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Chapter 0402 Graham vs Camilo

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


While there was a commotion in the Kingdom’s delegation quarters, an unexpected person was visiting Graham’s room in the Papal Palace.


“Cardinal Camilo, this is a surprise.”

“Cardinal Graham, there is something I would like to talk to you about. Could you spare some time?”


Coffee was served in front of them.

Naturally, they both had big smiles on their faces…

Monk Karle swallowed several times before he could set the coffee down.


It was not a sense of nervousness.

It was not an air of tension either.

It was not pressure on such a superficial level.


Somehow, it felt as if the depth of his heart was being grabbed with bare hands… a feeling of oppression felt in the deepest part of his psyche…

Something very difficult to express was floating between the two of them.


Karle stepped away and they both took a sip from their cups.



Cardinal Camilo was the first to speak.

“I hear that Cardinal Graham has recently acquired a new pawn.”

His expression remained unchanged with a smile on.

However, just a small amount, a very small amount of anger leaked into the words that came out.


“Well… you call it new pawns… but those four Magicians are friends who I formed a party with Hero Roman…”

“Not that.”

Camilo interjected Graham, who deliberately avoided the question.

From that, it was already clear that Graham’s mental state was superior.


It seemed that the ‘pawn’ that Graham took away was a very important piece for Camilo.


“It seems that you have Archbishop Stefania on your side.”

“Oh, you meant her?”

Camilo pointed it out and Graham nods exaggeratedly.


“Actually, my party companions I mentioned earlier happened to find Archbishop Stefania’s mother being held prisoner. They rescued her. Sigh, there sure are bad people in this world. We don’t know who captured her.”


Of course, it was a lie.

It was Cardinal Camilo in front of him.

However, there was no point in pursuing such a thing.

He won’t admit it anyway.



“I’m glad Archbishop Stefania’s mother was found. That makes me very happy.”

Camilo also nodded with a smile on his face.

However, the anger that had been seeping out seemed to be seeping out even more.


“Well, to be honest, I don’t care about Archbishop Stefania.”

“What do you mean?”

Graham said it like it was nothing and Camilo asked back.


“After all, the Inquisitors have sworn loyalty to me.”

Graham said nonchalantly.


Overwhelming confidence.

That statement implied he had completely captured the hearts of the inquisitors.



“That’s a lot of confidence.”

Camilo laughed.

However, Graham could tell just a little bit from the look in the depths of his eyes that he wasn’t smiling.


(Perhaps this is where he falls short of Cardinal Sacharias… Sacharias’ smile would be perfect, down to the depths of his eyes even in a situation like this.)

Graham thought internally as he smiled.



“Well then, Cardinal Camilo, why don’t you start talking about the main reason you’re here today?”

“Main reason?”

Camilo tilted his head and questioned Graham’s change of topic.


“From what I saw today, the Holy Swords, right?”


Perhaps he hadn’t expected that Graham would know about it.

Unlike before, his expression clearly wavered and he was speechless.


Originally, he might have just come to find out about the Holy Swords.

However, when Graham suddenly brought it up, he seemed shaken.



“That four Holy Swords. Do you think I have them?”

“… You mean the Holy Swords stolen from the vaults? No, I don’t know who has it.”


Officially, they were stolen by someone and it was unknown where they were.

However, in reality, the four from ‘Room 10’ recovered them from the Count Padawan mansion and handed them over to Cardinal Graham through Hugh McGrath.



“Well, I don’t know who has them. I hope they find them soon.”


Graham said with a smile and Camilo responded with a smile as well.



That night.

Graham lives in the Papal Palace too.

In a dormitory for high-ranking clergymen, separate from the building where offices are held.

Priests of bishop rank and above sleep there.

Of course, there are some high-ranking clergy who maintain their mansions within the Holy Capital instead of in the Papal Palace.


By the way, in terms of cardinals, only Cardinal Graham and Cardinal Oskar currently sleep in this residence.


Cardinal Sacharias lives in the Western Church Development Bureau, Cardinal Camilo in the Western Church Retreat Center, and the other cardinals have mansions within the Holy Capital.



Three shadows snuck into Graham’s room in the high-ranking residence.


Of course, there was no sound at all.

You wouldn’t even feel any signs of them.


The three of them are professionals in their field.


Two of them searched inside the room, and one watched the entrance to the room.

Graham was supposed to be sleeping in the next bedroom, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t wake up.


No matter what happened, he could deal with it immediately…



A sword protruded from the lookout’s chest.


The two of them were searching the house, but when they heard the man’s cry, they turned around and saw the scene… At that moment, they couldn’t move.

It was like being in paralysis…


If it were on Earth, it would be a technique called instantaneous hypnosis.


Needless to say, it was the owner of the room who hypnotized the two and restrained their movements, not through magic, but through technique.



“Sorry. I am informed in advance about all the priests and assassins who come in and out of the Papal Palace. So, it’s not a problem with your skills that this happened. However… ordering an attack right that night after visiting in the day… I guess your master is really in a hurry? Well, the inauguration is in three days, so I guess it can’t be helped.”

While saying that, Graham slowly approached the two of them and revealed some kind of powder that he had taken out of his pocket.

At that instant, the two’s eyes turned wide.


“Well, there are a few things I would like to ask you, so I’ll have you answer them. You can’t resist anyway.”



Two hours after Cardinal Camilo sent three assassins to Cardinal Graham, the Western Church Retreat Center.

It is a facility where Cardinal Camilo is in charge.


The three of them were back.

The last one was carrying a long bag that probably contained the swords.


The three of them immediately proceeded to the conference room on the third floor.

Cardinal Camilo, Archbishop Goon, and two of his aides leading the assassination squad were there.


“Oh! You found it!”

Archbishop Goon exclaimed loudly.


Originally, one holy sword was stored in each of the four church vaults.

They were attacked by members of the Knights Templar Inquisitor Battalion led by Tommaso.

However, to be precise, it was not just the knights but also the magicians under Archbishop Goon.


The stolen treasures, including the holy swords, were hidden in the mansion of Tommaso’s father, Count Padawan.

Of course, he knew that it would be discovered eventually.


All he needed to do was secure all four holy swords until the inauguration ceremony.

That was all the instructions he received.


Twenty golems and dozens of adventurers were sent to protect Count Padawan’s mansion.

It was a significant defense force impossible to break through even with 200 knights.


In fact, they succeeded in repelling 50 Knights Templar from the Holy Capital garrison battalion.



However, behind the scenes, it turned out that somebody had stolen the holy swords.


Count Padawan also had little information about the people who stole it.

Probably because he was in such a drunken state.



Therefore, Cardinal Camilo personally contacted Cardinal Graham, who seemed to be the most likely suspect.

And he was convinced.

The holy swords were with Cardinal Graham.


Hence tonight’s attack.



“Bring it.”

When Archbishop Goon said that, a member of the assassination squad came forward carrying a bag.


Just two steps away from reaching Goon… it disappeared.




The moment a pained voice leaked out of Goon’s mouth.



The heads of the two aides who were standing behind him had already been cut off.



Before either Goon or Camilo realized what had happened… a sword was pointed at Camilo’s neck.



“You… Graham!”

“Good evening, Cardinal Camilo.”


Drawing the sword embedded in his staff, Graham slammed the handle into Goon’s solar plexus, and without wasting time, he decapitated the two aides leading the assassination squad, and thrust the sword at Camilo’s neck…

The result was a demonstration of Graham, who was known as the Vampire Hunter, and his overwhelming individual combat power.


“Don’t think you can get away with something like this!”

Throwing away the mask of his daytime smile, Camilo glared at Graham with a full expression of anger.


“Your words are pointless, Cardinal Camilo. We’re past the point where we can get away with it, both of us.”

Graham spoke happily with a smile on his face.


“Your special ‘smoke’ won’t work on me.”

“Well, as expected, a person who rose to the rank of Cardinal is different. I guess a stronger mind is expected. But it’s okay. As long as I have control of your body movements.”


Camilo asked with a puzzled look at Graham’s words.


It was true that a sword was pointed at him, but…

“…Don’t move.”

Before he knew it, his body stopped moving.

Probably a hypnotic technique…


“Yes, it is easy to immobilize the body. It has nothing to do with the strength of the will. Now, here is the question: Cardinal Camilo, do you know what office I held before I joined Roman’s party?”

“…What do you want to say?”

Cardinal Camilo frowned even more.

Of course, he knew that Graham was the head of the Inquisition.


“It’s a little sad that people seem to think I’m a man who can only use sacred smoke.”

Of course, no one thinks that.


After all, he took control of the present situation single-handedly.



Graham, with a flash of his sword, cut off the robe that Camilo wore.

The center of his chest around the heart was exposed.


Graham sliced Camilo’s skin precisely with his sword.

Unlike the commonly known magic circle that is based on circles, a magic circle that used many straight lines was drawn with Camilo’s blood.


Cut a piece of skin and blood oozed.

The blood was then used to draw the magic circle.


Seriously amazing skill.



In just two minutes, a star-shaped magic circle with many straight lines was carved into Camilo’s chest.

Then, slowly, Graham placed his left hand on top of the magic circle.


And chanted.


“Quod Perilat Aparet Latio Quare Migrat, soul in my grasp, soul captured by my will, no matter foolish or good, offer all of you to me <Flarimeam>”



The star-shaped magic circle engraved on Camilo’s chest glowed and Camilo’s eyes opened wide… and he fell to the floor.


“Camilo, wake up.”

Graham spoke and Camilo got up.

“Camilo, who are you?”

“His Eminence Graham’s faithful servant.”


Camilo’s expression was exactly the same as before.


There was no glare in his eyes and there was no change in the way he spoke.

Exactly the same as before.


But he was not the same as before.


“Now Cardinal Camilo has become my puppet.”

Graham said with his ever-present smile.



Archbishop Goon was visibly shaking as he watched the scene.

Graham looked at Goon and called out to him.

“Now then, Archbishop Goon. I’ll let you choose. Either you have a strong will and have a magic circle carved into your chest and become a doll, or you give up your will and follow me through ‘smoke’. Which would you prefer?”


Either way, he won’t retain his will.


“I-I would like the smoke, Your Eminence…”

With trembling lips, Goon stuttered, choosing to be controlled by smoke rather than having a magic circle carved on him.



Goon looked up in horror at Graham’s smiling face…


Author’s note:

Yes, an unprecedented magic (magic circle) has appeared!

Who the hell is Graham!?


In Ch0184 <<Intermission>>, the owner of the study (the true ancestor of vampires) was muttering.

“Graham… that pitiable guy…” he said.


He’s not a hateful person who kept killing vampires, but a ‘pitiable guy’.

Does it have something to do with that?


Someday, somewhere, a story will be written about that…


TLN: Please read my translations at, I did not give permission to any site to host my translations. 

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