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Chapter 0412 Send out

Translator: Tseirp


What exactly were the four people from Room 10 doing when the auditorium was in chaos?


When the four of them arrived at the first floor on the left, where the western countries of the Dark Continent guests were seated, they found the corpses of ten Templar Knights and the coffin-sized alchemy tool turned into rubble.



“It seems that the people from the western countries of the Dark Continent cleaned things up here before us.”

Ryo said while nodding. Looking proud for some reason.


“This alchemy tool was destroyed so… wouldn’t it have been better if we destroyed the other two as well?”

Niels commented on the obvious while looking at the coffin-sized alchemy tool and Ryo in turn.

The previous two were stopped by Ryo using some kind of water attribute magic to cut the ‘line’ inside.

He felt like it would have been faster to just destroy them like the one in front of them.


“What are you talking about, Niels! Even though that is a bad alchemy tool made by a bad person, it is a wonderful thing. You might even call it a masterpiece! It is unacceptable for someone aiming to reach the top of alchemy to destroy such a wonderful tool!”


Niels was unable to retort Ryo after his fervent declaration.


Of course, Etho and Amon were smiling bitterly…


But at times like that…


“Something is coming!”

Ryo shouted and looked towards the entrance of the atrium.

The other three looked the same way.


Golden smoke gathered there, formed a mass, and a human-sized bipedal creature made of smoke appeared.



There is no need to say who said those words… there is only one water-attribute magician with such a naming sense.


“Isn’t there another better way to call them?”

Niels commented with a tone of exasperation.


“Then, how would Niels express it?”

“Eh… um… golden smoke lump…”


Even while Niels and Ryo were talking, Etho was watching the Smokeman closely.


Then he nodded and said.

“That’s likely called a ‘Spirit Smoke’.”


“Smokeman, what a pity…”

“There’s nothing to pity!”

Ryo said regretfully, and Niels interjected.



“According to the teachings of the Western Church, that is the appearance of angels when they exercise their power down here… apparently.”

“As expected of Etho. But I’m surprised you know that much?”

Etho said, and Ryo was impressed.


“Yeah. You know, Monk Carle, he told me. Apparently, Graham-san is famous as a researcher of Founder New-sama, and this ‘Spirit Smoke’ had also come up in his research. He seemed really happy when he was talking about it, but… that’s probably it. I guess this is that angel we’ve been hearing about.’’

“Ah… the Fallen Angel…”

Etho explained the reason, and Ryo nodded in understanding.



However, after Ryo’s words, despite being smoke, the ‘Spirit Smoke’ spoke.


“Fallen Angel, you said?”


All four of them heard the words clearly.

They were surprised.


“It can talk…”

“If it is reacting to the term Fallen Angel, it understands the concept of Falling?”

“It looks very strong.”

“With no vocal cords and stuff, how?”


Niels and Etho’s responses were fine.

The person from Room 10 who usually has common sense, Amon, instead feels like a battle fanatic at times like this.

And as for Ryo… there’s nothing left to say.



However, it was Ryo who retorted.


“Fallen Angels are angels who have separated from God and whose energy supply has been cut off. They are pitiful existences who will have no choice but to disappear if they do not do anything.”

Usually, Etho talks about religious matters, but this time Ryo was the one who initiated it.

He wanted to see how accurate their understanding was.


“…So you are the ones who interfered with Sacharias’ magic circle?”

“Niels, it looks like everything has been revealed.”

“Why are you trying to push the blame on me here?”

“There really were angels who separate from God.”

Unlike the conversation between Ryo and Niels, Etho muttered with a sigh.

Even though he understood the concept, was it really possible to continue existing apart from God?… he couldn’t wholeheartedly accept it.


However, the being in front of him did not deny Ryo’s words.

An angel separated from God…



Angels carry the power of God and manifest it on the human plane… the agent of God’s power.

How could it exist apart from God?



Etho, with a slightly sad expression, Niels and Ryo… However, there was a fourth person from ‘Room 10’, whose expression and demeanor were clearly different from those three.


“Niels… Amon looks like he is itching to fight.”

“What a coincidence… that’s how it looks to me too.”

Ryo and Niels looked at Amon and commented.


“Ah, sorry. How do I put it, I can’t see the depths of that ‘Spirit Smoke’s’ strength. Doesn’t it look super strong? Well, of course, I know that I’ll die if I lose in a fight, but…”

Amon was saying some battle-maniac words.


“It’s smoke, you know… I don’t think you can cut it with a sword, right?”

“You’re right! But don’t you think it has to solidify the moment it tries to inflict damage?”

It seemed that Ryo and Amon were already simulating a battle with the ‘Spirit Smoke’ in their heads.


“Etho… half of our party are battle fanatics.”

“Niels… even you sometimes appear happy when fighting, you know?”

Etho countered Niels’ words with a small smile.


Niels was so shocked that he was speechless.


“Well, Amon, please show me your sword.”

When Ryo asked that, Amon obediently showed him his sword.

Ryo wrote a magic formula in water on the sword.


“The other day, after watching a golem battle in the Republic, I was shown the magic formula for enchanting golems. If you can write on golems, I think you can write on swords as well.”


Amon was speechless at Ryo’s claim.


“Although the opponent is a smokeman, the core must still be there somewhere. Even if it was made with the power of an angel, as long as it manifests in this world, it should not deviate from the underlying principles of this world. Smoke will disperse unless there is some force to keep it gathering, right? But the fact that it hasn’t scattered…”

“I see! Find the core-like part that’s collecting smoke and thrust my sword into it.”


Ryo’s explanation was vague, but Amon, who is a genius, seemed to understand.



“<Laminated Ice Armor Ice 20 Layers>”

A thin layer of ice covered Amon’s body.

Although it was thin, that ‘laminated ice’ had the same principle that was also practiced in the recent Ice Bahn… a tough 20-layer with ‘non-vibrating’ ice sandwiched in between.


It should be able to withstand damage to some extent, but since he didn’t understand the power of angels and the ‘Spirit Smoke’…


“Please don’t rely on it.”

“Thank you! It’s been a while since I last saw Ryo-san’s <Ice Armor>. It reminds me of dungeon training.”


Hearing Ryo’s words, Amon happily recalled the past.

On the last day of the dungeon course, when he dived into the dungeon for the first time, and the next day as well, Ryo applied <Ice Armor> on him.

Amon recalled he was barely conscious of it, but it seemed he remembered it.



While Ryo and Amon were talking like that, the ‘Spirit Smoke’ was waiting patiently without attacking or doing anything… or not, Etho was actually asking it a question.

“Why did you build such an underground magic circle?”


Niels was observing Etho’s questioning from the side.

To be frank, he didn’t think the smokeman in front of them would answer human questions…


“It is, my mercy.”


(It answered…)

Niels was surprised by the fact that it answered.


Etho wasn’t surprised at all by its answer.

That may be unique to priests, who are closer to God and angels than ordinary people.

However, although he was not surprised by the answer, it seemed that he had doubts about the content of the answer.


“Did you say mercy?”

“Yes, mercy.”

There was no waver in the ‘Spirit Smoke’s’ answer.

Perhaps, rather than the Spirit Smoke in front of them, it was the answer of the Fallen Angel who could be said to be the source of it.


“Why is it that a magic circle that takes away people’s lives without any choice is merciful?”

Etho asked with a frown on his face.

He had the expression and atmosphere of a person who found it hard to understand.


“People would be able to let go of the Fragments of God without feeling any pain. In that sense, it would be mercy.”

“Letting go of the Fragment of God means dying, right? I don’t think dying is a mercy for people!”

In response to the ‘Spirit Smoke’s’ answer, Etho objected sharply, albeit in a soft voice.


“To be freed from all the pain in this world is mercy.”

“Pain and suffering are certainly unpleasant. I think it is human nature to want to escape from it. However, it is also a test that God has given to people. It is in no way useless or harmful!”

“God is not as merciful as you think.”

“Why would you…”

Etho couldn’t continue speaking after saying that much.


He came to understand that the ‘Spirit Smoke’ in front of him, and by extension the Fallen Angel that was its true form, would never share the same way of thinking as him.


It was a very lonely feeling.



“Etho, Amon’s preparations are complete.”

Ryo said.

Ryo also heard Etho and ‘Spirit Smoke’s’ ‘Question and Answer’, but he didn’t want to touch on it.


Ryo was certain.

The Fallen Angel that is the main body of the ‘Spirit Smoke’ in front of him was different from the Michael (pseudonym) that Ryo knew.



He had expected it.

That changed into certainty.



However, what they had to do remained the same.

He just felt a little relieved.


He figured they had no hope of survival if they faced someone like Michael (pseudonym).

But if that’s not the case…



Niels didn’t say anything, just patted Amon on the shoulder.

That was enough.

Even Amon, who was tapped, just nodded without saying anything.


Ryo watched over the two of them.

(Nurturing people means to prepare the people around you for the worst. Because when an irreversible problem occurs, the person who sent them out will be the one to be tormented by that decision for the rest of their lives… People can still grow if they are left alone? That’s not true. Those who say such things are people who have never raised anyone.)


And so, in the atrium on the west side of the assembly hall, the battle between Amon and ‘Spirit Smoke’ began.


Author’s note:

(Reprinted/excerpt from activity report)


Today (August 26, 2021), for the first time in a while, I used the ‘Novel Search’ on the ‘Let’s Read Novels’ page.

I tried sorting by ‘Weekly unique entries’.


And guess what!

‘Water attribute Magician’ was at the top!

Weekly unique users: 266,882


In other words, in the past week, out of 833,239 works,

This is the work that has been read by the most people!


Thank you!


Activity report issued on July 15th

‘Water Attribute Wizard’ has reached 90 million page views & has the second highest number of weekly unique views on ‘Narou’…

However, since the weekly unique users were 267,024,

You’ve been reading and following for over a month… I think that’s the correct way to interpret it.


Over 260,000 people read this every week… an average of just under 40,000 people every day!


I feel so blessed.


It’s not an animated work, and I’m still waiting for the first volume of the comic,

It’s not like it’s listed as ‘The most popular work at the moment’ on the main page of Narou.

It’s been a year and four months since the first post, 1.8 million characters and over 400 stories have passed…

I’m really happy that so many people continue to read it!


Thank you very much.


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