Chapter 19: Suspicion

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At the same time as the jet-black curse snake disappeared, the benevolent hands of light seemed to have completed their role and scattered into a mist.


“…W-what happened…?”


Immediately after Wendy muttered in shock,




Taylor, who was lying on her back, began to stir.




She rushed to the bed and checked on her mother’s condition.


(No way, the bruise… it’s gone…! )


The purple bruise that covered Taylor’s face had completely disappeared, and her skin, which had been dyed a cold earthy color, had regained healthy warmth.


“Mom, can you hear me!? It’s me, Wendy…!”


As if responding to her daughter’s call, the mother’s eyelids slowly opened.


“…Wen, dy…?”




The teardrops that fell from Wendy’s eyes landed on Taylor’s cheek.


“Even in the darkness, I could always hear your voice… Thank you. Also ─ I’m sorry, I caused you so much trouble.’’


“No, that’s not true at all… I’m sorry… I ran away at that time… I was too scared to help…”


“There’s no need for you to apologize. You’ve grown up healthy and fine.”




Wendy cried.

She couldn’t stop crying tears of joy.

She was usually calm, but at this moment, she couldn’t control her emotions.


Mother and daughter hugged each other, rejoicing at their ‘reunion’ for the first time in ten years.


“─ Wendy, your mom is okay now, so stop crying and ruining your cute face, okay? Come on, introduce me to your wonderful friends.”




Wendy wiped her tears with her cuffs and nodded.


“These are Luna-san, Rho-san, and Sarco-san, my dear friends that I made at Kingdom Saint Academy.”


After the introduction, Luna and the others,


“Nice to meet you, I’m Luna Spedio.”


“Rho Steinclaw.”


“Sarles Co. Layton.”


Each of them bowed politely.


“I’m Taylor Triard, thank you for taking care of my daughter.”


Taylor lowered her head and looked straight into Luna’s eyes.


“Even while I was sleeping, I could vaguely hear the conversation… Luna-san’s potion lifted the demonic beast’s curse, right?”


“Um… kind of, yes.”


“I knew it— Truly thank you very much. It’s all thanks to you that I’m fine now. I will never forget this kindness.”


“It’s okay, please don’t mention it, I was just doing what was natural.”


Luna said and smiled with a face full of compassion.

Usually, she’s so clumsy that it makes a person cry, but at this particular moment, she looked like a real Saint.


“─ Well, I can’t just lie here all day. I need to get up soon.”


As Taylor tried to get up from the bed,


“Wait, what are you doing!?”


Wendy quickly said, ‘Wait’.


“What… I’m just trying to stand up.”


“Mom, you’ve been bedridden for ten years, you know? Your muscles, bones, and other things must be weakened. Please rest for a while.”


“Well, about that… strangely enough, I can feel power rising from deep within my body. I actually feel rejuvenated.”


Taylor said, smiling half-jokingly.


But it was no illusion.

In fact, she looked younger.


The Saint’s magical power purifies all matters and brings out their maximum performance.

The highest quality elixir created by Luna was not satisfied with just crushing the demonic beast’s curse and raised the muscles and bones that had weakened due to being bedridden to perfect condition.


As a result, Taylor’s physical age had become about 15 years younger.


“Anyway, I’m fine. Hey, just look over me, okay? ─ Huup.”


The moment she tried to get up from the bed and grabbed the handrail for assistance, a loud and strange sound rang out.


“… Eh, did it become brittle?”


In Taylor’s left hand was a wooden railing that looked horribly crumpled.


That did not mean that the handrail was fragile or defective.

It was crushed by her grip.


Although Luna didn’t have a clue… the elixir she makes has some serious ‘side effects’.


First of all, the main premise is that ‘The Saint’s magical power purifies all matters and brings out their maximum performance’.

Those who absorb the Saint’s magical power into their bodies will have their entire body’s cells activated to an abnormal degree, and their specs will be greatly improved.

Just as how Tama, an ordinary moon wolf, became ‘the Moonlight Great Wolf’, Taylor also gained a glimpse of power beyond the realm of humans.


“Look, Wendy. I’m perfectly healthy now, aren’t I?”


Taylor walked around her room in a lively manner.


“Y-you’re right…”


“Hehe, maybe I had the Saint’s blessing.”


After hearing the fleeting joke from the Taylor,


(Ah, awawawawa…)


Luna almost foamed in her mouth.


“Wendy’s friends came all the way to visit, so I should make a huge feast today! ─ Oh, I should inform my husband too! Luna-san, Rho-san, Sarles-san, I’ll see you again at dinner.”


Immediately after Taylor said that and left the room,




“What’s wrong? Hurry! I need to contact my husband as soon as possible!”


“Ooh, it’s a miracle… Thank you, Saint…’’


They could hear the frantic voices of the servants.


While the Triard family was filled with joy, Wendy once again faced Luna directly.


“Luna-san, thank you for lifting my mother’s curse… Thank you, thank you so much…”


Wendy hugged Luna tightly and thanked her over and over again.


“No, no, don’t worry about it (…It’s okay, right? They haven’t found out that I’m the Saint…? Sarco-san vouched for my skill, so I’m sure it’ll be fine… right?)”


Although Luna was nervous, she gently patted Wendy’s back.


After Wendy firmly conveyed her gratitude to Luna, she turned around.


“Thank you very much, Sarco-san and Rho-san as well.”


“Heh, we didn’t do anything.”


“That’s right, it was just Luna’s potion that was amazing.”


Sarco and Rho smiled softly, and as a calm and kind atmosphere flowed through the air, Wendy clapped her hands as if remembering something.


“─ Ah, that’s right. I need to show everyone to their rooms.”


Just when Luna and the others were about to leave Taylor’s room, Sarco saw a certain ‘object’ and turned pale.


“Wen, dy… You, where did you get that…!?”


In her line of sight was a black snake sculpture the size of which could fit in the palm of her hand displayed on top of the cupboard.


“It’s a magic tool used to exorcise curses. The doctor put it there to pray for my mother’s recovery… Eh? Why is it broken?”


For some reason, the head of the snake sculpture had been shattered into pieces.


“Wendy… please calmly listen to me. That ornament is not a magical tool for exorcizing curses. That is a Cursed Sculpture used by ethnic minorities in the western regions of the Divine Kingdom to curse someone to death.”


“… Eh…”


For a moment, she couldn’t comprehend what was said.


“A large amount of hair soaked in deadly poison is embedded in the head of the Cursed Sculpture and it is used as a support for the curse… the head has turned to dust for some reason so it’s probably no longer dangerous.”


The curse placed on the Taylor was crushed by the Saint’s elixir and as a result ─ the Cursed Sculpture that was the origin of the curse was struck by a strong rebound and shattered.


“Anyway, something like that can only be harmful. Please dispose of it immediately.”


“I-I understand…”


Wendy immediately called a servant and asked them to destroy the Cursed Sculpture.


After cleaning up, Wendy guided Luna and the others to their respective guest rooms.


Naturally, during that time, her heart wasn’t calm.


(His Majesty, the doctor arranged by His Majesty… was placing the curse on my mother…?)


Certainly, there were some oddities.


Not only was a famous doctor assigned to examine her, but despite the care given to her, her mother’s condition had not improved and had only continued to worsen.

The world-famous doctor specializing in demonic beasts had explained to her that ‘that’s what a curse is’, so she was forced to accept it… but she still felt a sense of disbelief.


And this time, clear evidence of a Cursed Sculpture had come to light.


(…N-no, that can’t be true… His Majesty the Emperor is a wonderful person full of compassion, and he came all the way to our mansion to check on my mother’s condition─)


When she thought about it, a certain possibility crossed her mind.


Ten years ago, Adorinus once visited the Triard house to check on Taylor, who was on her sick bed.


[─Don’t worry. Your mother will definitely get better. I will guarantee it.]


[… Yes… Thank you, Your Majesty…]


Adorinus said as he gently patted young Wendy’s head.

Those words were very reassuring to her and evoked her gratitude.


But now, she began to see an ‘other side’ to the event.


(Could it be… that he was here to check if the curse was working properly?)


By the time Wendy got to that point, her head was buzzing.


(No, there will be no end to it if I think about it in a bad light… Right now, I’m on a mission, so let’s forget everything and keep an eye on the Saint ─ Rho Steinclaw.)


Wendy suppressed her mental disarray with her strong self-control, but…  the seeds of suspicion had taken root in her heart.



The Great Reincarnation Festival would be held from noon the next day.

Luna and her friends were tired from traveling from Kingdom to Empire, so they decided to spend the day relaxing at the Triard family’s mansion.


The time was 18:00.


Luna, Rho, Sarco, and Wendy were chatting happily in the large hall when a knock sounded and a female servant entered.


“Excuse me. Dinner is ready. The Lady will be waiting in the dining room.”


“What, is it that time already?”

Wendy immediately checked the wall clock and opened her mouth slightly in surprise.


“Ahaha, the fun times fly by in the blink of an eye.”


“I feel like I’ve lost something. But school classes feel like they’re really long instead.”


“It’s okay, we’re staying over tonight, so there’s still some nighttime left.”


After that, Luna and the others were taken to the dining room by the servants.


There, there was an array of extravagant dishes, including steak, roast beef, cabbage rolls, grilled salmon, pescatore, assorted fresh vegetables, and a wide variety of soups.


“Wow, what a great feast…!”


Luna’s empty stomach was enticed and her eyes sparkled.


“Hehe, I hope it suits your taste.”


Taylor smiled softly as she took off her apron.

All the dishes lined up there were made by her, who even earned a chef’s license due to her interest in cooking, by putting all her skills into them.


“Oh, mom, suddenly doing so much… Are you sure you’re okay?”


“Wendy is such a worrywart.”


It wasn’t just Wendy who was worried about Taylor’s health, but so were the servants of the Triard family.


“If it’s dishes for the guests, we’ll make the best for them!”


“For today, please rest…!”


“Isn’t Milady still recovering from her illness?”


All the servants protested in unison, desperately trying to hold her back, but… Taylor, with a strong desire to serve Wendy’s friends to whom she owed a great debt, stubbornly did not give up making her home-cooked meals.


By the way… Wendy’s special skill is cooking, which is the result of being strongly influenced by her mother.


“Now, everyone, take a seat anywhere you wish.”


Luna, Rho, Sarco, and Wendy each took their seats as they wanted.


“““““─ Thank you for the meal.””””


They conveyed their thanks before the meal with both hands clasped together.


Luna took a cabbage roll in front of her and put it into her mouth.


“Mhmm, it’s delicious…!”


The sweetness of the cabbage and the flavor of the meat formed an exquisite harmony and her mouth was filled with happiness.


“Hey, you shouldn’t talk with something in your mouth. Isn’t that bad manners?”


Rho, her maid, quickly corrected her master’s manners.


“Hehe. You don’t have to eat in such a hurry, okay? There’s still plenty of refills, so eat as much as you like.”


“Mhmm… Thank you so much!”


After savoring the imperial cuisine, they enjoyed the natural hot spring bath inside the mansion.


Luna finished washing her head and body before anyone else and soaked up to her shoulders in the hot springs.


“Ahh, I’m coming back to life…”


As she was melting like slime in the hot water, Rho, Sarco, and Wendy entered the bath a beat later.


“Hey, Wendy’s breasts are huge…!”


“Well, that is amazing!”


“I-It’s a little embarrassing even when we’re both girls…”


Rho and Sarco made a fuss, and Wendy’s face turned red from embarrassment.


(I-I see, she’s the type that ‘looks slender in clothes?’… As expected of the main heroine, how wonderful…)


Luna wasn’t small by any means, but Wendy was extremely well-endowed.


After that, they enjoyed the open-air bath surrounded by rocks, small personal bath, and lie-down bath and washed away the fatigue of the day before changing into their nightwear and gathering in the large hall.


Once everyone had laid out the futon together, the standard pillow fight began.


“Well, let’s go! Hua…!”


“Hey, Sarco, you’re too serious…!?”


“Oh, ho, ho, ho! The family motto of my Layton family is, ‘Throw your best in any game’.”


“Hmm, if that’s what you want… take this!”


Rho and Sarco played like children and engaged in a pillow fight.


The two appeared to be very compatible and were always having fun hanging out together.


“Ahaha, both Rho and Sarco-san are so energetic.”


On Luna’s calmly smiling face,






A pillow thrown by Wendy struck her directly.


“Hehe, you were off guard.”


“Damn… now you’ve done it, Wendy-san!”


After getting some exercise, they played the globally popular card game ‘UNU’.


“─ Hehehehe, this is my victory!”


“Luna, you didn’t say Unu, did you?”




The girls played card games for a while before they blew out the candlestick flames and everyone gathered under one futon and began playing ‘Love stories’.


“Speaking of love stories, I am Sarles Co. Layton, also known as the ‘Empress of the Night Party’! I will be in charge of tonight’s stage performance!’’


Sarco, who boasted, ‘I prefer love over three meals a day’, was visibly the most excited of the entire day.


“Okay, everyone, let’s start with a light jab ─ let’s announce the type of gentleman you like!”


Sarco, who was smiling, started off by talking about some light topics.




“What should I say, it’s a little embarrassing…”


“Gentleman’s type huh?”


The three of them, who had no experience in love, blushed in embarrassment.


“Then, let’s go clockwise starting with me who started the conversation. My favorite type is ─ a gentleman with great family status, who is rich, honest, kind, and intelligent!”


“Yeah, I kind of can tell.”


“Sarco, you are faithful to your desires.”


“Your dreams are high, isn’t it?”


After Sarco’s announcement, the next was Wendy on the right.


“I…I guess. I guess I’d like a kind person after all.”


Her answer was naturally that of a main heroine.


“Damn, that’s a very ‘that’ answer…”


“Well, being kind is important.”


“That’s the right answer!”


Now it was Rho’s turn.


“Hmm, for me…”


As she was thinking about it rather seriously, Luna appeared in the corner of her vision ─ and her answer was decided.


“…Yeah, I’d like someone who doesn’t require much taking care of.”


A hard-working person who is often at the mercy of her master, an overworked maid’s reasonable answer.


“I-I just felt an intense stare…”


“Ah, that is also a realistic answer.”


“It sounds very much like Rho-san.”


And finally, our Saint.


“Hmm… I haven’t really thought about the type of person of the opposite sex that I like…”


Three hundred years ago, Luna’s daily life was filled with blood and death.


When she woke up in the morning, she would go to the battlefield and annihilate demons.

After eating lunch, she went to another site to destroy monsters.

At night, she runs around on the front lines until the last minute before the date changes.


Every day, on her days off or in her free time, she shuts herself in her room and mass-produces black history in the form of personal novels, doujinshi, and poetry collections.

Not to mention indulging in love, she didn’t even have the time to interact with the opposite sex, and she didn’t even know what kind of man was her type. She had never even thought about it.


“If you haven’t thought about it much, now is your chance! Be sure to verbalize your preferred type to avoid future mismatches!”


“Uh, yeah, I see. But, I wonder if it’s my favorite type…”


Luna arched her eyebrows and thought for a while… until she came up with a certain ‘answer’.


“In regards of strength… I’d like someone stronger than me.’’


Such a gentleman does not exist.

If her values ​​do not change, Luna will be single forever.


“Hmm, a strong person (as a maid, I have to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t get caught with some strange man…)”


“I see, Luna has a desire to be protected!”


“I think it’s very girly and very nice.”


When all four of them finished announcing their favorite types, Sarco suddenly stood up.


“Fufufufu, things are getting really exciting! Now, the next question is, ‘Frankly! What is the gesture of a gentleman that makes your heart throb!?’ This time, we’ll go in the opposite order, Luna!”


“Eh, from me…!?”


In the end, on that day, the girls’ party continued until late at night ─ Luna was able to enjoy her ‘spring’ after 300 years.


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