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Chapter 0394 Count Padawan

Translator: Tseirp


The four people from ‘Room 10’ made a large detour to the back of the mansion.

The sounds of the battle at the front could be heard even where they were, which was quite far away.

But on the other hand, as long as they could hear that, there shouldn’t be much attention on them…


“All the golems went to the other side, right?”

“Yes. There are ten adventurers in the garden of the mansion, but seven are near the front door. Three are near the back door.”

With Ryo’s <Passive Sonar>, their positioning was completely exposed.


“As always, Ryo’s detection is overpowered.”

“We can attack with peace of mind.”

“I feel like Amon’s thinking is growing in a strange direction…”

Etho was impressed, Amon gave his honest impressions, and Niels shook his head slightly.


“I hope the golem don’t notice us and come over…”

“It’s okay, Etho. That’s why Niels unscrupulously waited until the Knights Templars engaged the main Golem force. Even if they notice, it would be difficult for them to simply break away from the battle and pursue us.”

Ryo answered Etho’s concerns.


“You’re not wrong, but is there a need to express it that way?”

Niels seemed dissatisfied…



In the end, the adventurers near the back door were immediately frozen in ice, and the four of them succeeded in entering the mansion without anyone noticing.


“Inside the mansion… as far as I can tell, there are six people.”

“That’s quite little.”

Niels commented on Ryo’s report.


“One person… is drunk on the third floor. There’s a bedroom connected to the room he’s in, so I guess he’s the owner of this mansion. Count What’s-his-name. There’s also five people gathered in a large room that looks like a dining room on the first floor.”

“You can even tell that he’s drunk…”

“He’s swirling the drink next to him at a fairly fast pace, but his movements are a bit unsteady… so he’s probably drunk.’’


In any situation, you have to analyze the information you have obtained and make inferences from it.

Even for magic.

No, in fact, because it’s magic, the ability to analyze and reason is extremely important.


No one else has that information.

Only him.

So of course, the only person he could rely on for analysis was himself.



“First, let’s take control of the five people on the first floor.”

Niels decided on a direction, and the three of them nodded.



The four of them arrive in front of the door.

Niels nodded to Ryo.

Ryo held up three fingers.

Next, two.

And then one.


(<Ice Bind 5>)

The moment it turned to go, Niels kicked down the door.


All four rushed in.


Five adventurers were lying on the floor.

Their hands, feet, and mouth were bound with ice.

So that they couldn’t resist, so that they couldn’t scream…




Niels was confused and looked at Ryo.

“I knew the location of the five people through sonar, so I incapacitated them while I was counting down three, two, and one. I was nervous because there might be a sixth person that I didn’t know about, but it’s all good, just the five of them.”


Ryo took a deep breath and looked satisfied, while Niels accepted it, looking a little dissatisfied.


Etho and Amon smiled wryly.


In that way, the mansion was conquered.



“Next, the Count on the third floor.”



A door that appeared to lead to the Count’s room.

Niels knocked properly.


They heard a drunk man’s voice coming from inside.


When they opened the door and entered, a man in his mid-fifties, visibly drunk at first glance, sat in a chair and looked at them.

“Hn? Who are you guys? You’re not the adventurers I hired.”

“Yes, we’re not.”

Niels politely answered the Count’s question.


After all, the man in front of them was probably a noble, so his words were those addressed to nobles.


“I see. Have you come to kill me? Go ahead, kill me. I have no regrets in this world anymore.”

“You’re Count Padawan, aren’t you?”

“That’s right. Ah, of course, you won’t kill me unless you confirm it. Look, my identification plate.”

After saying that, the Count threw the small plate he wore around his neck to Niels.


It was a little different from the plate that Ryo had… The appearances varied considerably depending on the country.

However, the alchemy tools that could read that had become quite common in both the Central and Western Countries.

At the minimum, they are placed at the gates of many cities.

In some cases, even guards carry them around.


Its spread felt unnatural…



However, none of the four people there had such alchemy tools.


“Marie is dead. Lance is already a cripple, and Osiris will not return. And now, Tommaso is dead too… There is no one left to inherit the Count Padawan family… Tommaso was the only hope… really the last… To keep him safe, I did whatever the church asked me to do… When I was told to kill people, I killed them. When I was told to attack the city, I attacked. When I was told to keep it in a place where no one could find it, I kept it… Then… as if all that I have done was not enough, they let Tommaso get attacked. Don’t fuck with me! What priest, what cardinal, what do they think people are?…”


In the end, Count Padawan’s words were filled with anger.


“I pretty much got the whole story.”


Etho said and Niels nodded.


“Count Padawan. We came to look for that something you were told to keep somewhere where no one could find it. Please tell us where it is.”

“…Why do I have to tell you?”

Count Padawan answered Niels’ question with clouded eyes and a frown.


“If you tell me, I will tell you Tommaso’s final wish.”

It was Etho who answered that.


The other three mentally tilted their heads.

What was his final wish?



“Tommaso’s final wish? Hmm, interesting. It’s probably a lie anyway, but I like the way you phrase it. I’ll tell you. There’s a special storage room connected to the neighboring bedroom. It’s inside there. Follow me.”

After saying that, Count Padawan stood up, but his feet were unsteady.


However, he waved off Niels’ extended hand.

And then he started walking.



When he pulled a book on the bookshelf in the bedroom, the bookshelf moved sideways.

“Great gimmick.”

Ryo was a little moved and muttered, but Niels was the only one who reacted to that.

He just shook his head without saying a word.



The storage room contained several barrels, armor, and a bag containing gems.

And there were four long, thin bundles.

Judging from their shapes and sizes, they were probably swords.


“Over there is the something I was told to keep. Take it with you as you like. I’ll be killed anyway.”

When Count Padawan said that, he chuckled.


They opened the four bundles and confirmed that there was a sword inside each one.

A holy sword prevents people other than the owner from touching it… Hugh said that.

The bundles were probably a special bag that allowed the holy sword to be moved.



Niels picked up two of the four swords, and Amon and Ryo each held one in their bags.


Meanwhile, Etho gave the locket to Count Padawan.

It was the locket that Elena at the bar refused to accept.

Because it had nothing to do with her.



“If you’re going to die anyway, why not help others before you die?”


“The woman depicted on this locket is the woman Tommaso loved.”


“They had promised to move to a foreign country together in six months.’’

“I see… Maybe that would have made him happier.”


Count Padawan also nodded slightly at Etho’s words.


“But let’s get to the point. It’s likely that she, Elena, is pregnant with Tommaso’s child.”

“Are you sure!?”

Count Padawan wasn’t the only one who was surprised by Etho’s words.

Niels, Amon, and Ryo too.


The three of them made eye contact.


“I’m a priest, so I could tell. There’s a new life in her. If you’re going to die anyway, wouldn’t it be too late to die after saving her?”

Etho said and gave him the location of the bar and restaurant where Elena worked on a piece of paper.


“You can’t buy time back. But you can atone for your sins.”


Author’s note:

They obtained the holy swords without any major issue.

That’s great.

But they are on the outskirts of the Holy Capital.

I hope they can return to the Holy Capital safely… hehehe.


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