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Chapter 0391 Interrogation

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

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On the way back from the underground space.


“Ryo-san, I have a question.”

“What is it, Amon? Did Niels make an unreasonable demand of you again? What an excuse of a leader, don’t worry, I’ll put him on ice right away!”

“Hey, cut it out, you blockhead.”

Ryo responded to Amon’s question proactively, and Niels stopped him.

Of course, Etho was laughing.



“No, it has nothing to do with Niels-san. I understand this is a basic question, but I was wondering what’s the difference between a magic circle and a magic formula?”

“The difference?”

“Yeah. Both of them produce magical phenomena when magic power is channeled through them, right? Then, in that case, can’t the magic circle and the magic formula be combined into one, instead of being separated into two…?”

Amon asked while pondering.


“Amon, that’s a good point! You are much better suited to be an alchemist than someone like Niels. You should come apprentice under Kenneth immediately…”

“Don’t drag me into this…”

Ryo said, and Niels frowned.



“Well, to put it simply, a magic circle can be activated by channeling magic power of any attribute, but a magic formula can only be activated by channeling magic power of the same attribute. For example, a magic formula with water attribute will only activate if water-attribute magic power is channeled through it.”

“I see…”

“As a trade-off, magic circles can only generate relatively simple magic, because you would have to write very complicated formulas. Well, it is possible to make an amazingly huge and complex magic circle, like the one we just saw… but the more complex it is, the more likely it is to fail. But it is also quite easy to link thousands or tens of thousands of magic formulas together. From the very beginning, they are written or created on the premise of linking several magic formulas together. So, in the end, you can generate some pretty complex magic.”


Of course, Ryo had learned this from Viscount Kenneth Hayward previously.


“Like in sword arts, there are two-handed swords and one-handed swords. Both are ways of using swords, both are sword styles… but they have developed separately, right? You can sort of relate magic circle and magic formula in that manner.”

“Oh, I kinda get it!”



There are many things in the world that, at first glance, seem more reasonable if they were integrated.

However, Ryo believes that there is a good reason for the fact that they have developed separately.

Perhaps because he’s used to seeing things from a historical perspective.


Combining things because, “It’s the logical thing to do”, is not a bad idea… but sometimes it may prove to be a catastrophic move a few years or decades down the line, or so he thought.




The four of them finally arrived at the fourth vault after an endless uphill walk.


“We proceeded downhill going there, so it wasn’t a hassle, but the way back was tough…”

Etho could only shake his head, unable to say anything about Niels’ impression.

He seemed to be quite fatigued.



However, when the four of them got back out to the fourth vault, there was no one there.

Instead, the sound of sword fights could be heard from outside.


“Sounds like quite a few people are going at it.”

Amon muttered, and Ryo nodded.


The door to the vault was gently opened, and the four of them looked outside with only their heads out.


About twenty knights in similar costumes were fighting each other.


“An internal discord?”

“They are, the Knights Templar.”

“Ah! Captain Bachelet from yesterday is among them.”

“So it’s the bunch from the Third Detachment or something, and another faction.”

Ryo gave his honest opinion, Etho pointed out, Amon made an observation, and Niels identified those who were fighting.


The Third Detachment versus another faction of the Knights Templar.



Etho noticed that Deacon Pilar was in the immediate vicinity.

At the same time, Deacon Pilar also noticed the four of them and came running.


“Gentlemen, I’m relieved to see you all made it back safely.”

“Thanks for your concern, and sorry it took us so long to get back. So, what’s going on here…?”

Deacon Pilar called out to them, and Etho responded.


“Yeah. The third detachment, led by Commander Bachelet, examined the vault. Just like you. And when they left the vault, it seemed that they had a dispute with another group of Templars…. I was closing the door to the vault at the time, so I don’t know the details of what transpired, but before I knew it, the situation had escalated to this…”

Deacon Pilar frowned and shook his head slightly.


“We met the members of the third detachment yesterday at another vault. And like us, they’re investigating the stolen items.”

“Yes, it seems so.”

Deacon Pilar nodded to Etho’s explanation.



“The members of the third detachment are avoiding fatal strikes, but their opponents, on the other hand, are really going for the kill. Commander Bachelet and the others are slightly more skilled with swords than them, but because they are being careful not to kill them, they can’t beat them. You never know what will happen when they get tired.”

Niels commented casually.


Neither of them, in particular, was an enemy or an ally, but it seemed that they tended to side with the third detachment because of their somewhat tenuous relationship…

That is human sentiment.


“Niels, what do you want to do?”

Ryo asked.

After all, Niels is the party leader.


“I want the third detachment to win without either side finding out… can you do that?”

“Maybe. Let’s find out.”



“<Ice Freeze>”

The elbow joint of the opponent, who was about to receive Commander Bachelet’s sword froze for a moment.

As a result, the opponent’s sword was sent flying, as he failed in his timing to receive it.

Going with the flow, Bachelet struck his opponent in the back of the head with the broadside of his sword, knocking him out cold.


From that point on, it became one-sided.


When there is an equal number of opponents and the balance is maintained, the battle can easily be decided if that balance is broken.


In one place, a two-on-one situation would arise, and one side would be defeated.

Yet another two-on-one situation would arise in another place….



Eleven Templars were unconscious.



There, Deacon Pilar and the four stepped out.


“Mhm? You lot are the adventurers we met yesterday.”

Commander Bachelet seemed to remember.


“We started watching midway. We thought it would be impolite for adventurers to meddle in a battle between knights.”

Etho said politely.


The Templars are both clergy and knights.


“Mm, that’s very admirable. They just came at us without question. I wonder which unit they belong to…”

While Commander Bachelet was saying that, his men were searching through their belongings.

And apparently found something.

“Commander, here.”

What they found turned out to be a permit.


“A permit from His Eminence Camilo? Are they working under the order of His Eminence Camilo? But even so, how dare they attack fellow Templar Knights…?”

Commander Bachelet’s muttering was a little too loud to be called a murmur.


And naturally, the four of them heard it too.

All four exchanged glances without saying a word.


All four knew who Cardinal Camilo was.

Well, they don’t know exactly what kind of person he is.

Archbishop Goon, who was keeping an eye on Gladys Aldiss, the negotiator for the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Archbishop Goon is Cardinal Camilo’s protege….


So the four of them know Cardinal Camilo’s name.



“We will interrogate them right here and now. Tie them up.”

Commander Bachelet ordered his men.


Hearing this, the four began to talk quietly.

“They are going to interrogate them.”

“Perhaps we will be able to learn some valuable information from them.”

“The priests in the Central Countries are not good at interrogations, so this will be a good learning experience.”

“It’s a church with people like the Inquisition after all… it’s not going to be pretty once they really get started.”

Ryo described the impending event, Amon voiced his expectations, Etho spoke from an educational standpoint, and Niels worried about the scene that would unfold.



The four of them decided to watch from there, seeing as no one said otherwise.



Someone who appeared to be the commander of the attackers woke up.


“I see you’re up. I have a few questions for you lot. And I swear by the name of New-sama, you will answer it truthfully.”

Commander Bachelet announced gravely.


The commander of the attacking party was silent.


“You and your men have the permit of His Eminence Camilo, but answer me, why did you attack us? ”


Commander Bachelet asked, but the commander of the attackers remained silent.

He didn’t even try to make eye contact.


“You mongrel! And you call yourself a glorious Templar Knight? Answer me! ”


Commander Bachelet asked fiercely, but the commander of the attackers remained silent.


“Filthy bastard! Then I will change the question. Why did you come to this place? Tell me what you came here for!”


Commander Bachelet asked a different question, but the commander of the attackers remained silent.



“Well… uh… honestly, I don’t think we can expect much from this.”

“Y-Yeah… the attackers don’t feel like talking… so of course.”

“Is there no way to get them to talk?”

“…No, well, they’re priests, so it’s only natural that they don’t do stuff like torture…”

Ryo was disappointed, Etho agreed, Amon questioned, and Niels voiced his resignation.


It was a very decent, non-violent interrogation.

It may as well be… the kind of Interrogation practiced in the advanced nations of modern Earth…



No one who recognizes that they have done something wrong would ever talk.


“While dwelling on the subject… Ryo made a move.

“What’s wrong?”

Niels asked.

“Someone’s coming. Some kinda bigshot.”


Ryo relayed the information he got from <Passive Sonar>, and Etho questioned.


“The way he’s walking suggests he’s a bigshot. Plus he has people with him.”

“What do you mean by the way he walks…?”

Ryo said, and Niels was taken aback.


“Bigshots have a way of walking that is unique to bigshots. I’ve come to understand such things, recently.”

“Ryo-san, that’s amazing!”

Amon applauded Ryo’s words.


Amon is a great guy as always.



“Walking like a bigshot, like His Majesty Abel?”

Etho seemed to have taken up an interest in the subject.

“Exactly, but Abel’s lineage is different from the one approaching us now. Abel is a martial artist.”

“Martial artist…”

At Ryo’s reply, Niels choked on his words.


The swordsman and former A-rank adventurer king… is certainly a martial artist.



“If anything, it’s more like His Majesty Roberto Pirlo of the Union.”

“I see.”

Ryo’s explanation was insightful to Etho.


“Bigshots and upper-class people have a characteristic walking speed. They walk slowly but rhythmically. Oh, and fat people walk differently too, they rarely put their feet on the ground from the heels…”

Etho and Amon were listening intently to Ryo’s explanation.


Only Niels had a subtle look on his face….



Of course, there are nobles in the Theocracy as well….

“When talking about bigshots or upper class in the Theocracy, it’s gotta be…”

“The clergymen, yeah. Bishops, archbishops…”

Amon said, and Etho responded with a nod.


“Obviously, even with <Passive Sonar>, I can’t figure out the status of the person in question.”

Ryo replied regretfully.

Someday, it will have the accuracy to be able to figure out even that….


Would it though? Logically, it seems impossible….




“Can you please put this interrogation to an end?”

Said the bigshot who appeared.

He was wearing scarlet vestments… with knights behind him….


“Cardinal Camilo…”


Commander Bachelet muttered and exclaimed.

But he quickly dropped to one knee and took a bow.

So did the other members of the Third Detachment.


Deacon Pilar, who was next to the four from Room 10, bowed his head, standing.

Perhaps Templar Knights and other clergy have different ways of showing respect.


At any rate, the four of them also bowed while standing.



“I understand that you are the Templar Knights of the Holy City Garrison Battalion, the Third Detachment?”

Cardinal Camilo asked calmly.


“Yes. I am Andre de Bachelet, commander of the Third Detachment.”

Commander Bachelet did not make eye contact with Cardinal Camilo, and answered with his head down.

“Right, Commander Bachelet. Those men over there are members of the Investigation Unit, working under my orders. It appears there was some kind of misunderstanding, in which case, allow me to apologize for that. I will vouch for their identities, so could you please let them go?”

“O-Of course, Your Eminence.”


Camilo’s calm words weren’t to be taken at face value it seemed.

Sweat was streaming down Commander Bachelet’s face.



Then, the eleven knights were released.



“Now then, I will be bringing the members of the Investigation Unit with me. Thank you for your hard work, Commander Bachelet.”


Without being presented with a clear choice… more like, no clergyman could possibly refuse… the pressure was so overwhelming that Commander Bachelet felt crushed.



The Third Detachment was unable to move until well over a minute after Cardinal Camilo and the others had left.



With a sigh from Commander Bachelet, the rest of the Third Detachment were finally able to move.



“That was quite the pressure.”

“So Cardinals are that amazing.”

“The pressure felt like that of a veteran swordsman.”

“Those are the kind of people Cardinal Graham is going toe-to-toe with…”

Ryo commented, Amon was stunned, Niels compared him to a swordsman, and Etho thought about Graham’s hardship.




The Third Detachment gathered around Commander Bachelet.

“Commander, Cardinal Camilo showing up here means…”

“Yeah, something is definitely going on. He came all the way here to rescue those men, knowing full well that his actions may draw suspicion towards him…. They may be the ones responsible for the raid on the vaults, or some of them.”


The four were listening in on the conversation.


“You heard ‘em.”

“Should we go after those guys?”

“I can still just barely track them with <Passive Sonar>…”


Ryo then suddenly stopped talking.


“What is it, Ryo?”

“Just now, Eleven bio-signals vanished.”

“What does that mean?”

“Most likely, the eleven guys from earlier have been killed…”

Ryo answered Etho’s question with a frown.



Knowing that they would be suspected and pursued, Cardinal Camilo and his team showed up.

Took eleven potential witnesses with them.

And silenced them at the drop of a hat.


“This is really frightening, a Cardinal…”

“Looks like he doesn’t care even if he is under suspicion.”

Niels said, and Etho agreed.


“Let’s go to the place where the eleven were killed.”



The place was a pond surrounded by forests on the outskirts of the western city of Zephyrus.

“Did he kill them and drop them in the pond?”

“Yeah. Let me take a look. <Scan>.”


He applied the magic spell he had created to probe Abel’s body in detail to look inside the pond.

“Found them. <The World is Mine>.”


He placed the water around their bodies under his control.

Then, he floated the eleven corpses to the surface of the water and finally placed them on the ground.



“Something like this is a piece of cake for a water-attribute magician.”

“Ryo-san, you’re so cool!”

“No, it’s no big deal.”

Amon praised him honestly, and Ryo was embarrassed.


Niels and Etho were already inspecting the corpses.


“They’ve only just been thrown in, and already… something’s already got to them…”

“They were used as bait, that’s why.”

The two were muttering to themselves as they looked at the bodies.


“Everything that could possibly identify these guys has been peeled off…”

“Except, this locket. It was sewn into the inside of the clothes. I think it belongs to the commander of this unit, the one who was being interrogated earlier… though his head is missing.”

The locket that Etho showed was a pendant with a picture of a young woman inside it.

A bewitching beauty.

The locket was engraved with the words.


‘My dearest Elena, to whom I, Tommaso, dedicate my eternal love.’


“The woman in the picture must be Elena, and the man must be Tommaso.”

Niels made a pretty reasonable assumption.


“It is also possible that this painting is Tommaso dressed as a woman and the corpse is Elena dressed as a man…”

“Yeah right!”

Ryo’s bizarre theory was immediately denied by Niels.


Of course, Ryo didn’t think that was the case either.

He just dared… yup, dared, to look at it from another perspective.

To further the discussion!

For the heck of it.



“The fact that this is all we have to go on is just…”

“Yeah, it’s pretty sad.”

“This is going to require so much work.”

“It’s already late, let’s stay in the city of Zephyrus today.”

Niels lamented the lack of information, Etho agreed, Amon understood the difficulties ahead, and Ryo suggested staying the night.


“You seem unfazed, Ryo.”

“To stay in perfect physical condition, lodging and meals are very important.”

Niels’ tone of exasperation was met with Ryo wagging his finger at him in a pompous manner.


Since there was no reason to deny it, the three of them agreed in the end and looked for a place to stay in Zephyrus.


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  1. Eleven knights are captured, eleven knights are set free by a Cardinal, and then eleven corpse are found washed up on the shore of a nearby pond, with all their identifying features, VINumbers and barcodes scraped off…? Something may be going on… luckily none of these coincidentally tied events were connected, or it would be a bigger mystery.

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    I kinda feel that this arc has some pacing issues. The story is just not connecting naturally like previous story arcs…

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