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Chapter 0400 Intermission – Graham and Stefania

Translator: Tseirp


“Excuse me, Stefania.”



The office of the Grand Inquisitor.


The Inquisition is a separate building from the Papal Palace.

Although they are connected by a bridge, people rarely cross it.

For that reason, ordinary clergymen rarely visit the office of the Grand Inquisitor.

And even more so if they are a Cardinal…



“Is there any reason why a cardinal would come to a place like this?”

She was flustered for only a moment.

Archbishop Stefania immediately put on her calm and collected mask and asked.


“No, it’s just a visit to my old workplace, nothing to worry about.”

Cardinal Graham answered with a smile throughout.



Cardinal Graham, former Grand Inquisitor.

Archbishop Stefania, current Grand Inquisitor.


When Graham joined the Hero Party as a representative of the clergy, he recommended Stefania as his successor as the Grand Inquisitor.


Six years have passed since then and Stefania has been serving as the Grand Inquisitor shrewdly.



However, to some extent, that is the evaluation and impression of those on the outside, including Graham.


Stefania in question has different evaluations and impressions about herself.


Namely, she is ‘inferior to her predecessor, Graham.’



Of course, no one said that to her face.

Or, she didn’t hear any backbiting.


But she understood.


In many aspects, there is no comparison to Graham.

No matter who, herself included, they acknowledge that.


When Graham was Grand Inquisitor, Stefania was his direct subordinate.

She saw Graham’s skills firsthand.



The difference is obvious.



The misfortune of someone who had a very talented predecessor.

That happens in any world and any organization.


The evaluation criteria for those around you are not based on the evaluation of those who have held the position in the past, but on your immediate predecessor.

Although it can’t be helped, it’s extremely unreasonable.



In fact, Stefania clearly has above-average abilities and continues to produce results, even when compared to previous Grand Inquisitors.

In two more years, there is no doubt that she will be considered one of the top Grand Inquisitors of all time.


But still… she couldn’t reach it.


What could she not reach?

The evaluation of her predecessor, Graham.



Even before Graham became Grand Inquisitor, he held a highly prestigious title.


Vampire hunter.


The conflict between the Western Church and vampires has a long history.

And a deep one.


It is no exaggeration to say that in the history of the Western Church, the greatest enemy is not the Republic of Mafalda, but the vampires.

Although the number of encounters with vampires has decreased in the last hundred years, that is only true among ordinary people.

In reality, the war between the Western Church’s clergy and vampires continues in secret.


Graham’s position in this conflict is that of a hero.

Moreover, a hero rarely seen in recent years.



Overwhelming track record and reputation.


What if such a person becomes the Grand Inquisitor?

What did his new subordinates, the Inquisitors, think?


They truly became enthusiastic supporters.


In fact, the Inquisition, led by Graham, achieved many achievements under his perfect iron leadership.


An organization led by an excellent charismatic person.


Maybe that’s why.

Church leaders at the time were uneasy.

Graham’s power and popularity had become too strong.


It is said that for that reason, Graham was transferred to become a clergyman of the HeroBrave Party.


Of course, the cleric slot in the HeroBrave Party, where one person is always assigned, is also the dream slot of every Western Church cleric.

That’s a fact.

However, was it necessary to be Graham…



As it turned out, Graham fulfilled that role perfectly as well.


The HeroBrave Party successfully subjugated the Demon Lord.

Graham also returned to the position of archbishop of the church, and because of his accomplishments with the Hero Party, he was ranked first in the hierarchy as an archbishop.



Graham is such a man.


He is still more popular than the current Grand Inquisitor Stefania at the Inquisition… no one would be able to deny it.



“No one would believe that His Holiness the Cardinal, who is so busy, came all the way to visit.”

Stefania said without changing her expression.

“Stefania, you don’t have to keep up that scary look.”

Graham still answered with a smile on his face.


Then, he paused for a moment and continued again.


“Then, I’ll get straight to the point. Stefania, come under me, not Cardinal Camilo.”


Graham suggested calmly. Stefania couldn’t hide her surprise.


Of course, Stefania was not surprised that he found out she was siding with Cardinal Camilo.

It wouldn’t be strange for someone of Graham’s stature to know that.

Of course, she didn’t openly act that way, but… it wouldn’t be strange if it was known.



What surprised her was that he clearly and directly proposed that to her.



“Wh-what do you mean…”

“I mean exactly what I said?”

Stefania asked and Graham answered without changing his expression.


“I give everything to the church. I’m not taking sides with anyone.”


Graham didn’t believe Stefania’s words at all.


“In the first place, on what basis did you think I was siding with Cardinal Camilo?”

“Your mother is being held hostage, right?”


The moment Graham said that.


Stefania held a dagger and pointed it at Graham’s throat.



Stefania had the appearance of a demon.

Graham looked calm.



“How do you know that?”

Stefania asked slowly, pausing.

However, the tip of her dagger was trembling slightly.


“Of course, I looked into it.”

Graham answered with the same smile on his face as he had since he entered the room.

Then, he looked at the clock hanging in the room and muttered.

“He should be here soon.”



Five seconds after Graham muttered, there was a knock on the room, and Stefania put away her dagger and returned to her seat.

Immediately, an inquisitor dressed in black robes entered.

“Your Eminence.”

He handed a piece of paper to Graham.


Graham read it once and nodded slightly.


After confirming that the Inquisitor had left, he spoke.

“I received a report. Stefania, I have secured your mother’s safety.”


“She’s heading here now. The former Hero Party is escorting her. I think she’ll get here without any problems.”

“Re… really?”


Stefania’s lips were trembling.

She couldn’t believe it.


How much energy and time did she invest in searching for her?

She even trained people with special missions so that they could quickly retrieve her if she was found.


However, she was hidden so surprisingly well that even the Grand Inquisitor couldn’t find her…

Of course, Cardinal Camilo was involved.



And he found her?

He would bring her here soon?



“Now, let me ask you again. Leave Cardinal Camilo and come to my side.”

Graham asked with the same smile on his face from the beginning.

However, behind his eyes, things were different.

This time, there was no smile behind his eyes.


“Stefania, you want to become the Pope someday, right? There are only two female Pope in history… do you want to be the third? With your ability, you will be able to get there eventually. For that reason, you must not make the wrong choice here.’’

Graham paused, then continued.


“Come to my side.”


Stefania took three deep breaths.


And… she got down on one knee and said.


“Yes, Your Eminence. Stefania offers her complete loyalty to Your Eminence Graham.”


TLN: Please read my translations at, I did not give permission to any site to host my translations. 

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