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GC V9C378

(378) Evaluation at the governor’s office

Translator: Tseirp


The commotion at the gate seemed to have settled down for now.

The guards that were tied up by the citizens were released and conversely, some citizens were arrested. Normally they would be charged under grave sins like inciting a riot or national treason but I hoped that they would get lighter punishments.

Dozens of people were injured from the riot at the gate but thankfully there were no deaths including the guards.

And there were all kinds of opinions regarding the Siren Song.

“That song was the manifestation of Goddess-sama’s voice to protect us. Goddess-sama will definitely cure this curse as well.”

There were strangely positive opinions but among them were also,

“The power of that song was frightening. The owner of that song must be the mastermind behind the spread of the curse.”

People who spread baseless rumors – and sadly there were supporters for those false rumors.

Incidentally, nobody could tell that it was Carol, who had been talking to the citizens to gather information, who sang the song. Well, nobody would expect that sensual voice is the same voice as Carol’s cute voice.


I went to the city hall.

Unlike the magnificent outer appearance, the inside of the government building had a very simple design. It somehow reminded me of Hello Work. It would be perfect if there was a machine that gave queue numbers.

There was nobody at the reception counter and the staff were working busily. I thought that the number of workers was overwhelmingly small compared to the size of the government office but I guess I wasn’t wrong.

They were so busy that nobody realized that I had entered.

“Um, excuse me.”

I called out to a male staff carrying wooden boxes.

The staff didn’t glance at my face as he said,

“Somebody please work the reception counter.”

Before running off.

A female staff about 30 years of age searching for documents behind the counter came over. There were eye bags under her eyes that she tried to conceal with heavy makeup but failed. She seemed to have been very overworked.

“ … How can I help you?”

“Yes – ah, but before that, I’ll cast magic to recover your stamina.”

I said and cast a spell in her direction.

“Stamina Heal.”

A faint light wrapped around her.

She blinked a couple of times.

“Th … thank you very much … fuwaa … ah, please excuse me.”

She said and apologized after she made a tiny yawn.

Stamina Heal could not dispel drowsiness after all. Perhaps she was numb from her sleepiness due to her fatigue. But her complexion returned so it was good to have applied Stamina Heal on her.

The eye bags under her eyes were gone too.

“So, how can I help you today?”

“The deputy mayor called me over, I am Ichinojo.”

“Ichinojo-sama!? That legendary Practitioner-sama able to use Dispel!?”

“Yes, I can use Dispel … eh, legendary?”

Hasn’t it become a little more exaggerated?

There may not be many capable of using Dispel but I didn’t think it would be deemed as legendary.

“I will guide you there immediately! Thank you so much! Employees found to have the curse are quarantined in private rooms so we are overwhelmingly understaffed. Please treat them as soon as possible!”

“I understand – ”

“Oh, my apologies! I am Midley・Marlar, I work as the receptionist in this government building. I am 27 years old and am currently looking for a boyfriend.”

The receptionist lady – Midley moved her face closer to me and announced.

From the other side of the counter, I could hear ‘Midley-san, aren’t you actually 34 years old?’ and ‘Currently looking for a boyfriend? Hasn’t it been over 10 years?’ whispers from the other female staff as they glared at Midley-san.

Please do your work if you are busy – I had to stop myself from retorting on how tough it was to be stuck as Jobless.

Midley-san went to contact the deputy mayor and capable-looking man dressed in a suit claiming to be a secretary appeared.

We were about the same age but I could feel the difference.

The secretary led the way to a man about 50 years of age with greying hair.

“Thank you for waiting, Ichino-dono. I work as the deputy mayor –”

“Deputy mayor – please prioritize the treatment rather than introductions.”

“You’re right – Ichinojo-dono, this way please.”

There didn’t seem to be time for greetings as the secretary hurried the deputy mayor and they led the way.

Along the way, the deputy mayor that missed the timing to introduce himself started some small talk.

“I was troubled too when the mayor suddenly left town.”

The mayor was Daijiro-san and it was thanks to her presence in this town that it could develop into a magical city.

Among the rumors going around town was a foolish rumor that the royal army attacked when Daijiro-san was not around to occupy the town.

If they wanted to occupy the town, they would have attacked a long time ago.

Furthermore, it was a huge waste of resources for the royal army to just surround the city. Just stationing the troops would cost considerable expenses. Even more so when they have to field countless soldiers to surround the entire town.

“Isn’t it quite common that Daijiro-san isn’t in town?”

“Yes. Usually, she would have a schedule for her voyage but this time although she had planned the route, she doesn’t know when she could return.”

So they didn’t know when she would return.

From the beginning, I didn’t hold any expectations that she would return quickly.

As we conversed, I noticed an unexpected term.

“Route plan!? You have something like that? Is it in this government facility?”

“Yes, I have a copy in my room as well. Do you want to take a look?”

“Yes, definitely –”

“Deputy mayor, Ichinojo-dono, please prioritize the treatment first.”

The secretary stopped us and I somehow suppressed my desire for the plan that I wanted so desperately.


Almost all the employees locked in private rooms such as warehouses or data rooms were neatly dressed in the same colored uniform.

In that government building, the color of the uniforms seemed to be different for each workplace so they were probably from the same department.

I went to each room and cast Dispel.

After I finished treating 10 people, the deputy mayor returned to his office to attend to matters.

Apparently, all the rooms were not on the same floor so we moved to the next floor above. On the way up the stairs, the secretary asked.

“ … Ichinojo-dono, does the curse infect through the air like illnesses? Perhaps those that are worn-out are more susceptible -”

“I don’t think I have heard that it worked in that way.”

“I see … I asked because the ones who were cursed all worked for the Dungeon Management Division.”

“Dungeon Management Division? What work do they do? Do they go directly into the dungeon or?”

“Yes, they do go to the site sometimes. Because of that, their uniform gets dirty easily and they all have two sets of uniforms.”

Incidentally, the city hall uniforms followed a purchase system like a school uniform.

“But they usually manage the information from adventurers like the number of magic stones and drop items from the dungeon, the magic stone purchases by the Adventurers Guild, or the discussion between the town and the dispatch of hired adventurers from the Adventurers Guild and Mercenary Guild. Normally they would not be that busy but due to the commotion this time round, they didn’t even have the time to return home or change – the same division employees were cursed so there have been fears that the curse might be airborne in the agency or that they would be cursed if they worked as the Dungeon Management Division did.”

“I understand … but if the curse was airborne, it would be unnatural that the ones who have been inspecting the cursed people have not been cursed and if tired people are more susceptible to the curse, then the guards who are in high alert due to the current situation would be the most susceptible.”

I have not heard any information that the guards have been cursed.

“I see – it is as Ichinojo-dono said. I will explain to the employees to reassure them. Ichinojo-dono is truly extraordinary. Not only do you exude pressure and that ability with magic, but you also have the ability to make calm judgments.”

“Eh? Pressure?”

“Ah, my apologies. I was there when Ichinojo-dono fought the flour reseller.”

“Ahh, I see.”

That time, all the people nearby had fled but there were many onlookers from afar.

So this secretary was there as well.

After that, the secretary continued to praise me for that battle.

He didn’t mean to make me feel uncomfortable but I felt somewhat itchy from all the praise.


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  4. LimahT

    Thanks for the chap!!!
    “Yes, they do go to the site sometimes. Because of that, their uniform gets dirty easily and they all have two sets of uniforms.”
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