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WM V2 Extra 15

Extra 15 <Intermission> The Assault on the Pope Part 2

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


Two weeks had passed since the announcement that Graham would ascend as the next Pope following the results of the papal election.

The enthronement ceremony was about to be held in the amphitheater.


Typically, the enthronement ceremony is conducted within the Papal Palace the day after the papal election concludes.

On the third day following the election, the newly elected Pope appears before the believers donning the papal robes and crown.


However, this time, the enthronement ceremony was to be held in the amphitheater.

This was not unprecedented.

But extremely rare.

Having only occurred twice in the past three hundred years.



Moreover, this time, the delegation from the Central Countries was present as honored guests.



The delegation was seated in the front row of the audience, similar to the papal inauguration ceremony.

The difference this time was that the civil officials were absent, with only the delegation leader and their guards present.

This was because they had been informed that the assembly hall would soon become a battlefield…


“Will the vampires really come?”

Hugh McGrath, the leader of the Kingdom’s delegation, murmured.


“We’ve seen vampires before, but we’ve never fought them.”

Whispered Niels, the swordsman from ‘Room 10’.


“The passageways leading to these seats are completely sealed off this time. The people coming from outside will enter directly to the central area, right?”

“Yes. Everyone went out of their way to climb the stairs and reach these seats.”

Etho, the priest, and Amon, the swordsman of ‘Room 10’, were conversing.



The amphitheater had undergone thorough renovations.


Previously, it was possible to access the audience seats from the stairs, but that was no longer the case.

Thus, the audience seats were supposed to be safe, but…



Three years ago, the three members of ‘Room 10’, Hugh, the hero party, and a certain water-attribute magician fought against vampires and their followers.

The vampire was a ‘Count’ who wielded dark-attribute magic.


“I was mentally controlled back then.”

Hugh recalled the memory, his face grimacing with a look of resentment.


Frankly, he hoped to avoid facing such foes in large numbers again…


However, within the Kingdom’s delegation, Hugh had to take the lead.

This was because his holy sword, Galahad, had the ability to seal regeneration.

The most troublesome aspect of vampires is their ability to regenerate quickly when cut by an ordinary sword.

But with Hugh’s Galahad, that regeneration could be prevented.


Therefore, he had no choice but to cut down the vampires on the front lines…


“What a hassle…”

His murmur was so faint that no one else could hear it.




The enthronement ceremony was very brief compared to the inauguration ceremony.


The next Pope would don the white papal robes and the three-tiered crown.

Then hold the ‘Papal Staff’, a one-meter-long staff with a white jewel.


This appearance would be shown to the clergy.


That was all.


There would be no declaration of policies or speeches.

Those would be given at a later date during a formal audience with the believers.



Due to the brevity of the enthronement ceremony, the attackers had little time to act.



It happened when Graham donned the three-tiered crown.

“They’ve come.”

Graham muttered, looking toward the arena entrance.


Cardinal Stefania, the new cardinal, also seemed to sense it.

Taking the holy sword prepared for this occasion from Archbishop Schlotter who stood behind her.



Ten seconds later.


The doors at the arena entrance were blown off.



Riding the momentum of the explosion, numerous figures charged towards the newly crowned Pope Graham.


“What in the world is that number…?”

Hugh McGrath muttered from the audience.


Over a hundred figures were attacking.


“Over a hundred vampires?”

“We struggled so much against just one last time.”

Etho murmured, while Niels looked stunned.


Indeed, roughly over a hundred vampires.



However, none of the clergy moved. No, they did not budge.


Only Graham raised his right hand.

And then forcefully swung it down.


Seeing this, Cardinal Adolfito and the other cardinals and archbishops confirmed the signal.

And began channeling their magic into the magic stones they held.






A dull, low sound resonated throughout the arena.

Simultaneously, something was drawn on the ground.


“A magic circle?”

“Aren’t magic circles usually round?”

“Is that… a star shape?”

From the slightly elevated audience seats, it was clearly visible.

However, neither Niels, Etho, nor Amon were confident.


Unlike the familiar circular magic circles they knew, a star-shaped magic circle, composed of straight lines, was drawn on the ground.



In fact, even Cardinal Adolfito and the others who activated the magic circle by channeling their magic power into it were not told what it was for.

However, they followed the instructions and activated it as directed.


This is because the one who created and directed the magic circle was none other than the new Pope, Graham.



All the vampires that had infiltrated the arena trembled as if struck by lightning, then collapsed unconscious.



Were they wiped out?





Once again, the same number of vampires infiltrated the arena through the front entrance.


“A total of two hundred vampires? How is that even possible?”

Hugh’s mutterings were audible to those around him, but no one could answer.


The number of vampires has drastically decreased.


This is a commonly accepted belief not only among the Western Countries but also among the people of the Central Countries.

Yet, the fact that they could muster a force of two hundred here suggests… this group must consist of over a thousand vampires in total.



But first, there is the immediate problem.

They managed to take down the first hundred vampires with a trap, but what to do about this second wave of a hundred vampires…



Something strange happened right in front of Hugh and the others.



First, the hundred vampires knocked down by the magic circle got back up.

Then, they attacked the hundred newly infiltrating vampires.


A fierce battle ensued among them.



“What is going on?”

No one answered Niels’ question.


In fact, not only the delegation but even the clergy couldn’t understand the scene before them.


Among the clergy, only one other person besides Graham understood.

“That magic circle just now… it’s a puppet magic circle…”

Stefania, standing next to Graham with a sword in hand, murmured.


“Half correct. It’s a collective puppet specifically for vampires. But it’s still strange.”


“The success rate against even baron-level vampires is about fifty percent. It’s not that high. But all the ones in front of us have turned into puppets. I thought the same during the fight at the Tower of Silence, are they half-baked vampires?”

“But… their movements and abilities could be considered baron-level…”

Stefania responded to Graham’s words.


Stefania is the head of the Inquisition.

Which means, besides Graham, she is the clergyman who has faced vampires the most within the church.


Even from her perspective, their movements were not inferior.

“Yes… their movements are not inferior… Could they be artificially accelerated?”

“Artificially accelerated vampires… I can’t even comprehend that.”

“Yeah, I don’t understand it myself even as I say it.”


The term artificially accelerated slipped from Graham’s mouth, but whether such a thing is possible is unknown.


Although a fierce internal battle was unfolding, there was no satisfaction in their expressions.



“Well then, what’s next?”

“Your Eminence… no, Your Holiness, there are still enemies.”

“Of course. They must have known we laid traps. They attacked us with that knowledge. They must have prepared multiple layers of attacks.”


At that moment.


A shadow attacked Graham.






Graham drew the sword from his usual cane and blocked the strike.

“Finally, the real thing.”


But as he looked at the attacker, his face twisted.


“Not ‘Hal’, I see.”

Graham muttered, his voice a mix of disappointment and relief as his expectation of the attacker he had in mind was proven wrong.


After muttering, he quickly reverted to his usual tone and spoke.

“I am Pope Graham. Who are you?”


But the attacking man did not answer.


Stefania was poised to strike at any opening… but there was none as the attacker continued pressing Graham.

It was clear he was quite skilled.



“Let me ask you again. Who are you?”

Graham inquired once more, but the man remained silent.


“Hmm. Have recent vampires lost even the ability to state their names? In the past, they would proudly declare their identities, and even we in the church, despite being their nemeses, would admire their audacity. It is lamentable to see vampires reduced to such pitiful creatures.”

“You lowly wretch!”

The man, provoked by Graham’s taunt, became enraged.


Graham knew well that such provocations were effective against vampires, who held immense pride.



“I am Dinu Lesco, Marquis of Sionca!”

“…A Marquis?”

Stefania murmured in surprise when Dinu Lesco announced his name.


“A marquis, huh? Quite the big shot.”

Graham remarked with a sly smile.

Even for someone known as a vampire hunter like Graham, encounters with marquis-level vampires were exceedingly rare.


These individuals rarely revealed themselves.



“But, Marquis, look at what has become of your allies.”

Graham pointed out the situation in the arena.


More than half of both the first hundred vampires turned into puppets by Graham and the second wave of a hundred had been defeated.


“It doesn’t matter.”

Dinu Lesco smiled slyly.



The reason became clear immediately.



“There’s something in the sky…”

Stefania exclaimed, looking up.


Dozens of vampires were seen descending into the amphitheater from the sky.

Although they were vampires, they weren’t flying as bats or with wings.


Had a certain water-attribute magician been present, he might have exclaimed;



Yes, over fifty vampires were attempting to attack from the sky using something like gliders.



The amphitheater had no roof.

It was open to the sky.


An aerial assault was entirely unexpected…



But in the audience seats, there was an exceptional fire-attribute magician.

Count Oscar Rusca, the Explosive Blaze Magician.




The moment he chanted, a blinding light filled the sky, forming a white curtain.

It was a curtain of scorching flames… so hot that it appeared white instead of red…

The curtain of flames engulfed the airborne vampires in an instant… evaporating them entirely.


Even vampires, with their unparalleled regenerative abilities, vanished without a trace when evaporated in an instant.




Marquis Dinu Lesco muttered as he caught sight of the scene out of the corner of his eye.


“I agree, it’s unbelievable. But there are terrifying magicians in this world.”

Graham said with a wry smile.

Indeed, he could only smile wryly.

Such a spell was impossible to defend against…




Dinu Lesco ordered and made a large backward leap.

Simultaneously, he pulled something from his pocket and smashed it on the ground.


A thick white smoke billowed up from the smashed object.


The surviving vampires from the second wave did the same, and the arena was quickly filled with smoke.



“Don’t pursue them!”

Graham shouted immediately.


They had managed to fight advantageously this time due to the trap, but vampires were never easy opponents.

Even artificially accelerated ones…



“Your Holiness, a marquis…”

“Yeah, it was a bit surprising.”

Graham nodded in response to Stefania’s words.


“But in a way, it was a relief. If he was our only opponent, we could manage with proper preparations.”

“Is it because he wasn’t the ‘Hal’ you mentioned earlier?”

“You heard that.”

“Yes. …Who is this ‘Hal’?”


Stefania asked.

Graham hesitated before answering.

This was unusual.


It meant that even for the person he trusted most, Stefania, he was reluctant to disclose the information.



“Keep this to yourself. ‘Hal’ is… something like the leader of the vampires.”

“A duke, or perhaps a grand duke?”

“No, not like that. He’s extraordinary in all aspects… you could say he is the final evolved form of a vampire.”


Graham spoke while shaking his head slightly.

He might have been picturing ‘Hal’ in his mind.


“In terms of swordsmanship, I don’t even come close. He could defeat me as easily as twisting a baby’s arm.”

“No way…”

“He can wield all six attributes of magic.”


“Moreover, he’s a genius in alchemy.”

“That sounds like a monster…”

“Indeed, a monster. The ultimate and the supreme.”


Graham nodded in agreement with Stefania’s involuntary exclamation.


“If the enemy this time had been that ‘Hal’, we would have had no choice but to surrender completely… but it wasn’t. We were lucky.”

“And… where is this ‘Hal’ now?”

“Who knows? He should be leading a bunch of vampires, but I have no idea where he is. Come to think of it… the vampires used to call ‘Hal’ this…”


After a pause, Graham continued.


“The True Ancestor.”



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