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Chapter 0303 Exiting the Corridor Countries

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


((I guess you have it rough too, Abel.))

((What’s up with that all of a sudden?))

((No, it’s just, when I think that as the King of the Kingdom of Knightley, you have to constantly deal with such difficult people…))

((Are you talking about Emperor Rupert or King Roberto Pirlo?))

((See, you already knew what I was hinting at.))

((Yeah. Since I heard the conversation between you and those two.))

((You were eavesdropping!))

((Hey, don’t get the wrong idea. I was only able to listen in because Soul Resonance was still connected.))


Speaking of which, Ryo remembered that he had been talking with Abel just before that happened.


((Sure, if you say so.))

((It’s true!))



They were currently on the road leading from the ‘Kingdom of Sufuoh’, the last of the Corridor Countries, to the ‘QC Duchy’, the easternmost country of the Western Countries. (TLN: Formerly ‘Cu Chi Duchy’.)

There were no roads within the corridor countries, but there was one between the Kingdom of Sufuoh and the QC Duchy.

That was due to the trade relationship between the two countries, albeit on a small scale.


Of course, it was nothing fancy like a cobblestone pavement, but a simple road made of hardened soil….



((So? You still haven’t told me why you linked the Soul Resonance today?))

((…And whose fault is that? You know what, just forget it. Regarding the matter with Baron Hagen Venda, after gathering more intel, we’ve gotten confirmation that he is indeed a part of the mission.))

((That same dimensional magic Baron, right?))

((That’s right.))

((Okay, got it. So, what do we do? Capture and extract the dimensional magic from him?))

((Extract… is that possible?))

((Beats me? I know I can’t though?))

((…I was a fool to expect, even for a moment, that you could do it with your alchemy.))

((What a thing to say! Besides, there’s no way such an inhumane act can be condoned!))


Ryo shook his head. Then again, since they were communicating through Soul Resonance, Abel could not see it.


((…For now, just keep it in the back of your mind. Oops, I guess it’s time for my meeting. I’m hanging up.))

Saying so, Abel unilaterally disconnected the Soul Resonance.


It would appear His Majesty the King was rather busy.



“This is quite troubling.”

Ryo said and shook his head slightly again.

Seeing this, Niels, who was walking beside him, said:

“Have you finished your conversation with His Majesty Abel?”


He had told, albeit briefly, the six of Room 10 and 11 that he could talk with Abel occasionally via an alchemy tool.

Niels looked envious when he heard it at first, but then nodded and gave up the moment he heard that he had to keep expending magic power to do so.


By the way, he did not tell Hugh McGrath, the leader of the delegation.

He felt that if he told him, he would be used for all kinds of conveniences….



“Yeah, just now. Still, it’s really amazing that we can connect without any problems even over such a long distance. It just goes to show how magnificent alchemy is.”

“That’s true!”

Ryo sang the greatness of alchemy, and Amon nodded in agreement.

Amon is an honest and nice guy.


“But the magic power consumption is outrageous. I wonder if someone other than Ryo will be able to use it anytime soon.”

Etho seemed skeptical.

Etho is not a bad guy.


“More importantly, it’s almost noon. I’m starving.”

Niels only thinks about food.

Niels on the other hand seemed to be a meathead and a chowhound.


“Ryo, you thought of something extremely rude just now, didn’t you!”

“O-Of course not.”

He’s a meathead, but sharp-witted, probably because he’s a B-rank adventurer….



The royal delegation’s lunch was stew with a lot of meat.

The mission was well stocked with food, thanks in part to the plentiful supplies they received in the Kingdom of Sufuoh.

For many adventurers, eating is always a time to look forward to, but for civilian officials, eating is also a way to relax.


Stress control of subordinates is an element that superiors must always keep in mind.


Seeing the members of the delegation consuming the stew so heartily, leader Hugh McGrath nodded his head repeatedly.


Good food brings smiles to people’s faces.

And when people are happy, they feel less stressed.


That is a universal truth in any era and any world.


Humans will always be humans no matter where they are.


“Leader, we’ll be arriving today, right?”

Ignis, the chief negotiator who was in charge of the hundred civilian officials, called out to Hugh, who had finished eating and was relaxing for a bit.


“Yeah. We’ll be over this hill in about two hours. Then, the city should come into view.”

The city that maintains the borders of the QC Duchy.


“Somehow I’m both excited and anxious…”

Ignis said with a wry smile.


“Once we get to the Western Countries, the civilian officials are going to get busy.”

“Yeah, but… there are various countries in the Western Countries. Though I suppose the main stage of negotiations will be in the Van De Vie Theocracy, the center of the Western Church.”



It was no exaggeration to say that the Papacy, the headquarters of the ‘Western Church’, which was worshipped all over the Western Countries, was located in the Van De Vie Theocracy.

Although the size of the country was not what one would call a large country, its national power, taking into account its wealth, military strength, and tangible and intangible influence, was without a doubt the largest in the Western Countries.


It is a country ruled by the Pope himself, and its influence in the Western Countries is unimaginable.


To begin with, the mission from the Central Nations initially set out to celebrate the inauguration of the 100th Pope to be held in Van De Vie Theocracy… at least on the surface.

As such, they needed to arrive at the Van De Vie Theocracy on time.



“Well, as a negotiator, I appreciate the fact that our language systems are almost identical.”

“Yeah…. In the Eastern Countries, for example, it’s totally different. Still, those who are educated to some extent speak the languages of the Central Nations, so living there is not really a problem.”

Chief Negotiator Ignis, expressed his opinion as a negotiator, and Hugh, who is also the Grand Master of the royal capital offered his, recalling the language situation in the Eastern Countries.


“I’d very much like to go there, like how I’m pumped about this journey to the West.”

Ignis laughed as he said that.

He was a Foreign Ministry personnel and negotiator to the core.



Hugh looked at him as if he were seeing something a little dazzling.

Hugh, who was essentially an adventurer, could understand his desire to see something he had not seen before.



And two hours later.


The delegation crossed over the hills and, in the distance, was the city of QC Duchy.



That city was… burning.


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