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WM V2 Extra 3

Extra 3 <Intermission> The Case of the Knights and the People Around the Coffin

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


Ryo and Abel disappeared.


No one was able to move immediately.


This applied even to the knights comprising the Kingdom Army.

Especially those who were relatively close and witnessed the moment of disappearance…



Imogen, the Knight Captain leading the Valkyrie Knight Order, collapsed at that moment.

“Your Majesty… Your Majesty…”

She murmured repeatedly.


Her beloved King Abel had disappeared.

She was in a state of shock and disbelief.


However, a close friend immediately approached Imogen.

“Imogen, get up!”

Although softly spoken, her friend’s words were sharp.


It was Miu, the Magic Corps Commander of the Valkyrie Knight Order.


“I understand you’re in shock, but Imogen, you’re the Knight Captain. Your subordinates are always watching you. You are their hope. You must not falter. You have to keep going.”


“His Majesty will be fine, I’m sure. He must be alive somewhere. He’ll return with Duke Rondo eventually. And when he does, you want him to say, ‘Well done, Imogen!’, you want him to praise you, don’t you? So, stand up.”


Miu encouraged her.


Those in leadership positions must maintain their composure even if it means putting up a facade… she knows that well.

Her grandfather was the former Lord of Twilight Land. And her father, the influential noble Marquis Westwing.

Having observed leaders from a young age, Miu understands the challenges involved better than most.

That’s why she admired her close friend, who established, nurtured, and led one of the kingdom’s representative knight orders.


She understood the difficulties more than anyone within the Knight Order.


That’s precisely why!

Yes, precisely because of that, she must not crumble here.


She understands the sentiment.

Anyone would be dumbfounded if their beloved king vanished before their eyes.


But crumbling here would cause everything they had built up until now to collapse.

That wouldn’t be what Imogen wants, nor would it be what the vanished king desires.



That’s why she must stand up and keep going.



“Yeah…you’re right. For His Majesty’s sake, we must hold our ground.”

Imogen said, her voice still weak, as she rose to her feet.


She wobbled instinctively.

From her right, Vice Commander Camilla and from her left, Scout Squad Leader Abigail supported her.

“You guys…”

Imogen muttered, and Camilla and Abigail nodded their heads.

Miu smiled warmly in front of them.




“Imogen has recovered, but approximately one person is still lost.”

Scout Squad Leader Abigail said, supporting Imogen.


At the end of her gaze…


“Ryo-san… my dear Ryo-san…”

Scarlett, who always wore a smile full of affection and was also a spiritual pillar for the Valkyrie executives, sat on the ground and murmured.



“I’ve never seen Scarlett with that expression before…”

“Ryo-san… because she’s a fan of Duke Rondo, isn’t she…”

Imogen, Camilla, and Miu all witnessed this scene for the first time.


Supported by others, Imogen approached Scarlett, who was sitting on the ground.



“What should I do, Imogen? Ryo-san…”

Tears overflowed from Scarlett’s eyes.


“Duke Rondo… Ryo-dono will be fine, I believe. He’s such a powerful magician. He’ll definitely come back safely.”


“Yeah. He appeared out of nowhere just a moment ago. He always rushes to the kingdom’s aid in times of crisis… that’s what the Premier Duke does. So, he’ll definitely come back safely.”

“Yeah… that’s true. If the Kingdom is in peril… if someone threatens the Kingdom, he’ll rush back immediately, won’t he?”

“No, let’s refrain from such unsettling remarks, yeah?”

Scarlett said, as if she had realized something, and Imogen stopped her, recognizing the unsettling nature of her words.



… Afterward, Scarlett regained her usual smile filled with affection.

Surely, she wouldn’t do anything to endanger the Kingdom… probably… supposedly.




The Royal Knights had lost some time to despair, but their recovery was swift.

It was thanks to the quick recovery of their commander, Dontan.


With King Abel gone, no one could move for a while.

They were all in the same boat.




“Royal Knights, assemble!”

A voice echoed within the Royal Knights.


The members were brought back to reality by that voice.

It was the voice of their commander, Dontan.



Another command was issued.


This time, all the knights moved immediately into formation.


“We can no longer follow His Majesty’s orders.”

Dontan’s words were steady.


Deep down, sadness and regret for what couldn’t be prevented mixed within him, but he didn’t show it.

Because he was a commander.

Commanders must not waver.

He had learned this from his beloved King Abel and respected former Royal Knight Captain Marquis Heinlein.

So, he couldn’t show any hesitation.


“From now on, the Royal Knights will prioritize Rihya-sama’s instructions. Remember that.”

When it comes to mobilizing people within an organization, ensuring everyone recognizes the chain of command is crucial.

Not understanding who to follow can lead to the biggest wavering, leaving individuals unable to act…


At that moment, Dontan ensured that the members recognized the chain of command.


From there, they just had to follow orders.

The knights felt a sense of calm settle over them.

Of course, they still worried about the Kingdom’s future, but at least they wouldn’t hesitate on what actions to take.


Just following Queen Rihya’s instructions.


That alone was enough to bring stability to their hearts.

In that regard, it could be said to be an advantage for those belonging to an organization.



Afterward, following Queen Rihya’s instructions, the Royal Knights returned to the royal capital without any issues.


With the unconscious Erwin Ortiz in tow.




It wasn’t just the knights who remained.

There were reinforcements, too.

And they weren’t part of any organization.


“Abel-san and Ryo-san…”

Hero Roman muttered.


But the daze didn’t last long.

He realized that someone was holding his hand.


Roman’s wife and the Demon Lord Nadia.

She held Roman’s right hand with both of hers.


Then, with a gentle smile on her face, she said.

“Those two are fine. They’re alive, although quite far away.”


Roman was surprised by Nadia’s assertion.


“How… do you know?”

Roman asked, looking puzzled.

“I don’t know why, but I just do.”

Nadia replied with a smile.


“Yeah…. You’re right, those two wouldn’t die.”

Roman tried to understand, despite the ambiguity in Nadia’s words.


Of course, both Ryo and Abel could die depending on the circumstances…



Roman nodded several times, then suddenly his gaze fixated on a particular scene.

Nadia soon noticed the same scene and became fixated on it as well.


It was the sight of the Djinn Merlin speaking to what looked like a coffin-like box.

Accompanied by a heavy sigh.



“Ah, Roman, Nadia. It seems I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle.”

Merlin replied, shaking his head repeatedly in response to Roman’s inquiry.


“Um..what’s in that…coffin?”

Nadia asked.

Both Roman and Nadia knew that the coffin-like box had appeared alongside Ryo and Merlin as they emerged from the sky, but they didn’t know what was inside.


“Hmm… a fallen being is inside.”


“I’m not familiar with that word.”

Despite Merlin’s response, neither Roman nor Nadia understood the term ‘Fallen’.


“Well… it’s not a being from this world. Ryo convinced him to share his magic power and forcefully teleport us from the mana-deficient western dungeon…”

“I see.”

Roman nodded, somewhat understanding Merlin’s explanation.


“I thought of asking for his magic power again to return to the Western Countries, but… he refused to cooperate.”


“He’s sealed by Ryo, so he’s open to Ryo’s wishes but refuses to listen to anyone else’s…. Makes sense. Can’t argue with that logic.”

Merlin explained with a wry smile as Roman stood speechless.


“Well, the alchemy and magic formulas used on this coffin… I can’t understand most of it. Obviously, he won’t comply with someone like that.”

“You don’t understand it, Merlin-san?”

“At all. Ryo didn’t write everything, it seems… Well, that’s why I won’t be able to return to the Western Countries for a while.”



The Royal Army began its return from the battlefield to the royal capital.

Leading the way were the Royal Knights and Valkyrie Knights.


At the rear were the Hero Roman, Demon Lord Nadia, and the Djinn Merlin.

Following behind Merlin was the coffin…



“Merlin-san. How… can that coffin move on its own?”

Roman asked. A question that seemed reasonable.

“Well…. it seems Ryo created something like a ‘hole’ to receive magic power and connect it to the western dungeon…but it seems like a little bit of magic power is leaking from there. That’s why it can move…”

“Can the… being inside come out…?”

“I don’t know…”


The two discussed while looking at the coffin, floating slightly above the ground and moving autonomously, following them.

And someone interjected into their conversation.


“I asked earlier, and it seems they have no intention of coming out.”



It was the Demon Lord Nadia who spoke. Both Roman and Merlin were surprised and asked in return.


“It seems willing to answer Nadia’s questions…”

“It seems it acknowledges me as a Demon Lord to some extent.”

Merlin said with a sigh, and Nadia smiled in response.


“Well, whatever. I’ll try and get permission to stay in the Kingdom for a while.”



The day after arriving in the royal capital, under Queen Rihya’s permission, the Djinn Merlin and the ‘coffin’ were granted permission to stay in the Kingdom.



Merlin, enjoying his time with his two grandchildren.

And the coffin following behind.


Such scenes became a common sight in the royal capital…


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