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Chapter 0409 Rescue

Translator: Tseirp


By the time Neil Andersen’s condition had stabilized after being healed by Etho, support had arrived from the Kingdom’s delegation.


“Harold, please take care of Andersen-dono.”

“Yes, Niels-san. Please leave it to me!”


The three people from Room 11 came to assist.


Harold and Gowan are quite formidable.

Even after taking off the helmet, Neil Andersen still had a disturbed flow of magical power flowing through his body, but even if something were to happen to him, Priest Zeke was there.

Leader Hugh McGrath was very astute in nominating Room 11.



“Which way should we go, right or left?”

Etho asked the three of them.


Right and left?

The alchemy tool installed under the audience seats where the Central Countries’ delegations were currently located that sucked magical power had been stopped.

However, when they were observing from the audience seats, they could see from a distance that the guests from the Dark Continent seemed to be in the same situation as the envoys.

The guests from the Dark Continent were divided into two groups, those from the eastern countries and those from the western countries. From the perspective of the Central Countries’ delegations, the eastern countries sat on the east, or the right, and the western countries sat on the west, or the left.


“On the right, more of the guests from the eastern countries seemed to be feeling exhausted.”

Amon made use of his good eyesight and suggested.

Hearing that, Niels looked at Etho and Ryo.

Etho and Ryo both nodded in silence.


They didn’t have any objections.


“Good. Then we’ll disable the devices starting from the eastern countries.”

Niels gave his decision and the four of them started running.




Around the same time.

A battle was also taking place in the right-hand audience seats, at the first-floor atrium below the eastern countries.


“That’s why I said, it would be better for all five of us to go!”

“Shut up! There’s nothing we can do about it now! If they’re truly trustworthy party members, they would sense that we’re in danger and come and help us!”

“That’s totally unreasonable…”


Two men and women were having such a conversation while fighting.

They were Patrice Tshisekedi and Guti, two members of the ‘Refreshing Five Peaks’, an escort party from the eastern countries of the Dark Continent.


Neither of them had any visible weapons.

They were fighting with sturdy-looking metal gauntlets with similarly metal boots, which can also be called greaves.

They punched with their gauntlets and kicked with their greaves.


On the Dark Continent, their profession is called a rather disturbing name, ‘Beater to death’.



Was it magic, or were the gauntlets an alchemy tool, or was it some other power?

The punches of those two were quite powerful.


They knocked the opponent’s sword away and punched them in the face, knocking them out.

They caught the downward slashing sword with their gauntlets and kicked the opponent’s defenseless lower bodies.



However, there were too many enemies.

There were easily over ten men dressed as knights.

They were guarding a church priest in white robes who was fiddling with some sort of large box in the back.


Of course, the two of them did not intend to engage in battle without asking anything first.

When they went down to the lower level to find out the cause of the strange thing happening in the audience seats, they found the knights and priest.

When they asked them what they were doing, the knights suddenly attacked them.


Moreover, they made sure to surround the two of them!



“Guti, I believe these guys are Holy Knights!”

“Yes. Judging from the coat of arms, they’re the Knights Templar. They’re an elite order of knights of the church!”

Guti answered Patrice’s question with a frown.

They were also a well-known escort party in the eastern countries of the Dark Continent.

No matter who their opponent was, they wouldn’t be defeated that easily.


But this time, their opponents were a bad match-up. Moreover, the difference in number was too large.


If all five of them were there, there would have been no problem.

Even if that was not the case, at least if the Enchanter Kinme was there…



If comparing individual abilities, they were almost even with their opponents.

Therefore, if just defending, that difference in number was still manageable, but…



Involuntarily, a voice leaked out of Guti’s mouth.

She couldn’t say that she was tired… she knew that.

If she lost, she’d die.


She knew that!


Still, fatigue mercilessly creeps up on people.


And finally…





Just as she dodged a Knight Templar’s sword, she slipped.

Fatigue sapped her leg strength.



The Templar Knights would not miss such an opportunity.


The moment Guti lost her balance, he delivered a swift thrust.


A sword pierced into her side.


A muffled voice leaked from Guti’s mouth.


Guti involuntarily fell to one knee.



Patrice shouted as he shielded her with his body.


The swords of the Knight Templars swung ruthlessly…



“<Ice Wall 10 layer package>”

Crack, crack, crack.


The knights’ swords bounced off the invisible wall that surrounded the two of them.

They were all visibly surprised.


But right now, they were in battle.


Don’t stop even if you’re surprised. That would be suicidal.




Niels and Amon jumped in.

Furthermore, Etho shot an arrow from a distance.



Ryo left it to the three of them to deal with the knights and ran past everyone at once.

“A coffin-sized alchemy tool! The person messing with it… is an ordinary priest?”

Ryo muttered as he ran and chanted.

“<Icicle Lance>”


The priest was unable to react and was blown away by the ice spear that suddenly appeared in front of him.

He was knocked out by just one blow.



Ryo, as though it would be a shame to wait until he reached the alchemy tool, fired <Scan> on the coffin-sized alchemy tool from afar as he ran.


Even if it looked the same on the outside, it didn’t necessarily mean it was the same on the inside.


“Scan complete. Yeah, just a little smaller, everything else is about the same.”

After Ryo said that, he cut the line inside with <Water Jet> and stopped the alchemy tool.


“Compared to what Neil-san was tinkering with, this device’s absorption of magic power is much worse. I wonder if the efficiency of this alchemist tool changes depending on the skill of the alchemist… That’s why they used the talented Neil-san…”

Ryo muttered and frowned.



However, Ryo looked at the coffin-like alchemy tool again and suddenly had a doubt.


Ryo is a water-attribute magician, so he was able to grasp the situation through water vapor in the air, and like this time, he was able to forcibly cut the ‘line’ inside the alchemy tool and force it to stop.

However, as far as he could see from the outside, the coffin-sized alchemy tool only had two sound volume controls.

Neil Andersen and this priest were tinkering with it and making various adjustments, but… it didn’t have a stop function.


In other words, once started, it is an alchemy tool that can never be stopped normally.


“The person who made this didn’t include a stop mechanism? I wonder what they were planning to do if it went out of control unexpectedly…”

Ryo muttered.



However, after thinking about it for a while, he came up with an answer.


“Maybe they found it impossible that they would make a mistake or fail.”


As long as we are human, we will make mistakes.

We may fail.


But if they consider themselves a messenger of god or an angel?

There’s no way they can make a mistake.


It may be difficult for a third party to understand, but…

It happens all the time in history.



The battle ended almost at the same time as Ryo stopped the coffin-sized alchemy tool.


“<Ice wall dispel>”

After Ryo chanted, Etho ran towards the two who were being protected.

“I’m a priest. Show me your injuries.”

The three newcomers fought to help them.

The two of them watched that the entire time.

They were people they could trust.


And more importantly, his companion was injured.


“Please… do.”

The man moved away and placed the woman on the floor, entrusting her to Etho.


Then he stood up, turned to Niels, put his hands together, bowed his head, and said,

“Thank you for your help. I am the eastern countries’ escort… party’s Patrice, and… that one is… Guti.”

Although his words were quite broken, ‘Room 10’ was grateful that it was still understandable.



“Don’t worry about it. We are Niels, Etho, Amon, and Ryo. We also came to stop that alchemy tool. Then we saw you guys were fighting, so we just helped out.”

Niels said with a nod.


At the word alchemy tool, Patrice looked up with a snap.

“The anomaly in the audience seats… is that… the cause?”

“Yeah, that’s right. We are from the Central Countries delegation, and there was one under the audience seats over there. We stopped it earlier.”

Niels nodded in response to Patrice’s words.


“I have stopped the function that takes away magic power.”

Ryo said as he approached. With a thumbs-up.


They probably didn’t know what a thumbs-up meant, but it seemed to have conveyed to them that there was no problem.


“She’s fine too. I’ve healed her with <Extra Heal>, so she can probably walk. But she just lost some blood, so she shouldn’t push herself too hard just yet.”

Etho said with a smile, and Patrice immediately crouched down and hugged Guti as she got up.

“బాగుంది …… గుతి……”

“పా, పాట్రిస్! ఇది కాస్త బాధాకరం”

Patrice looked like he was about to cry a little.

Guti’s face turned bright red, looking either happy or embarrassed, maybe both.


The two of them spoke a language that the four people, who were citizens of the Central Countries, could not understand…



“I remember seeing these two at Cafe Roemer. Their green hair and pink hair really stand out!”

“Oh, that’s it! I was wondering about that.”

“It’s not a bad thing to stand out.”

“I wonder why there were golems under the seats over there, but there were knights over here.”

Ryo remembered seeing them at Cafe Roemer before, Amon agreed, Etho nodded, and Niels was pondering a very serious question.


Anyway, all’s well that ends well.



Author’s note:

There are some unfamiliar characters in the conversation between the two.

It’s the Dark Continent language, but there’s no need to worry too much about it.

This is a world where the languages ​​of the Central Countries are as widespread as modern English, or even closer to the global standard.

Many people can use the Central Countries’ language along with their local language (though not all, and some are good at it and some are bad at it).

I’m sure great reincarnators of the past spread the Central Countries’ language ​​all over the world!


By the way, if you translate the text

“Thank goodness… Guti…”

“Pa-Patrice! It hurts a little!”


TLN: Please read my translations at, I did not give permission to any site to host my translations. 

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