allergy?”

“Yeah, I do. But when I leveled up Saint Knight, I learned a spell to be temporarily immune to poison. Thank’s to that skill, now I can even eat bread as well. Although, the spell effect will only last for five minutes and the cooldown time is quite long so I have to eat swiftly.”

I took out a ‘Red Fox’ cup udon and a ‘Ra Emperor’ cup ramen.

The hot water in the pot was a little lukewarm so I warmed it further with the fire that was conveniently in front of me.

“I don’t really want to have water boiled using the smoke flame though.”

“Didn’t you say it wasn’t particularly poisonous?”

It shouldn’t be an issue if it only emits smoke.

I soaked each of our instant noodles in the water after it started boiling.

Incidentally, I was the kind who will discard the hot water after mixing it once with my chopsticks and then the cup ramen would be ready after I add hot water and soup to it so I don’t need to wait for three minutes.

Ah, but the Red Fox would need five minutes though.

“Ha… tasty.”

“Hey, Kusunoki-kun, could I have a bite?”

” … Just one bite.”

I actually wanted to refuse but it was Suzuki’s first instant noodles in three years after all.

Suzuki then cast his spell.

“「Anti-poison time」”

“Haaa, delicious. It’s the first time I have cup ramen … I didn’t know it was this delicious.”

“It wasn’t just for the last three years!? Eh? You have never eaten cup noodles?”

“My family is a family of doctors after all. I was forbidden from eating anything that was bad for the body so it was quite harsh.”

“I see ― but doctor’s knowledge doesn’t apply to this world though? Can’t magic treat illnesses?”

“I only have a student’s level of knowledge after all. I should have read the medical books if I knew this was going to happen.”

Suzuki said regrettably.

He rolled up the lid of the Red Fox and licked the soup stock.

“Phew, that was delicious. Eh? Isn’t this Kansai dashi stock?”

“Oh, you can tell? Red Fox has four dashi stock, East Japan, West Japan, Kansai, and Hokkaido. I ordered all four types and liked the Kansai dashi the most so my younger sister got it for me.”

“You went out of your way to order them huh. Haa, but it’s delicious — as expected of the Japanese people.”

Just as Suzuki spoke, I noticed several presences approach us.

I held my sword as a precaution,

“Suzuki-sama! We are Earl Paul’s subordinates.”

After I verified that the ten soldiers very much dressed in regular soldier attire — had jobs such as Swordsman and Spearman and not a single criminal job among them ― I loosen the grip on my sword.


After that, they arrested all the thieves ― and we told them about the other hideout where they hid the smuggling ship.

And mentioned that their fellow who masqueraded as the Death Warrior was locked there as well.

“We should report this matter to the higher-ups immediately. Suzuki-sama, Ichinojo-sama, we will escort you to town so please take a break.”

It looked like we would be guided to the next location.

Fuu, I guess I can get some rest now.

With this, I would cross over to the Southern Continent without any issues ― eh, wait a minute?

“The plan was for us to take the smuggling ship to the Southern Continent? But we won’t be crossing over to the Southern Continent since we have defeated the smuggling crew? Don’t tell me we’re going to stop at this island?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll do something about that.”

Suzuki said and winked.

Receiving a wink from a guy felt terrible but I decided to trust him.

If he lied to me, I will monopolize all the treasure we received from the smuggling crew this time.


“Ah, but that will have to wait until after I have this udon ― ah …”

Suzuki’s sentence trailed off so it seemed that he noticed as well.

That his poison invalidation spell had ended.

The cooldown time was 30 minutes.

Suzuki ate the soggy udon with an expression that seemed like he was about to cry.

“The udon wouldn’t have become soggy if you stored it in the item bag.”

I said that as it came to mind and this time, Suzuki really cried.


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GC V8C237


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