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Chapter 0404 Intermission – Akumas

Translator: Tseirp


Somewhere on Phi.


For convenience, it is called the ‘Hall’.



“Wait, Jean-Jacques!”

The Akuma Jean-Jacques Ramon Douce was stopped by a cutting voice.

He could tell who was calling just by the voice, and he wanted to pretend he hadn’t heard it if possible… but if he did that, he might suddenly have his head cut off, so he had no choice but to turn around.


“Hey Leonor, it’s been a while.”

As expected, Leonor Uraca Alburquerque was there.

And the elf Elizabeth was also following behind her.


“Jean-Jacques, let me ask you this, you haven’t messed with Ryo in the Western Countries, have you?’’

Leonor placed her hands on her hips and looked like she was rebuking him.

However, that couldn’t be helped.

Because she knew Jean-Jacques’ personality very well.

When he sees an interesting person like Ryo, he can’t help but mess with him…


Of course this time, Leonor had told him in advance, ‘Do not touch him under any circumstances’, so he did his best to stay away from him.

Even when approaching ‘Those who know the Fallen’, he only did so when Ryo was not nearby.

Yes, it was a tremendous effort coming from Jean-Jacques.



And yet…



“Of course. I haven’t touched a finger of his.”

Jean-Jacques answered confidently.


Leonor looked at him suspiciously.

Then she turned around and asked.

“Elizabeth, isn’t Jean-Jacques lying?”

“Yes, he is lying.”



Elizabeth immediately answered Leonor’s question, and Jean-Jacques couldn’t help but raise his voice.


“I knew it! Jean-Jacques, after I warned you that much!”

“No, wait, Leonor, it’s a misunderstanding! Elizabeth too. You should prioritize peace and answer, ‘He’s not lying’!”

“I’m sorry, Jean-Jacques-sama. It’s not my nature to lie.”


After saying that, Elizabeth bowed deeply.


“Wait, Leonor. Let me explain first.”

“What, an excuse? If you have one, I’ll listen.”

“Excuse… that word is a bit misleading, but sure, it’s fine. I’ll give my excuse. I indeed had a bit of a fight with Ryo… Hey, wait, Leonor, pull back that right hand that’s about to strike. We indeed fought, but it just progressed that way.”

“You probably tried to eat humans again, right? I’ve already told you we need humans to multiply, so don’t eat too much.”

Leonor sighed.


“No, no, it’s that, you know, that guy from the upper dimension who’s messing with the Western Countries. I was trying to eliminate that guy and I just ate a little to interfere…”

“Lies! I’m sure that’s not the full story.”

Jean-Jacques explained, and Leonor concluded.


Then, she turned around.


“Yes, he is lying.”

“Just as I thought!”

Elizabeth affirmed, and Leonor barked.


“Hey now, look here Elizabeth… Well, it’s not entirely true, but it was not really a lie either. In fact, ever since I started messing with him, the development of things in the Western Countries has become quite stagnant… I’m sure you want things to go back to how they used to be too.’’

“Hmm, I don’t doubt that either. However, he exists in a higher dimension… we can’t easily touch him either.”

“Well, you’re right. But Ryo and his party are very interesting. I don’t think their chance of turning things around is zero… In fact, I’ve been keeping an eye on that area even now.”

“Wow~, isn’t that unusual for Jean-Jacques?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I want the Western Countries to return to the way they were before.”


Leonor commented as if she was genuinely surprised, and Jean-Jacques, as if he had been told something unexpected, replied with a small sigh.



“It was a lot of fun when New was around. Even after he died, good times continued for several hundred years. During that time, just watching the fights between humans and vampires made my blood boil with excitement… it was a lot of fun… If only some of the people who worshiped him hadn’t messed around like this…’’

“It can’t be helped. Humans are special creatures after all. That’s true even for those in higher dimensions. Those who are separated from their energy supply source don’t want to disappear. If that’s the case, then they have no choice but to obtain a new kind of energy…”


Jean-Jacques thought about the past, and Leonor thought about the future.


“Is it a survival instinct? Even if that’s the case, I want them to do it somewhere that has nothing to do with me…”

“It can’t be helped that the Western Countries were the place they had the easiest access to. They’re far from omnipotent just by existing in a higher dimension. Furthermore, they can’t understand the situation here, which is in a different dimension. It’s just like we can’t understand their situation. There are many things we can’t help.’’

Jean-Jacques shook his head slightly, and Leonor shook her head in the same way.


The world seemed to be more complicated than people think.



“Well, that’s why I didn’t actively put my hands on Ryo!”

“I see. Next time I see Ryo, I’ll ask him. Depending on his answer, I’ll sock you!”


“You heard me, Jean-Jacques. I’ve said it many times before, but Ryo is my prey! I’m the one who’s going to kill Ryo, so don’t touch him!”


TLN: Please read my translations at, I did not give permission to any site to host my translations. 

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  1. Lazy_guy

    Wait, i thought Ryo is a fighting partner for Leonor, she still wants to kill him?!

    • CounterMAN

      fighting to the death is more exciting i guess

      Also given Ryo is favorite kid of Micheal and Spirit king , i bet Leonor just think he can come back to life easily even if he get killed , which entirely possible given he not even aging

      • Chris

        I don’t think Ryo has ever mentioned Michael to Leonor. Or anyone really. I’m sure Ryo would just die if he is killed. Leonor is use to human dying because they are short lived. She doesn’t know Ryo is a super exception. All she knows for certain is that Ryo knows about Akumas and is powerful enough to fight with them. She appreciates that Ryo is a challenge, even if he is weaker than her. What Leonor wants most is for Ryo to get stronger so she can really go all out.

        And if someone else kills Ryo she’ll be upset because someone broker her toy. Nobody is allowed to break Ryo but her!

  2. CounterMAN

    So the founder of Western Church also an Akuma eh ? And that person sound like they classmates with both Leonor and Jean

    • Albarn

      New is a reincarnated person, and im sure He is a human. main reason is because he is dead… also he develop a dish called “New-sama traditional dishes” one of them is Karaage so he is a Japanese

  3. Drusantia

    I bet that the dagger that Michael (pseudonym) gave Ryo will be the key here. I remember the first time the dwarf weaponsmith took a look at it he totally froze up, he probably could sense that it’s not a simple weapon. If it was a holy dagger, his reaction would have been much weaker. I hink it’s in fact an upper dimension weapon (probably a sword or something more “serious” stuff, that manifests here as a dagger).
    Nor the Fallen, nor Ryo can traverse the dimensions, but at the interaction point I think it will be possible to kill the Fallen, even from the lower dimension, using an upper dimension weapon.

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